What Colours Go With Farrow and Ball Wimborne White?

what colours go with Wimborne white
Image credits: Farrow and Ball

Wimborne white is an enduringly popular off-white shade from Farrow and Ball. This light cream shade is perfect for almost every room in an interior.

It’s only a shade away from a pure white, with the addition of the smallest amount of warm yellow pigment which gives it a warm, cream tone.

This versatile colour is ideal for cold North facing rooms, and naturally it works with a huge range of colours in an interior colour scheme.

What Colour Is Wimborne White?

Farrow & Ball’s Wimborne White is described as a soft, warm white paint colour which has a warm yellow undertone.

It is a light, neutral shade with a hint of creaminess, often used for creating a classic, timeless look in interiors.

It isn’t the whitest shade in their collection and it can be a good alternative off-white if you want something warm which doesn’t have a strong yellow undertone to it.

Paint colours can look vastly different in one room to the next, so always purchase a tester pot first and paint a swatch in your chosen room so you can see how it looks at different times during the day, and in different light sources.

Explore Wimborne White

Wimborne white

What Colours Go With Wimborne White?


Wimborne White naturally works well with tonal combinations such as neutral creams.

If you’re opting for a half wall panelling look, pair a Farrow and Ball shade such as shaded white on the upper half like this look. It brings a warm contrast against the white and it draws the eye up as you enter the space.

A cosy, warm look for a living room, bedroom or hallway.

Wimborne white
Image credit: ourhawthorndenhome

Light Greys

Wimborne White complements other soft neutrals perfectly, and light greys are a perfect combination that will help to add some softness, and definition to a space.

Be it on a wall colour or through furniture and textiles, it can be a welcome way to introduce grey to a room without it making the space feel cold and uninviting.

Wimborne white
Image credit: farrowandball


White remains a classic and timeless pairing for colours, including Wimborne White.

Wimborne White is a shade away from being a bright white so it still brings a slightly creamy, warm look to an interior.

Pairing with a bright white above a dado rail or on a ceiling is an effective way to draw the eye up as you enter a room, giving the illusion of a bigger space. This combination of colours creates a really crisp and pristine contrast.

Wimborne white
Image credit: farrowandball

Dusty Pink

Perhaps the bath tub of dreams? This gorgeous bathroom setup is proof how dusty pink shades work beautifully with Wimborne White.

The tub is painted in Sulking Room Pink, another enduringly popular F&B shade. It brings a welcome pop of colour against the white and creates a focal point in its own right against the walls.

Introduce dusty pink through walls, a half wall panelling look or simply just through textiles such as cushions and throws to create a really layered and sumptuous feel in a cosy living space.

Wimborne white
Image credit: farrowandball

Sage Green

It’s the colour of the moment, and a gorgeous earthy tone that pairs so well with Wimborne White. Choose a sage green shade to use as an accent colour within an interior.

Embrace sage green on a bannister in a hallway, use on half wall panelling or introduce with textiles and furniture. Do add in a black accent too in a few well placed areas, it will tie the room together and bring a touch of modernity with it.

Wimborne white
Image credit: farrowandball

Olive Green

If you want to bring a slightly earthier, more defining colour into your Wimborne White colour scheme, a rich olive green will deliver a sumptuous, refined finish against the white.

The olive green works perfectly on the woodwork and panelling detail, it brings a grounding look to the room, whilst the white helps to draw the eye up.

Another demonstration of how some well placed black accents in the space create a cohesive, well defined look.

Wimborne white
Image credit: squiffy.mill.interiors


If you’re wanting to create a traditional or modern interior, a black accent will go a long way at executing a sophisticated and refined interior.

A few well placed black accents will not make a space feel oppressive, it brings a touch of modernity and definition to a space.

In a hallway, use on a banister, light fittings and decorative accessories, it creates a crisp contrast against Wimborne White and it stops the colour scheme from feeling ‘floaty’.

Wimborne white
Image credit: foxinteriordesign

Navy Blue

Navy blue and white is a timeless, classic colour combination. Pair with Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue like this kitchen for a nautical inspired feel.

It creates a striking contrast against Wimborne White and is a perfect look for both traditional, cottage and modern interior styles.

Another deep blue that looks great with Wimborne White is Railings.

Wimborne white
Image credit: Farrow and Ball

Terracotta Tones

The versatility of Wimborne White means that it virtually goes with every colour from neutrals to your more bold, statement making shades.

