19 Inspiring Farrow and Ball Dining Room Ideas In Real Homes

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Looking for some dining room inspiration? Then look no further! Dining rooms are a special area of any home that are designed for eating and socialising with friends and family. They should offer a sense of warmth as well as feeling as formal or as informal as you would like. 

Farrow & Ball have some amazing colours that work perfectly in dining rooms. We’ve put together some of our favourite examples from real life homes. Keep reading to find out more.

19 Inspiring Farrow and Ball Dining Room Ideas In Real Homes

1. London Stone & Bancha Combination

Are you planning some bespoke seating in your dining room? Getting a customised dining bench built will seamlessly fit in with your space perfectly as well as offering extra storage. 

This London Stone and Bancha combination boasts a delightful beige and green contrast that looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated.

Colours featured:

London Stone


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Instagram image credit: @ottadesign @jonathanbondphotography

2. Loggia – Brick Coloured Red

Homes that have a more rustic feel are likely to use warmer and deeper colours on the walls. Loggia by Farrow & Ball is a statement brick coloured red that feels cosy and inviting.

Carry on the rustic theme in your dining room by opting for dark wood furniture, rattan lighting and stone flooring.

Explore Loggia

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Instagram image credit: @annelaurelievense

3.Paean Black For Impact

Paean Black by Farrow & Ball is a red based black so it has a warmer feel to it.

There is no doubt that black adds a massive dose of drama to any space and we think it’s a great choice for a dining room, for its intimate and cocooning qualities.

Explore Paean Black

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Instagram image credit: @little_savage_life

4. Inchyra Blue

Inchyra Blue is an entirely unique shade. It was inspired by the Scottish skies, so it naturally has a murky undertone. 

It’s the ideal colour if you’re wanting something unique but that doesn’t make too much of a statement. Pair with bright pops of coral to make the room sing.

Explore Inchyra Blue

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Instagram image credit: @dark_revelry

5. Light Gray – A Beautiful Neutral

Neutrals can’t be underestimated and are a popular choice for restorative and calming interiors.

If neutrals are your thing then you may want to consider using ‘Light Gray’ in your dining room.

Explore Light Gray

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Instagram image credit: @myoldpub

6. Green Blue

This ever changing colour sometimes looks green and sometimes looks blue, depending on what light is available in the room.

Because of this it’s a true chameleon and can be adapted to suit most styles of interiors.

Explore Green Blue

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Instagram image credit: @lisa_hilderbrand

7. Cat’s Paw For Warmth

Cat’s Paw is an earthy yellow-toned neutral that gives off rustic farmhouse vibes. 

If you are lucky to have original features in your dining room such as beams or a fireplace then this colour will accentuate these characteristics beautifully.

Explore Cat’s Paw

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Instagram image credit: @devolkitchens

8. Luxurious Oval Room Blue

Oval Room Blue can sometimes be mistaken for a cool toned grey, however it is definitely blue.

If you’re debating on painting your dining room either grey or blue then this may be the perfect compromise.

Explore Oval Room Blue

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Instagram image credit: @designbynatureflowers

9. Borrowed Light

Borrowed Light is the perfect name for this delicate blue paint colour. It’s so pale that it can often look like an off-white shade, but not to worry, it is definitely blue.

This colour will look fabulous in a dining room that boasts a large window and has lots of natural light available.

Explore Borrowed Light

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Instagram image credit: @farrowandball

10. Card Room Green Subtle Accent

Wimborne White is an off-white shade that looks fabulous in any room. If you want your dining area to feel light and bright then this is definitely a colour that we’d recommend.

Does your dining table need a bit of an upgrade? Consider painting it in Card Room Green for a wonderful juxtaposition.

Explore Card Room Green

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Instagram image credit: @home__stead

11. Duck Green

A two-toned dining room is bang on trend. Separate the walls by adding in a picture rail and using two divisive colours to make a stylish statement.

Duck Green has been used on the bottom two thirds of the walls and Skimmed Milk White has been used on the top third and the ceiling.

Colours used:

Duck Green

Skimmed Milk White

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Instagram image credit: @graftandfound

12. Hague Blue & Wevet

Perhaps you don’t want to commit to an all over colour in your dining room and that’s absolutely fine. 

Be inspired by the dining room pictured below and create your very own feature wall using Hague Blue.

Colours used:

Hague Blue


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Instagram image credit: @the1930srevive

13. Bring Sunshine With Babouche

Create a happy and uplifting dining area by painting the room in Babouche by Farrow & Ball.  

This colour definitely isn’t for the faint hearted as it is extremely vibrant, but if you think it’ll suit the space then we say it’s a no brainer.

Explore Babouche

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Instagram image credit: @dabito

14. Ground A Room With Down Pipe

Down Pipe is one of Farrow & Ball’s most popular shades and we totally understand why.

It’s a dark lead grey with blue undertones. It’s a colour that naturally feels expensive and luxurious!

Explore Down Pipe

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Instagram image credit: @yas.wyatt.home

15. Breakfast Room Green

Add a splash of colour to a small dining room with Breakfast Room Green. It’s what we call a true coloured green that is never going to go out of fashion.

Contrast a green dining room with black fixtures and fittings to add an industrial edge.

Explore Breakfast Room Green

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Instagram image credit: @jessicasimmons

16. Slipper Satin For A Light, Airy Finish

Create a whimsical dining space with the colour Slipper Satin. It’s a light chalky grey that manipulates depending on what room it’s in.

It’s the ideal colour if you want to keep your dining room neutral but with an air of sophistication.

Explore Slipper Satin

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Instagram image credit: @vincent_the_house

17. Shaded White & Old White

To create a contrast, you don’t have to have two completely different shades. Be subtle with your two-toning and choose two shades of white that complement each other.

We recommend painting the walls in one shade and then painting the ceiling and woodwork in another.

Colours used:

Shadow White

Old White

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Instagram image credit: @_zweihundertzehn_

18. Off-Black & Cornforth White

Black and white is a monochromatic scheme that never fails to impress. Be creative with your dining room design and paint opposing walls in opposing shades.

Placing a large mirror in your dining room will bounce light around the room and make the space feel bigger than it is.

Colours used:


Cornforth White

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Instagram image credit: @wohnlayouts

19. Lean Into Nature With Yeabridge Green

Bring the outside in and paint your dining room in Yeabridge Green. It’s a vibrant colour that will no doubt bring the wow-factor to your space.

Use Yeabridge Green as a backdrop and add in lots of hanging and potted plants for a jungle vibe.

Explore Yeabridge Green

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Instagram image credit: @farrowandball
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