23 Boho-Inspired Hallway Ideas That You’ll Love

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Bohemian inspired interiors are all about personal expression and adopting a non conforming approach. 

Mixing textures, patterns and finishes to create a cosy and aspirational space is the essence of boho. When it comes to decorating a hallway, they can be tricky spaces to balance style with practicality.

We’ve put together some of our favourite ideas to inspire a boho hallway transformation. 

23 Boho-Inspired Hallway Ideas That You’ll Love

1.Embrace Natural, Wooden Elements

Natural materials are synonymous with boho interiors. When designing your new hallway consider incorporating wooden elements. 

A circular wooden mirror is a contemporary option and is handy for checking yourself before leaving the house.

boho hallway ideas
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2. Use Green Half Wall Panelling

Add interest to your hallway with a half panelled wall. This is ideal for hanging hooks from, which are perfect for storing bags and hats. 

Paint your panelling dark green for a moody, boho finish.

boho hallway 1
Instagram Image Credit: @ourscottishhouseonthehill

3. All White Walls

Boho interiors encourage lots of natural light. Keep things light and bright by painting your hallway white. This is great for hallway spaces that don’t have access to a window.

White walls paired with wood and rattan look effortlessly stylish.

Get the look with these gorgeous rustic milking stools from Etsy.

boho hallway 2
Instagram Image Credit: @rekodzielo_babemi

4. Dried Foliage Brings A Boho Touch

Consider displaying dried flowers in your hallway for a rustic touch. Rather than buying some from your local florist, cut some stems from your own garden and hang them upside down to let them fully dry out.

Dried lavender is fantastic for exuding a fresh and lovely scent that will fill your hallway and be welcoming to your guests.

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Instagram Image Credit: @hallway.decor

5. Rattan Baskets Are A Must!

Rattan is a straightforward way of conforming to a boho inspired interiors scheme. They are a stylish storage solution that are perfect for hallways.

Use rattan baskets to store your shoes, hats and scarves.

boho hallway 4
Instagram Image Credit: @love_my_home_pl

6. Create A Focal Feature Wall With Wooden Logs

Lucky enough to have a log burner or open fire in your home but not sure of the best way to store your wood? Be inspired by the hallway pictured above and create a wall of logs. 

Not only does this look super stylish and effective but it’s handy for storage purposes, too. 

boho hallway 5
Instagram Image Credit: @dom_w_sansewieriach

7. Add A Rustic Wooden Console Table

Console tables are ideal for slimline hallways. They are a compact piece of furniture that creates a focal point in any space. 

Hang a mirror directly above a console table and display a vase of fresh flowers and a few of your favourite trinkets.

boho hallway 6
Instagram Image Credit: @bambooandwind

8. Lay A Bohemian Runner Rug

Cosy up your hallway floor with a runner or a rug. Jute designs scream boho and Persian styles are also a wonderful option. 

You can pick these up from your local antique shops so be sure to look around yours before parting with a lot of cash.

boho hallway 7
Instagram Image Credit: @__r.i.z.e_

9. Introduce Black Accents For Definition

Boho interiors often incorporate a lot of beige and neutral tones. A technique of modernising this is to contrast it with black accents. 

Pick a few key elements that will juxtapose neutral walls such as a black piece of furniture, a mirror and a candleholder.

boho hallway 8
Instagram Image Credit: @homeinteriors_tp

10. A Panelled Wooden Unit Brings Interest

If you’ve got space for a bigger piece of furniture in your hallway, consider a sleek wooden unit. 

The one pictured above is ideal for storing shoes or any other items you want to be hidden away.

boho hallway 9
Instagram Image Credit: @mylovelyhome.nl

11. Combine Colour With Black & White

There are certain stereotypes that are evident in boho inspired interiors but the essence of boho is not following the rules! Therefore, choose a colour palette that you love and go with that.

boho hallway 10
Instagram Image Credit: @home_curated_

12. Add A Circular, Black Framed Mirror

A contemporary take on boho incorporates sleek black accents. A circular black framed mirror is a stylish choice that works perfectly in hallways.

