Trending Bedroom Feature Wall Ideas For 2024

bedroom feature wall ideas
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Creating an accent feature wall in a bedroom is a timeless way to add character and depth to your room as you enter the space.

In recent years, panelling has surged in popularity and different styles of panelling have become a firm favourite behind a bed frame.

Whilst panelling still remains an easy and affordable option, we wanted to explore some other trending bedroom feature wall ideas for 2024. Get ready to be inspired for your next project!

Trending Bedroom Feature Wall Ideas For 2024

1.Half Wall Panelling & Wallpaper

Traditional half wall panelling reigns in popularity for a feature wall as it’s relatively simple to do, and it allows you perfect colour separation for another colour, or wallpaper as shown in the image below.

This tongue and groove panelling has been finished off with a ledge so you can add decorative accessories or frames.

bedroom feature wall
Instagram image credit: @stayinginstudio

2. Shaker Style Panelling

There are so many different types of panelling to choose from, and Shaker style is a more modern form of panelling which can be appreciated in both traditional and modern properties.

Painting it in the same tone as your other walls creates an almost colour drenched approach but with subtle depth and character on your bed wall.

bedroom feature wall 1
Instagram image credit: @_houseonthemeadow

3. Sage Green Panelling

Shaker style half wall panelling is simple, easy to install and looks great in a bold contrasting colour. We love this sage green colour, one of the best restful colours for a bedroom that’s easy on the eye.

Tie into a neutral colour scheme for a calming feel.

bedroom feature wall 2
Instagram image credit: @thefelicioushome

4. Bold Wallpaper

If panelling isn’t your style, wallpaper is a beautiful alternative that creates floor to ceiling interest.

It’s one of the best ways to add a bold feature wall to a bedroom and is totally timeless if you opt for a classic print.

bedroom feature wall 3
Instagram image credit: @mojedolcevitablog

5. Traditional Wainscoting Panelling

Wainscoting panelling is the most traditional form of panelling which involves a series of rectangular and square mouldings. It’s one of the most elegant looking types of panelling. Whilst it is used widely, this form of panelling is most suited to traditional properties that can carry the height with high ceilings.

It can look inadequate in a standard sized room. For a more modern property, use tongue and groove and shaker style panelling instead.

bedroom feature wall 4
Instagram image credit: @keptlondon

6. Add Shelving For Elevated Visual Interest

Elevate that bedroom wall with shelving as pictured below. This cute shelving has been finished off with a scallop trim for a fun but timeless feel. Paint it in a contrasting colour for it to pop.

Then style those shelves to perfection with your favourite items – add books, vases, pots and decorative accessories for an ensemble of colour and character.

bedroom feature wall 5
Instagram image credit: @elizabethhaydesign

7. Two Tone Painted Wall

Why not try the colour drenching trend with two tones? This style can be a lot of fun in a bedroom, and it gives the illusion of a bigger space as your eyes are naturally drawn up to the secondary colour.

We love this dusty pink shade combined with white, create a similar look with Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball.

bedroom feature wall 6
Instagram image credit: @thedesignory

8. Faux Tongue and Groove Panelling For Less Than £50

Tongue and groove MDF panels can be expensive, but how about a faux look for less than £50?

This genius bedroom feature wall uses a play with shadows between panels to create this faux look. Instead of actual panels, wooden beading has been used at regular intervals for that tell-tale tongue and groove look.

bedroom feature wall 7
Instagram image credit: @my_best_laid_plans

9. Colour Drenched Panelling

Take note of the below colour drenched panelling and wall with Skimming Stone by farrow and ball. The perfect modern neutral that is great for North and South facing rooms.

It’s a great way to add extra character to a room without introducing a myriad of colours. Egyptian Cotton by Dulux is a more affordable paint option.

bedroom feature wall 8
Instagram image credit: @thevenetianparty

10. Grooved Panels

Not all panels have to be the same. Add even further interest to your half wall panelling look with grooved panels.

Finish in the earthy Vert de Terre paint shade by Farrow and Ball. This might be our favourite earthy colour scheme yet!

bedroom feature wall 9
Instagram image credit: @crack_the_shutters

11. Accent Colour Feature Wall

If you want to create a quick and affordable update for a feature wall, just simply choose a contrasting colour you love and paint your bed wall in it.

Take inspiration from the below bedroom, using Dusted Fondant by Dulux for a boho inspired scheme.

bedroom feature wall 10
Instagram image credit: @becsplace_

12. Wooden Herringbone Wall

Where floor meets wall. If you’re looking for a really different style accent wall, why not create a wood effect herringbone wall?

A little feature wall like this is all you need to benefit from the natural warmth from the wood. It’s unusual, unexpected, yet seals the deal in this white and black bedroom.

bedroom feature wall 11
Instagram image credit: @greeneacresfarmhouse

13. Highlight The Chimney Breast

If you have a chimney breast in your bedroom that your bed backs onto, why not make a feature out of it. Paint it in a contrasting colour to really make this section of the room pop.

This emerald green works beautifully with terracotta tones for a boho inspired bedroom scheme.

bedroom feature wall 12
Instagram image credit: @natinstablog.home

14. Opt For Conventional Tiles

Tiles are something usually best left for the bathroom as they can often make a room feel cold. But forget everything you already know about tiles, and make your own mind up with this fabulous bedroom inspiration.

The beautiful tile play between horizontal and vertical stacks creates a bold statement, needless to say, it might be the easiest surface to clean down in a bedroom too. Thoughts?

bedroom feature wall 13
Instagram image credit: @zia_tile

15. Decorative Wall Panels

Whilst they’re typically more expensive than MDF panelling, decorative wall panels are growing in popularity as they offer a little bit extra to standard flat panels.

With a stone ledge on top it adds the perfect base for decorative accessories or frames.

bedroom feature wall 14
Instagram image credit: @elliearthurdesign

16. Natural Slat Wood Panelling

If you want to create a boho inspired or earthy bedroom scheme, adding some natural slat wood panels to a section of your bed wall is a great way to add natural warmth and character.

Panelling a small section like this can be a more refreshing alternative to an entire wall which can make a room feel quite dark. Pair with a light neutral on the walls to retain that boho feel.

bedroom feature wall 15
Instagram image credit: @woodupp_uk

17. Fluted Wall Panels For a 3D Feel

Fluted detailing is in, and what’s not to love about these 3D effect wall panels? They make a definite statement on a bed wall and will certainly become the main feature in a bedroom. We can expect to see more ideas like this as we head through 2024.

If panelling, wallpaper or traditional paint feels a little bit too ordinary for you, explore gallery walls and extended bed frames which can be great ways to introduce more depth and character into the equation too.

bedroom feature wall ideas
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