Wimborne White is a beautifully warm off-white so it pairs well with warm based red and orange tones.

I love the contrast of terracotta in a space on a few well placed cushions, this small accent colour works wonders at pulling the warmth out of Wimborne White and it works really well in a colour scheme with other shades such as forest green, brown and black.

Wimborne white
Image credit: farrowandball

Soft Tones of Blue

If navy blue isn’t your style, soft tones of baby blue work just as well with this versatile white.

Soft tones like this are perfect for coastal inspired interiors, and sunny South facing rooms that need hues to cool down the intensity of the sun.

Pair with white on the ceiling to draw the eye up, it creates a beautifully crisp contrast against the blue. Team with some defining black accents to pull the space together.

Wimborne white
Image credit: farrowandball

Is Wimborne White Lighter Than Pointing?

Pointing is Farrow and Balls lightest cream shade which is part of their Warm Neutrals collection, whilst similar in tone, it is slightly lighter than pointing.

All White is the whitest shade in the Farrow and Ball range, an impactful colour when combined with stronger tones in an interior, and it is their equivalent of a bog standard ‘bright white’.

Wimborne White is a great off-white choice from Farrow and Ball if you’re looking for something a shade warmer than a bright white, yet a warm neutral that is highly versatile, working with neutral, earthy and bolder shades.

Using Wimborne White in your interior colour scheme? If you have any questions about using it that I haven’t covered, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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27 thoughts on “What Colours Go With Farrow and Ball Wimborne White?”

  1. Hi.
    Am renovating an old cottage that will be open plan layout – 12m long x 4.2m wide. Lots of windows facing East, West and South.
    Would Wimborne White be suitable for such a long, bright space?
    Thank you 😊

    • Hi Fiona, sounds like a stunning space! Absolutely, it’s the closest to a pure white but has a warm yellow pigment to it so perfect for counteracting the darkness in the areas where the light is not as good. I’d still always recommend getting a tester first to check, paint an A4 sheet of paper and take around the space so you can see how it looks and feels in each area where light is different. Happy decorating! 🙂

  2. Thinking of using Wimborne white on all walls , front of house all north , back of house all south, but wondering best colour for skirting, around doors and half panelling . Want to keep in neutral and add objects fir colour

    • Thanks for your comment, for the rest of your woodwork look at these colours, they’re beautiful soft neutrals – Oxford Stone, Skimming Stone, Jitney or Stirabout and all pair well with Wimborne White. Nicole x

      • Thanks Nicole we are renovating whole house , just started to have kitchen fitted in moon white with navy island , again wasn’t sure I’d wimbourne white in large south facing kitchen dining or would it need colour , I’d upload a pic if i knew how
        We are going to accent room in pink or orange

        • Hi Gail, feel free to send me a photo at hello@sleek-chic.co.uk so I can give more targeted advice 🙂 In kitchens, you can definitely get away with a gorgeous off-white to fill the space, you have the colour with the kitchen island and then bring colour in with accessories. If your space is really sunny, and gets hot in the summer I may be inclined to look at a slightly cooler white like Wevet which has a slight grey undertone, but looks beautifully soft and subtle in south facing spaces. Nicole x

          • Thankyou kitchen not fitted yet but can send in progress pic just trying to speed things up, have 2 children with disabilities and been in my mums for 2years as husband and his dad doing everything

  3. Hi!
    Undergoing a whole home Reno of 200 yr old house. English face frame kitchen with F&B French Grey cabinets with Wimborne white walls, island….question is will a pure white ceiling look too stark or should it also be Wimborne white?
    Trim as well?

    • Hi Kerri, thanks for your comment! Your Reno sounds fab. I would personally carry Wimborne White up and onto the ceiling too, it will feel much more cocooning and warm in the space. I always do this with off-whites as it makes it look so much more seamless, and no worry about cutting in perfectly either. I would keep the trim Wimborne White too. If you wanted some colour variation, you could paint the trim, door and architrave in a different soft colour such as sage green. Hope that helps! Nicole x

  4. Small south facing kitchen with sage green units , light cream / white quarts worktop
    What’s your opinion on mouse’s breath with wndborne on ceiling & doors please ?

