9 Living Room Trends Coming In Hot For 2024

living room trends 2024
Image credit: Benjamin Moore, Hazy Skies OC 48, Sebring White

If there’s any trend that’s shared throughout an interior in 2024 it is the incessant lean towards richer, warmer colours in our home. The living room is no different, and in fact it’s a space that has been crying out for these moodier, darker colours that create a cosy, cocooning feel.

Whilst colour is a biggie when it comes to living room trends this year, I spoke with a range of interior designers to get their first hand views on the trends we should expect to see in 2024.

9 Living Room Trends Coming In Hot For 2024

1.Colours Are The Focus, Warmer, Richer Colours Are In

Focus will primarily be on colour in our living rooms this year. After many years of minimal colour schemes and beige taking centre stage, we’re making way for warmer, richer colours. Browns and reds are going to be the most dominant colours.

Olivia Crosher, Designer and Visual Stylist for Naturewall said, “These rich browns work as a great neutral to layer with other colours such as warm buttery yellows, terracottas and blues. The key to nailing this trend is by using lots of interesting textures – velvets, rustic wood, glossy paint and textured fabrics to create depth. By mixing in tones of gold, interiors can be elevated to create a vibrant scheme.”

Founder and CEO of Studio Dean, Cathy Dean shared how to use brown successfully in an interior, “Don’t go too stark and try to contrast with brown. Take things slowly and layer up and down through the palette you have selected, it is a colour that likes to be understated and simple. Hold all of the colours together and make sure it has the same undertone”.

“I love to bring in drama to a room, light and dark combining together to give the space depth is something we bring to all projects. Feel free to try it, pick a brown undertoned black like Benjamin Moore Black Beauty for the walls and then choose a tan leather chair to sit in front of it, it’s the perfect backdrop!”.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular brown paint colours that are perfect for refreshing a living space this year.

living room trends 2024 2
Image credit: Benjamin Moore, Wenge AF 180

2. Multifunctional Living Spaces

One major trend that’s been gaining traction in 2024 is the concept of multifunctional living spaces. This has been a culmination of our post pandemic world, and that yearn to enjoy the safety and comfort of our homes more.

Samantha Odo, Real Estate Sales Representative at Precondo said, “People are looking for versatility in their homes, and the living room is no exception. It’s not just about having a space to lounge anymore; it’s about creating a dynamic area that can serve various purposes. Think entertainment, work, and relaxation all seamlessly coexisting. This trend is reflective of the evolving lifestyle where our homes need to adapt to our diverse needs”.

When it comes to designing your living room or reconfiguring your space, the first question you should ask yourself is how is it going to be used. This will form all of your functional, aesthetic and lighting choices which will allow your multi-functional living space to actually be usable as the roles of the room change throughout the day.

living room trends 2024 3
Image credit: Snug Sofa

3. Sustainable & Handcrafted Decor

Sustainability has been the driving force behind design decisions for a number of years now, but traction is gaining and consumers want to have peace of mind that their interiors are beautiful, yet conscious for the environment too.

Artem Kropovinsky, Founder & Interior design at Arsight, commented, “Eco-friendly and handcrafted decor is not just a fad, it’s a cause. Personalised touches can be applied to the living room by selecting pieces that tell a story, are handcrafted or made from environmentally friendly materials”.

Olivia added, “These stand out pieces are also a more sustainable option to “fast-fashion” pieces, with many people buying them second hand”.

“Sculptural wall art will be used to create statements in a home, as people start moving away from ‘cookie-cutter’ schemes and put more of what they like in their spaces to make them more personal.

“Ornate wood wall panelling also falls into this trend, creating an elevated look that goes beyond average walls. This will instantly give an elevated and luxurious feel to a home.”

living room trends 2024 4
Image credit: Circu

4. Curved Lines & Rounded Angles

Curvaceous interiors have been coveted for the last couple of years, but those curved lines and perfectly rounded angles are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you have a lot of clean-cut, angular lines in your interior, added curved lines with furniture is a great way to add softness to the overall scheme.

