15 Boho Chic Living Room Ideas For A Stylish, Relaxed Space

boho living room ideas

Bohemian design is much loved for its stylish yet ultra relaxed approach in a home. This much loved design trend offers a timeless look with key characteristics that makes this design trend both accessible, and easy to recreate in any room.

We’ve compiled a list of the best boho inspired living room ideas that will help you fast track your interiors to a relaxed, trendy space in no time.

15 Boho Chic Living Room Ideas For A Stylish, Relaxed Space

1. Ground The Space With Natural Leather

Natural materials are a big part of bohemian design, and natural leather makes a great choice. Not only is it a durable material, but its natural rich brown hues are one of the best colours for boho design.

It grounds the space beautifully, as shown in the image below. The typical boho colour scheme is very similar to that of an earthy colour scheme, you should think about including whites, creams, browns, terracottas, greens and light greys in your scheme, not forgetting to add some well placed black accents too.

boho living room ideas 1
Instagram image credit: @_dream_home_decor

2. Utilise A Neutral, Cool Colour Scheme

A clean, minimal and often white colour scheme forms the basis of boho design. It creates an easy to work with foundation, keeps the space feeling calm, but allows you to work into your scheme warmer colours with textiles and accessories.

If an all white look feels too clinical, add a feature accent wall or go for something a shade or two warmer on the walls with an off-white that has a yellow undertone. It will make a big difference how the space feels, especially if you are tackling a cold North facing room.

boho living room ideas 2
Instagram image credit: @prinsessavanessa

3. Modern Boho Chic

I’d describe this style of design Modern boho chic, and it’s becoming one of the most popular design trends because it’s easy to achieve, relaxed, neutral and calming on the eyes.

This style does incorporate more luxe details than traditional boho with a focus on curvature, arches and clean lines.

boho living room ideas 3
Instagram image credit: @id_vaibhavredkar

4. Introduce Natural Elements & Materials

Using natural elements is a key characteristic of boho design as it gives us that connection to the outside world. This could include wooden details on ceiling beams, furniture, rattan accessories and comfy leather sofas.

What these materials also do is bring beautiful natural warmth into a neutral colour scheme.

boho living room ideas 4
Instagram image credit: @shecallsitcozy

5. Bring The Outside In

Houseplants are an essential if you’re looking to recreate the basic principles of boho design. Not only are houseplants super for purifying the air, they bring natural colour and depth into a white colour scheme.

Generally speaking, fake plants are okay to use if you have limited resources, but there are some great drought friendly plants too that are hardy no matter how they’re cared for!

boho living room ideas 5
Instagram image credit: @arteresting

6. Add An Accent Feature With Natural Slat Wood Panelling

Forget traditional panelling when it comes to bohemian inspired living spaces. If you do want to add some texture and depth to plain walls, natural slat wood panelling is a great choice, and its natural finish works perfectly in boho design.

Either create a full accent wall, or zone a specific section such as behind a TV or console table, it will help to keep the cost down too.

boho living room ideas 6
Instagram image credit: @home_style_by_meila

7. Black Accents Bring Definition & Modernity

Nothing finishes off a boho living room like some beautifully well placed black accents. Take note from the below living room on how to nail it.

Use black in a few well placed areas (not as a dominant colour) on items such as a light fitting, side table, hardware or small decorative accessories. It will define and pull your rooms colour scheme together.

boho living room ideas 7
Instagram image credit: @livingroomdecor_

8. Warm Terracotta Tones

Burnt orange tones are on-trend and are a key colour for boho interiors. They bring beautiful natural warmth against a white colour scheme.

Treat it in the same respect as adding black into the decor scheme, a few well placed touches is all you need to benefit from this warm colour.

boho living room ideas 8
Instagram image credit: @styledby.rhonda

9. Combine Tones & Textures

It’s not just exclusive to bohemian inspired rooms, but combining tones and textures through furniture and textiles is the best way to instil visual interest and make a living room feel cosy.

This is even more important if your dominant wall colour is white as you need to break up the monotony and stop the room feeling flat. Use an area rug, window treatments, furniture, cushions and throws to achieve this.

boho living room ideas 9
Instagram image credit: @livingroomdecor_

10. Hang A Rattan Pendant Light

Natural materials are a must, and rattan is a popular choice. Use rattan on a simple pendant light in your living space. The beauty of a fitting like this is that the rattan allows light flow throughout the material, keeping the space light and bright.

boho living room ideas 10
Instagram image credit: @homebohodesign

11. Make Rich Orange Hues Your Dominant Colour

Instead of white, use rich orange hues as the main colour in your scheme. We often see white as the main player, but bohemian design can be taken in a few different directions.

This colour creates a warm, cosy and cocooning living space.

boho living room ideas 11
Instagram image credit: @peachy__home

12. Hanging Chairs Are Always A Good Idea

Hanging chairs are too good to leave for outdoor use only! In a bamboo or wicker material, they are the epitome of laidback boho style.

It creates the perfect reading nook in a living space, don’t forget to add a cosy and colourful cushion to recreate the look.

boho living room ideas 12
Instagram image credit: @___daire___

13. Curate A Unique Gallery Wall

Boho design often airs on the side of eclectic design too. Curate a unique gallery wall in your living room, where the colour scheme is typically white, this is a perfect way to introduce both colour and identity.

Use a mix of frame styles and colours for a more eclectic feel, or use the same coloured frame throughout for a sense of cohesiveness.

boho living room ideas 13
Instagram image credit: @cozy_bohodecor

14. Set A Boundary With A Large Area Rug

Stop your furniture from floating in your living room and set a boundary with a large area rug. It works in grounding the room but also introducing some warmth to the space.

With soft orange detailing, this rug pairs beautifully with the overall colour scheme.

boho living room ideas 14
Instagram image credit: @knots.and.pots.home

15. Rattan, Seagrass or Wicker Are Essential Boho Materials

These natural materials remain as popular as ever throughout many interior design schemes. They’re relaxed, bring natural warmth and are affordable options for lighting, baskets and beyond.

Try and incorporate rattan with light fittings, baskets or even decorative wall hangings as shown below.

Have any questions about boho styling? Please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back with my recommendations!

boho living room ideas
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