    • Hi Janice, do you mean Mole’s breath? Wimborne White has a slight yellow undertone to it, so worth testing in the space first. I really like ammonite with mole’s breath or pick a white with a light grey undertone like Wevet which works with the greys undertones of Mole’s breath. Hope that helps! x

  5. Hi Nicola
    I have wood panelling in the hall half way, it’s not the brightest of halls so looking at colours for top bottom and staircase, doors are cottage type any help would be great

    • Hi Catherine, I would always have a slightly darker colour on the bottom half and have your lighter colour on top and across your ceiling as it instantly draws the eye up and gives the illusion of a bigger space. Are there any specific colours you’re drawn to? I love Wimborne White and soft greens on panelling such as Vert de Terre and Mizzle. In terms of staircase, I like to keep the treads of the stairs the same as skirting/lower woodwork and then paint the spindles in a contrasting colour. Let me know any specific colours you like and I can give some recommendations, thanks Nicole x

  6. Hi Nicole
    Painting our north facing hall stairs and landing with little natural light. I have had both pointing and wimbourne white on the the walls as testers and am leaning more towards wimbourne white on the walls. But I cant decide on the woodwork – would pointing be good on them? also our decorator suggested standard white on the ceilings which are tall. would you agree or would you carry wimbourne white up onto ceilings as well? Many thnaks

    • Good morning Penny, personally I would lean to using the same wall colour onto the ceiling too, it’s a much more modern way to paint these days and makes the space flow better. For woodwork you want to go for something just a couple of shades darker really so I wouldn’t use pointing, look at shades like Lime White, drop cloth or shaded white. I would grab a tester first to see how they pair in the space, and the light. But general rule of thumb, look for something two shades darker so you get that lovely contrast and it will ground the space beautifully. Do let me know if you have any other questions, Nicole x

  7. Hi would Wimborne white go well with Joa’s white? Thinking of doing a two tone wall in my hallway with these colours and I’m not so keen on Pointing (which is the recommended complimentary white)


  8. I am thinking of Wimborne white to refresh my kitchen units
    The kitchen is fairly dark but flows through to a much brighter dining area
    Surrounding rooms painted in pointing
    Could you suggest a suitable colour please?

  9. Hello Nicole
    Read your post with interest. I have a cream/ivory gloss colour kitchen with walnut worktop and med oak flooring. I’ve used WW in my hallway which leads into the kitchen, and I quite like the idea of continuity from one room to another. I have a conservatory that runs across the back of the house (south/west facing) but the kitchen area is now a middle room which lacks some natural light, hence my thought to lighten it with WW. Walls currently painted a sage green. I’ve done a small sample on the wall but I’m not sure if it’s looking too yellow against my units. Thinking All White, but worried that would be too stark.
    I have 3 internal doors on one wall in the kitchen, I’m also thinking what ever colour I choose for the walls to paint the doors and surround the same colour in eggshell to create a more streamline look, or would that look a bit daft. Any advice you would have would be very much appreciated. I’m driving myself bonkers with trying to make a decision. 🙏😊

    • Hi Dawne! So, you can do either, depending on what works best with the space. Without seeing an image of it, I would recommend considering doing your woodwork in a different colour to that of the walls as this will just add some depth – I only say go a couple shades darker though on woodwork, so you could have off-white walls and a deeper cream on woodwork which could pair nicely with your kitchen colour, will add some suggestions below for you. Wimborne White does have a yellow undertone so probably looking more apparent because of the limited light. I think All White would work here well – but do grab a tester first to check how the shade reacts to the light. If using all white and you want to consider a different shade for woodwork, on your woodwork look at shades such as Great White, School House White and Skimming Stone. Hope that helps! Nicole

  10. Have loved reading all your advice! We have just knocked a wall down and have sage kitchen units with white marble worktops. Looking for a neutral to paint the walls and then possibly a darker contrast for an end wall where we have living area/sofa and chairs etc – maybe a dark blue? Any suggestions? Room faces east. Would you recommend Wimborne White as the neutral? Thank you!

    • Morning! Wimborne White is a perfect warm white and will complement the sage green beautifully, I’d still grab a tester just to see how it looks in the light the room receives. Love the idea of a darker colour at the end as an accent as it will draw the eye in, here are some blues that will complement the green and white – DeNimes, Hague Blue, Oval Room Blue – all a little bit different in shades, paint a tester onto an A4 sheet of paper so you can move around the room to see how it looks in the different light. Hope that helps! Nicole x


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