17 Front Door Planter Ideas With Serious Kerb Appeal

front door planter ideas featuring 5 different sized blue planters with a range of flowers
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Your front door is the one place that you can really ensure you leave the right lasting impression with your guests, and these front door planter ideas will help to elevate and raise your kerb appeal in an instant.

17 Front Door Planter Ideas With Serious Kerb Appeal

1.Perfect Symmetry With Rattan

One of the best ways to dress a front door is with perfect balance and symmetry. By placing a door planter on either side with matching plants it creates the perfect frame and approach to the door.

I absolutely love these rattan basket planters, it lends a rustic finish to a front door that’s stylish and ultra relaxed. Layer with a taller plant and short plants for added visual interest in the planters.

Like the planters? Shop similar with these La Redoute Polyrattan Lined Basket Planters.

olive green front door with a rattan planter on either size filled with a small olive tree and white bedding plants
Image credit: @thebasketcompany

2. Farmhouse Box Planters

Box style planters provide perfect uniformity to a front door and they’re perfect for adding your favourite plants or shrubbery to them. If you do add something like hydrangeas, as they grow they will have to be repotted as this style of planter is too small to accommodate their growth.

Opt for white or black style planters for added definition on your front door, the perfect style for farmhouse, cottage or modern style homes.

I love these Dunelm Square Box Planters for a rustic addition to a front door space.

a pair of farmhouse box planters filled with pink hydrangeas on either side of the blue double doors, there is a door mat in front which says welcome
Image credit: @farmhousewifey

3. Keep It Simple With Short Black Planters

As a general rule of thumb when choosing planters for your front door you should take into consideration the scale and proportions of the door as planters that are too small can feel inferior.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. These short black planters bring definition to the space and the gorgeous green ferns bring that touch of the natural world to the front door, they’re super easy plants to maintain too.

a pair of short black planters filled with fern plants and a door mat that says hello
Image credit: @luisapiccirilli

4. Layer Colour & Let Your Door Lead The Way

Choosing the perfect front door colour can have a right lasting impression on your home, but use it to lead the way in picking your planters too.

Pairing a box pair of planters in the same colour as the front door creates instant style cohesion. To avoid it feeling flat, add in a separate pair of planters in a contrasting colour to pop against the door. I adore these pastel beauties!

baby blue front door with blue box planters and 2 round pink buckets filled with flowers
Image credit: @thevintageroom

5. Layer Your Display With Differing Heights

The greatest rule throughout interior design from styling a console table to your front entryway, laying objects of differing heights is one of the most effective ways to create instant visual interest.

Introducing a few different planters on either side of the door that differ in height keeps things interesting, and it brings different texture and colour into the arrangement.

dark brown front door with autumn wreath on the front door and large terracotta planter to side of door
Image credit: @westburyjoinery

6. Go Large With A Showstopper

It does dare to be different, and whilst symmetrical planters is a great way to frame a door, adding one singular large scale planter slightly off to the side of the door brings gravitas, yet simplicity.

This planter also pays homage to the architectural parameters of the property, a gorgeous terracotta pot that is in keeping with the style of the property.

wooden front door with large terracotta pot to the side filled with purple flowers
Image credit: @jackbadgerltd

7. Mix An Abundance of Colour

Your planters give you a real opportunity to bring an abundance of colour to your front door that no other method could achieve. Updating them with seasonality will also help to keep your front door area on-trend.

Mix a range of seasonal flowers in bold colours to gauge that visual interest, but don’t forget to include plenty of greenery for a contrasting and natural look.

wooden front door with range of plants varying in size in front filled with green foliage and colourful flowers
Image credit: @garden_and_grace

8. Elevate Your Stairs

If you have steps to your property, layer and elevate them with differing sizes of planters from small to large to draw you into the entrance.

It’s best to keep them symmetrical on either side to create a cohesive pathway.

cast iron front door with brickwork steps leading to property with different sized planters on each step filled with yellow flowers
Image credit: @provenwinners

9. Layer Your Planters For Height & Depth

If you have a set of large planters, layer them with differing plants and heights for added visual interest. It can be all too tempting to stick to one type of plant when it comes to affordability, but one small plant can feel inferior in the space.

