Red Is Back: 11 Reimagined Rusty Red Hallway Ideas

red hallway ideas
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Let’s face it, red isn’t a colour that is on the radar of many interior schemes. We’ve had the message that red means anger and danger drilled into us too much. But the trends are now saying otherwise…

From our trip to Decorex International interiors trade show and from speaking with the experts, red is making a comeback, and it’s not as putrid and primary school coloured as we remember it.

Rusty red tones are in, and all the paint brands are leading with it. From Little Greene’s Muscovado shade, part of their Sweet Treats collection to Coat Paints Medina Quarter – there’s no denying that red is in, and it’s more comforting and moodier than before.

Still not feeling it? We promise you’ll be a convert after seeing these reimagined rusty red hallway ideas.

Red Is Back: 11 Reimagined Rusty Red Hallway Ideas

1.Ground The Scheme With Natural Elements

Featuring Benjamin Moore Garrison Red HC 66, this gorgeously rusty red tone will bring a bold, sultry finish to a hallway.

Neutralise its deep tones by pairing with natural elements, they’ll balance the scheme and create visual interest. If you have wooden flooring think about adding a jute runner for added texture, or introducing a chair to the hallway with a more defining tone – think rich walnut for added depth.

red hallway ideas
Image Credit: Benjamin Moore UK

2. Two Tone Painting

Approaching a two tone colour scheme with red can be a more sympathetic approach if you aren’t too sure on using red throughout the space.

Make like this gorgeous colour scheme by Earthborn, using Lady Bug on the bottom half and Peach Baby on the upper half. It neutralises and balances the red, whilst drawing the eye up.

Earthborn’s clay-based breathable paint has a distinctive, ultra matt finish that softens and enhances the light in your room, while its contemporary colours tempt the senses.

red hallway ideas
Image Credit: Earthborn

3. Balance The Red With Cream Accents

Dark, indulgent red walls can bring a really luxurious feel to a hallway. Red is often considered as a non-restful colour, but in these tones and in a transitional space you can get away with it in a hallway.

Instead of using white which can create a clinical contrast, opt for warm creams. It will balance beautifully with the red and add to that overall elegant feel in the hallway.

Use cream on a few well placed accents to tie the hallway together such as with light fittings, table lamps and furniture.

red hallway ideas
Image Credit: Superdwell

4. Pair With Half Wall Wallpaper For A Warm Contrast

Opt for a colour between red and terracotta, it brings a slightly different feel to the space and can feel easier to work into an interior scheme.

Add depth to your hallway and stairs with half wall panelling, and add wallpaper above it for fun ascending style. When choosing a wallpaper, just ensure it features a similar tone to that of the paint so it creates a cohesive feel.

red hallway ideas
Instagram Image Credit: @casaoldcorn

5. Bring Warmth To The Ceiling & Woodwork

Don’t think of paint in its conventional sense and be creative with where you place it.

Use a red on your ceiling and collective woodwork to create a gorgeous flow through the space. When used with a tonally relevant wallpaper, it will draw your eye up to the ceiling and create beautiful visual interest as you walk through the space.

Frame and add black accents, it will define the room and balance with the red tones.

red hallway ideas
Image Credit: Little Greene

6. Introduce Bold, Accent Furniture

Adding red accents can be a more comfortable way to get onboard with using red in a hallway, and this is a delectable, eye catching way to do it!

Using the limited edition shade Lick x Heinz Tomato Ketchup paint – it’s the nations favourite sauce in paint form, and we couldn’t love it anymore. Pair it with an earthy green as demonstrated for a colourful contrast that just works.

red hallway ideas
Image Credit: @overatno18

7. Create A Lasting Impression With A Bold Red Vestibule

Painting woodwork and details in an accent colour is a tasteful way to use red, whilst it will ground the hallway and set the tone for what is to come inside.

This hallway has painted their woodwork going into the vestibule in Farrow and Ball Picture Gallery Red, it brings instant definition to the hallway and contrasts beautifully against the white walls.

red hallway ideas
Image Credit: @the_home_reform

8. Bring Modernity With Black & White

If you’re feeling brave and ready to experiment with red, going all in across the walls with a rusty red is perfect for creating a cosy, enveloping space. There’s nothing angry about it, that’s for sure!

Balance the hue with monochromatic details. Bold black frames on a gallery wall of sorts will define and bring a touch of modernity whilst a white ceiling and woodwork will create a crisp contrast, and neutralise the intensity of the red.

red hallway ideas
Image Credit: @dean_interior_design

9. Showcase Red Reclaimed Floor Tiles

If you’ve pulled back a carpet to original floor tiles such as Minton tiles from the Victorian or Edwardian era, you’re onto a winner.

Reclaimed floor tiles are a great option if you don’t have the real deal though, and you can use and work with the red tones on the tiles to set your colour scheme.

It’s worthwhile keeping the rest of your colour scheme fairly neutral so you can let the floor tiles take centre stage.

red hallway ideas
Image credit: @love_this_old_house

10. Create A Unique Stair Runner With Paint

I love the red thread weaving from the room into the hallway here, it’s intentional and pulls you through the hall and landing.

Introduce red with a unique stair runner, paint red on with perfection, the vertical lines will help to elongate the space.

Another example of how rusty reds pair beautifully with earthy green shades, a really natural yet workable colour scheme.

red hallway ideas
Image credit: home_at_brookes

11. Draw The Eye In With A Red Front Door

Leave a lasting impression with a red front door. It’s going to set the tone for what guests can expect to come, and it’s going to lead the eye in no matter where you’re stood in the hallway.

A wonderfully bold contrast against these original tiles and all white interior space, if you can go bold anywhere, a front door really is a fail safe option to just give it a go. After all, it’s only paint!

Are you a red convert yet? Which of these red hallway ideas is your favourite?

red hallway ideas
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Is Red A Good Colour For A Hallway?

Rusty, red tones are much more agreeable way to paint a hallway. Deeper tones can bring definition and a touch of elegance to a space. Hallways are transitional spaces which means they can hold a red easier than other restful spaces such as a living room.

Pair with warm neutrals such as creams, beiges, and earthy tones to neutralise and balance the intensity of a red.

The Best Rusty Red Paints For An Interior

red hallway ideas
Image credit: Featuring Red Ochre By Edward Bulmer

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