Artem said, “Trends in furniture are tending towards sharp, clear lines combining with natural shape. Smooth curves meet minimalism in pieces that combine both aesthetics and functionality giving you total comfort with an added touch of style”.

Take note from this Loaf sofa which perfectly nails the curved look, from the body of the sofa down to the wooden legs.

living room trends 2024 5
Image credit: Loaf Soufflé sofa

5. The Use of Textured Fabrics

2024 will be the year of exploring textured fabrics from furniture through to wall coverings. We certainly aren’t suggesting the return of popcorn ceilings… but adding texture in unexpected ways instils visual interest and comfort.

Olivia said: “Texture will always be a key interior feature used to add depth and interest to a space, particularly important for creating a warm and welcoming home. Materials such as rattan, silk and wool mixes are being seen on walls to elevate interiors one step further, drenching full rooms in the material.

“More attention will be paid to materiality due to the ever-increasing importance of sustainability and where they come from. For this reason, we will see more innovative products that use recyclability and bespoke made-to-order as selling points.”

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Image credit: Cult Furniture Ivy Armchair, Ivory White Boucle

6. Goodbye Cookie-cutter

Instagram has made it incredibly easy to copy the interior of your favourite content creator, but it’s often led to widespread interiors that all look the same. We had the grey washing trend which eventually morphed into beige spaces last year.

Olivia said: “This year, we will see the continuous movement of trends taking a back seat to people decorating exactly how they want to, focusing on individuality and authenticity.

“This trend will encourage us to take a step away from the neutral colour palettes we are seeing, and go for those bold tones and unique patterns that stand out to us. Equally, it will lead us to invest in artisanal over mass produced pieces that feel more special to us.

“Design is to be enjoyed, and by being playful, people will introduce character into their homes to create a space they love to spend time in. Tailoring a space to individual style will also help give a home that lived-in feel.”

living room trends 2024 9
Image credit: Caffe Latte

7. Victorian Influence

Victorian architecture and interiors has long influenced homes, regardless to whether you have a period property of not. Panelling has hugely grown in popularity in 2023, with the ornate details set to pick up more traction in 2024.

Decorative wood panelling and mouldings are also reminiscent of Parisian design, creating huge interest in homes. They add depth and texture to spaces with their intricate designs, instantly elevating an interior.

Olivia said: “The mixing of new and old will be an extension of this trend. We will see people leaning into creating their own style by pairing modern, unusual furniture and patterns with the traditional backdrop of panelling to create a unique look.”

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Image credit: Prestigious Textiles

8. Modern Neutrals

As well as warmer, richer colours taking centre stage in our living rooms, it doesn’t mean the end to beige just yet. But in a different, warmer and more modern form than we have previously known it.

Warmer neutrals provide greater warmth, cosiness and depth to a living room. We love the likes of Egyptian Cotton Dulux and Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball. Earthy neutrals reign supreme in our interiors too, they’re a timeless addition that pair so well with other like colours.

Samantha Odo added, “We’re seeing a resurgence of warm and earthy tones. Natural hues like terracotta, warm grays, and muted greens are taking center stage. It’s a move away from the stark minimalism of previous years, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. People want their living spaces to feel like a retreat, a place to unwind and recharge, and these earthy tones bring a sense of calm and connection with nature”.

living room trends 2024
Image credit: Benjamin Moore

9. Modular, Customisable Pieces of Furniture

As we follow the beat of our own design drum, creating a seating layout that is personal to your family and your needs is key at creating a unique living space.

Modular pieces of furniture and movable pouffes open up seating options and allow for customisation whenever required.

Samantha Odo said, “We are leaning towards modular and customisable pieces. Homeowners love the idea of being able to rearrange and adapt their living room layout as needed”.

“It’s about creating a space that evolves with you, providing flexibility for different occasions or changing preferences. This trend aligns with the desire for personalisation and a sense of uniqueness in one’s living space”.

living room trends 2024 8
Image credit: Sweetpea & Willow The Daydreamer Modular Sofa
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