I adore this mix of colourful plants with some pussy willow for structure and height at the back of the planters.

large white front door with porch area with a large terracotta planter on each side filled with a range of different sized plants
Image credit: @petalsbranches

10. A Trio of Terracotta

With natural earthy tones, terracotta pots complement a wide range of architectural properties which makes them such a versatile choice for your favourite blooms.

They can also be an affordable option if you source them in the right place, try the likes of Facebook marketplace for second hand options.

Another exception to the rule of ‘three’s a crowd’ – a trio of terracotta planters like this looks sensational. Introducing 3 differing heights is the best way to position these at the side of your front door.

wooden front door with a range of terracotta planters on the side filled with a large olive tree and plants
Image credit: @home.in.herts

11. A Duo of Topiaries

A topiary bush on either side of a front door is a popular choice to flourish your entryway.

When placed on either side of a front door, they can create a symmetrical and welcoming appearance that draws the eye and adds instant kerb appeal.

Topiary bushes are also low-maintenance and can be kept in shape with regular pruning. Place them in rustic terracotta pots for an elegant and sophisticated touch to your front door.

arch shaped front door with a terracotta planter on each side filled with a green topiary bush
Image credit: @kerrykirkphoto

12. Flourish With A Singular Planter

If space is a premium, a planter on either side of your door might not be an option. However, adding a singular planter like this will still bring some welcome colour without overwhelming the space you have available.

A larger planter on one side of the door can sometimes create greater visual interest than 2 symmetrical planters do.

glossy black front door with black mosaic tiles and a singular black planter with olive tree inside
Image credit: @londondoorco

13. Planters & A Matching Seasonal Wreath

Create a beautiful design flow on your front door by pairing your planters with a matching seasonal wreath. This pretty look instantly enhances the entryway and the door that’s adorned by the wreath.

Update it seasonally for an on-trend look. Think pinks, purples and reds for summer, orange and green for Autumn, reds and greens for Winter and pastel colours for Spring.

black front door with a colourful wreath and different sized plant pots on either side of the door filled with plants
Image credit: @the_wee_house_on_the_hill

14. Planters From The Floor Up

It’s not all about floor planters, another effective way to introduce blooms and colour to your front door is with the addition of hanging planters.

Use this opportunity to introduce the same flowers on the floor and hanging planters, or mix things up for further visual interest.

sage green front door with range of planters on the floor and a hanging planter filled with flowers
Image credit: @sophie_and_the_bungalow

15. Mix Shrubbery & Plants

Combining different types of plants in different planters can add variety and interest to your front door planters.

Shrubs, such as boxwood, holly, or yew, can provide a structural element to your planter, while flowers or trailing vines can add a pop of colour and texture.

When selecting plants to mix, consider their growth habits, light requirements, and watering needs. Just ensure that you choose plants that complement each other in terms of colour, texture, and shape.

sage green front door with a range of sized planters in front featuring a topiary bush and yellow daffodils
Image credit: @brambleandvelvet

16. Create A Walkway of Planters

If you have the space and approach to your front door, create a walkway of planters for guided visual interest and plentiful colour.

Mix different types of materials on planters, small plants with larger scale shrubbery at the back for structure. Olive trees and topiary bushes are great grounding planters for this.

front door featuring a walkway of planters in differing sizes and a pair of iron lanterns
Image credit: @ourclapboardhomebythesea

17. Rustic Wooden Boxes & Rattan Planters

Combing a mix of wooden boxes and rattan planters adds a rustic flair to a front door, fill them with a mix of trailing vines and blooming flowers to create a charming, country-inspired display.

You could even add a slim wooden trellis behind the planters to grow foliage like ivy upwards for a classic look.

blue front door with range of planters on either side
Image credit: @cooneynest

How Do I Pick A Planter For My Front Door?

Look for planters that are proportional to your door and that complement the architectural style of your home. Too short a planter and it will look inferior, it’s always better to go large, but make sure you measure the area required before picking your planter.

Generally speaking, as you approach the door, the planter should be in your direct line of sight. Consider using a mix of plants with different colours and textures to create a visually appealing display.

Which of these front door planter ideas is your favourite?

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