Make A Statement With These 21 Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

dining room accent ideas
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Dining rooms are a wonderful part of any home and can be made as formal or as informal as you would like.

The dining table and chairs will always be the focal point of a dining room but if you want to add a statement then consider installing an accent wall

Whether it’s wallpaper, paint or panelling, we’ve got some dining room accent wall ideas that will hopefully kickstart your next decorating project.

Make A Statement With These 21 Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

1.Shaker Style Panelling

Shaker style panelling has become a staple for many homes and you can’t beat the timeless feel that it brings.

Consider tackling this DIY project yourself if you’re handy with a hammer and nail.

dining room accent
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2. Make An Impact With Black

There’s something sumptuous about a black accent wall. It feels dark, dramatic and romantic which is perfect for an intimate dining room.

Pair with a mixture of black and white dining chairs to avoid the room feeling too oppressive.

dining room accent 1
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3.Maximise Space With Built In Cabinetry

We all want more storage! So, why not turn a dining room wall into a built-in shelving unit? 

This won’t just add extra storage but it’ll be a lovely feature to look at, too.

dining room accent 2
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4. Add Visual Interest With Quirky Panelling

There are lots of different styles of panelling to choose from and it’s up to you to decide which one would best suit your dining space.

Be inspired by the geometric panelling above and create your very own unique design.

dining room accent 3
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5. Half Wall Panelling & Wallpaper

Add detail to your dining room with a half panelled and half wallpapered wall. The combination of the two offers a dining space an abundance of colour and character,

Invest in a wallpaper design that you love and that you’ve been swooning over for a long time.

dining room accent 4
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6. Create A Tongue & Groove Lined Built In

Make the most out of the space you’ve got available in your dining room with bespoke alcove shelving. 

The section between the two shelving units can be turned into a bench seat, which is great for guests who have finished eating and want to chill out.

dining room accent 5
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7. Build A Sideboard Unit

On the subject of bespoke furniture, consider building a sideboard unit into your dining room.

You can use the top of the sideboard as a seat or it could be the perfect place to display some of your favourite trinkets.

dining room accent 6
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8. Frame Panels & Wall Art

We love the idea of framing panels and wall art as a feature in a dining room.

This also doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy panelling kits from your local DIY store and artwork can be purchased digitally from a variety of online marketplaces.

dining room accent 7
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9. Boho Inspired Slat Wood Panelling

Introduce a rustic feel to your dining room with a slatted wooden wall. 

Use a wood stain to stain the panels your desired colour and pick a similar shade for your dining table and chairs.

dining room accent 8
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10. Hang A Large Piece of Artwork

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to artwork. Hanging one statement piece on a wall can speak a thousand words and will certainly act as a focal point.

dining room accent 9
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11. Create A Cosy Setting With An Electric Fire

Amp up the cosiness of your dining room by installing an electric fire. Woodburners can be expensive to install and run whereas an electric fire will create the same effect for a fraction of the price.

Have it sit flush against the wall for a cool and contemporary look.

dining room accent 10
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12. Inspire With A Wall Art Mural

Wall murals undoubtedly make a bold statement. They come in lots of different designs and make for the perfect feature wall.

The landscape mural pictured above is a wonderfully intricate design and the neutral colour palette sets the tone for the rest of the dining space perfectly.

dining room accent 11
Instagram image credit: @allisonwillson

13. Washi Tape & Plates

Get creative when you’re decorating your dining room and let your imagination run wild.

Use washi tape to create your very own geometric wall design. Another fab idea is hanging a variety of wall plates to add texture.

dining room accent 12
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14. Use A Beautiful Vintage Wardrobe

Storage doesn’t have to be boring. Visit your local vintage shops to see if you can find any affordable treasures.

A vintage wardrobe adds height and grandeur to a dining room.

dining room accent 13
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15. Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a firm staple in the world of decorating and we totally understand why. It creates a uniformed look that feels curated and polished.

Put your own gallery wall together by framing some of your special photographs.

dining room accent 14
Instagram image credit: @homeonharbor

16. Frame Mural Artwork Into Arched Shapes

Curves and arches are all the rage and they make a dining space feel warm and inviting. 

How do you feel about framing mural artwork in arches on the wall? It will create a stunning architectural feature.

dining room accent 15
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17. Brighten The Space With Mirrors

If your dining room is on the smaller side then you may want to consider adding an oversized mirror to your feature wall. 

Mirrors aren’t just handy for checking how you look, they bounce light around the room and create the illusion of a bigger space.

dining room accent 16
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18. Use An Alcove For A Decorative Display

Utilise any alcove space you have by building bespoke shelving. This is not just great for storage but it is the ideal place to show off some of your favourite bits and bobs.

Choose a variety of different accessories to display on your shelves including books, flowers, vases and portable lamps.

dining room accent 17
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19. Style A Gorgeous Console Table

Console tables are a slimline piece of furniture that offer an extra surface to store and display things.

We recommend dressing a console table with a mirror, lamp and a beautiful bouquet of flowers (real or faux).

dining room accent 18
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20. Draw The Eye In With A Strip of Wallpaper

Instead of following decorating ‘rules’, try something a little more creative in your dining room.

Use a strip of wallpaper to hang on the wall and have it going up and over onto the ceiling. The effect it has is sublime, especially if it’s a funky patterned design.

dining room accent 19
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21. Contrast Black With A Wall of Wallpaper

Love black but afraid of it looking too dark in your dining room? Contrast a black accent wall with an adjoining wall decorated with wallpaper.

A classic botanical print will help bring the outdoors in and will create a wonderful vibe in a relaxed dining space.

dining room accent 20
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