It’s a good idea to avoid harsh lines if you’re trying to create a boho scheme and instead opt for softer shapes.

boho hallway 11
Instagram Image Credit: @ev_moda_yasam_trendleri

13. Rattan Pendant Lights Bring Boho Charm

Hang a statement pendant light in your hallway to create an interesting focal point.

An oversized rattan light is the obvious choice for a boho space but also consider other designs that are made out of natural materials.

boho hallway 12
Instagram Image Credit: @interiorhome_design

14. Hang Some Macrame Artwork

Macrame wall hangings and artwork are popular with boho interior lovers. Add visual interest to a blank wall in a hallway by hanging a bespoke macrame design.

There are plenty of places online where you can get one made to your specific requirements.

boho hallway 13
Instagram Image Credit: @igorjosif

15. Create A Boho Gallery Wall

Not sure how to decorate your hallway? A gallery wall never fails.

If you’re looking for boho inspired prints, consider choosing artwork that imitates natural forms.

boho hallway 14
Instagram Image Credit: @ev_moda_yasam_trendleri

16. Lean Into Terracotta, Rusty Tones For Natural Warmth

Want to introduce colour into your hallway but not sure what to go for? If boho is your main source of inspiration then you may want to consider rusty terracotta tones.

Be sure to get at least three colour samples to try first to see how they work with the natural light that’s available in your hallway.

boho hallway 15
Instagram Image Credit: @la_sidhu

17. Mid Century Modern Furniture Works Too

Are you a lover of Mid Century furniture but not sure if it goes with a boho aesthetic? Don’t fear, mixing and matching different styles is a great way of expressing your individuality.

Have a key colour running through your scheme to make it feel cohesive.

boho hallway 16
Instagram Image Credit: @restyleart

18. Add Geometric Prints

Carry on the Mid-Century theme by incorporating geometric style prints into your hallway design. Choose retro inspired designs that have a vintage feel that will complement the rest of your boho scheme.

boho hallway 17
Instagram Image Credit: @my.bohemian.abode

19. There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Plants

More is more when it comes to adding plants to a boho scheme. You may not have loads of space available in your hallway but there are clever ways you can go about this.

A ladder is a wonderful storage solution that uses height to its advantage. Use a ladder to display lots of different plants in funky pots.

boho hallway 18
Instagram Image Credit: @plantsandcollecting

20. Bring In A Large Scale Cactus

Evoke images of the desert with an oversized cactus. These can be pretty expensive so a top tip is to look in the sale section of your local garden centre. It may be looking a little worse for wear but have faith that you can bring it back to life!

House your cactus in a terracotta pot for a classic boho look.

boho hallway 19
Instagram Image Credit: @caravanaire

21. Combine Different Textiles With Runner Rugs & Wall Tapestries

Bohemian interiors are all about layering different textures to cosy up a space. 

Pair a patterned runner with a tapestry style wall hanging to add bundles of personality to your hallway.

boho hallway 20
Instagram Image Credit: @newenglandloom

22. Make A Unique Gallery Wall With Decorative Accents, Frames & Mirrors

When designing your own gallery wall don’t think you only have to use classic framed prints.

Get creative and include different types of wall hangings. We love the idea of using a faux bull skull, rattan baskets and gilded framed mirrors.

boho hallway 21
Instagram Image Credit: @interiordesignbytess

23. Create An Earthy Dwelling With Reds & Greens

Drench your hallway in rich colours for a sumptuous feel. Jewelled tones such as vibrant ruby reds and sunset oranges are perfect for a vibrant boho hallway design.

Take inspiration from the above hallway and add a rustic bench as the perfect place to perch.

boho hallway 22
Instagram Image Credit: @lizziemontgomerydesign
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