15 of The Best Log Burner TV Wall Ideas

log burner tv wall

Planning the perfect log burner TV wall for your living room? This living room trend is one of the hottest ways to bring a cosy, and warming ambience to a living room that doesn’t discriminate on having a TV on show!

I always say that a TV should never go above a fireplace unless it absolutely has to, OR if you use a smart TV which looks like artwork when not in use, then it’s okay.

However, there’s something about the log burner TV wall which actually makes the TV become part of the design aesthetic.

Looking for a whole host of inspiration to kickstart your project? These are 15 of the best log burner tv wall ideas to help you create that cosy and warming ambience in your living room.

19 of The Best Log Burner TV Wall Ideas

1.Log Burner TV Wall With Built In Alcove Space

One of my favourite ways to utilise dead alcove space in a living room is to build in a shelving and cupboard to the alcove space.

This not only elevates the visual appeal of the space, but it provides a great area for storage and a perfect way to continue your interior design choices through the exposed shelves.

Combined with a classic black log burner, it looks cosy, stylish and ultra modern.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @athomewithharlow

2. A Rustic Log Store

Use that alcove storage on either side of your log burner TV wall and create a gorgeous rustic log store with it.

Not only does it make your logs easily accessible to your log burner, but they bring a gorgeously rustic quality to a living space.

Perfect in neutral interior schemes, modern rustic, Scandic and minimalist settings.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @henriettashome

3. Rustic Beam

Adding a rustic beam above your log burner helps to create a boundary, separating the log burner from the TV, and it lends a rustic quality to the living room that blends seamlessly into a neutral colour scheme.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @farm_view_house

4. Neutral, Modern Living Room Scheme

For a more country style, modern living room scheme, a neutral log burner TV wall creates a gorgeous focal point in a living room.

The black log burner and TV provide a defining accent wall in the living room, surrounded by neutral decor and textiles.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @mrs_roobottom_home

5. Two Tone Walls

Having two tone walls with an opposing colour on the TV wall and alcoves creates instant visual effect.

Adding a warmer colour to the alcoves sets off the log burner wall, and brings a really warm and inviting feel into the living room.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @applecroftcottage

6. All White Look

If you’re looking to achieve a minimalist or Scandic style living room, this is it. This perfectly pared back white look is minimal, focusing on a few key black accents including the log burner and TV.

The little stack of wooden logs on either side of the wood burner brings some natural warmth into the room.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @athomewithsiobhan

7. Marble Mantel Surround

Just because you have a log burner it doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a mantel surround like you would with a traditional fireplace.

This marble surround brings a touch of decadence and elegance to the wall.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @finnerz.home

8. Pop of Patterned Tiles

Instead of keeping your bricks exposed in the inglenook space, add a pop of patterned tiles to the back and hearth for an eclectic touch that’s warming, and introduces some additional colour to the space.

Having a tiled backsplash makes this area super easy to maintain and clean.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @my_budgethome

9. Modern Rustic Style Log Burner TV Wall

A modern rustic living room is the perfect interior style for adding a log burner TV wall.

Keep your walls neutral or add panelling, and finish off with a rustic beam for that natural touch.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @mrsvls_home

10. Keeping It Traditional

Even traditional, or period style homes can suit a log burner TV wall. Instead of a wooden beam, or white surround, opt for a beautifully ornate surround for that traditional aesthetic.

Facebook marketplace is a great place to pick up more antique finds like this, but on a budget.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @my.victorian.house

11. Wood Slat Feature Wall

Go against the grain and try something a little bit different, and striking with a wood slat feature wall.

The vertical panels help to elongate the wall, giving the illusion of higher ceilings, whilst the natural element of the slats bring warmth and rustic charm to the living room.

You could also use this section of the wall for shiplap panelling for a more farmhouse style design.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @funkychunkyfurniture

12. Back To Black

Switch things up by creating a really defining focal wall in your living room.

The log burner TV wall looks amazing with the addition of the light rustic wood beam that sets the wall apart. Moody colour schemes can still feel warm and inviting!

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @thebarnatmanorfarm

13. Art Frame TV

My favourite tech invention yet. You can still have your cake and eat it with an art frame TV, perfectly positioning your TV in the most enviable place in the living room, yet being able to disguise it as a beautiful piece of artwork.

If you want your TV on show and don’t want to make a ‘thing’ of it, I’d highly recommend investing in one of these.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @renovatefiftyeight

14. Exposed Brick Log Burner TV Wall

Keeping exposed bricks in the inglenook behind the log burner is a really simple and effective way to bring warmth and colour into an interior.

I personally love this exposed look, bringing rustic charm and working with country style, farmhouse and modern rustic decor schemes.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @aspleyhouse

15. Built In Media Wall

Media walls are currently one of the biggest trends in living rooms in the UK. They combine everything you need, creating a cosy and ambient space.

A built in media wall like this brings additional storage space with it too. You will lose some of your space if you get one of these built in, so it’s definitely worth being mindful of this before getting one installed.

Log Burner TV Wall Ideas
Image credit: @mc_mediawalls

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