19 Interior Trends That Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Being born in the 90s was a privilege. The youth of today will never know of the race to get onto MSN when you got home from school, bartering time with your sibling to get online, the baskets full of beanie babies and the rather risqué world of Habbo Hotel.

Sound familiar? Well, this nostalgic post is for you. From lava lamps to inflatable chairs, join us as we take a trip down the rather questionable interior trends that we all ‘loved’ in the 90s.

19 Interior Trends That Only 90s Kids Will Remember

1.The Beanie Baby Display(s)

You really weren’t a 90s kid if you can’t name at least half of these.

Beanie babies are the epitome of the 90s, they were collectables, and when they weren’t attending beanie baby school setup by you and your siblings, you bet they took pride of place on a shelf or in a basket.

Extra points if you still held onto your stash, some of these are now worth a pretty penny.

beanie babies
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2. Floral Patterns, On Everything

We went in hard on the florals in the 90s. I remember our floral sofa and matching arm chairs so vividly.

This was the way to bring a pop of colour into your interiors, and it was the on-trend thing of the moment back then. It wasn’t tied to a specific era or design movement, just 90s style.

But seriously, floral patterns were on everything. If it wasn’t on your carpet, it would have been on the curtains, netted curtains or carpet.

floral sofa
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3. Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles

You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking this Polaroid was actually taken in the 90s. No, this little beauty was snapped on Christmas Day.

Remember the ceiling tiles? Often or sometimes containing asbestos, if you didn’t have popcorn ceiling, you had this growing up. It begs the question how this trend ever started.

90s interior trends 2

4. Inflatable Sofas & Armchairs

If you didn’t have an inflatable sofa or armchair, what were you doing with your 90s life? These iconic pieces of furniture were the IN thing to have, and if you didn’t, it was sure to be circled on the Argos catalogue for Father Christmas to bring you.

I even had a miniature sized keyring like this, anyone else?

inflatable chair
Image credit: Amazon

5. The Rise of The Lava Lamp

It wasn’t a 90s childhood without one of these sat on your bedside table. These satisfying lava lamps have had somewhat of a resurgence of late.

They just don’t make lamps like it today.

90s interior trends 3

6. Futon Sofa Beds

Forget the day bed, it was all about the futon sofa bed. They were actually super practical of their time, and a very welcome addition in the 90s.

Nowadays, they’re typically sofa beds, which can be unrealistic. But for sleepovers, the futon chair could be situated in a bedroom and it folds out to a proper comfy bed at nighttime.

90s interior trends 4

7. Rattan Furniture Was In

The great cycle of fashion and interiors is that those trends will at some point make a comeback. The rattan furniture one is the greatest revival of all.

Wicker and rattan furniture pieces were popular for a tropical vibe, and also excellent pieces for using as a chair-drobe.

90s interior trends 5

8. Beaded Curtains

It’s scary to think that this trend may make a comeback one day, but also that we all know at least one person who still has this separating their kitchen from their hallway.

Hanging beads were typically used as door dividers, yet they still allowed light to pass through freely.

90s interior trends 6

9. Band Posters Are Today’s Gallery Walls

No child of today will have this picture perfect bedroom. That perfect Instagram aesthetic has ruined it, this was pure childhood.

Bands, celebrities, you name it, the wall got it. It is the 90s vision board of today, without us realising.

poster wall 90s
Image credit: Reddit

10. Glass Block Accents

If you have ever viewed houses on the market or purchased a real doer-upper, it’s likely you have been baffled at these glass block accents.

These actually date back much further than the 90s, but over the years they remained intact as they pose such a conundrum.

The idea was that you could still allow for light to pass through from a room into a hallway for example, maximising the light in what would otherwise be a dark space. Will these come back in fashion? I really hope not.

90s interior trends 7

11. Wallpapered Chimney Breast

I’m sorry, but no.

I can guarantee that you know what floral wallpaper I am talking about. Often red or pink and black and plastered all over the chimney breast for a ‘feature wall’.

It was a no from me then, and it still is now.

90s interior trends 11

12. Heavily Patterned Carpet

Heavily patterned carpet and beanie baby? Ultimate 90s in a photo.

None of that beige or grey stuff, it was all about the patterned carpet, and unbelievably it was actually the thing to have back then. Patterned carpet is in the process of having a revival, whilst it’s best kept for stair runners for a design accent these days.

90s interior trends 10

13. Groovy Chick Reigned Supreme

I don’t think this really needs a supporting comment. If you were a girl in the 90s, this was your bedroom, stat.

groovy chick bedroom

14. Neon Colours

Fashion has always largely influenced interiors, and the 90s was no different. Bold, multicolour prints were a key characteristic of 90s fashion, and it could be seen in our homes too.

From lava lamps, to bold wall colours and heavily patterned and coloured carpet.

90s interior trends 12

15. Popcorn Ceilings

I have nightmares thinking about the ‘popcorn ceiling’, or what actually looks like pebble dash on the inside of your home.

The theory was that popcorn ceilings added texture and helped to disguise cracks and bumps in the ceiling. Thank god, for the love of smooth since then.

90s interior trends 8

16. The Serving Hatch

There’s something fairly dystopian and village hall about the ‘serving hatch’ that divided the kitchen and dining room so the house wife could literally pass the husband his food without him having to move.

RIP to all those boarded up serving hatches, gone, but never forgotten.

90s interior trends 14

17. The Pink or Green Bathroom Suite

Yes, we all had one. Pink or green though?

We can shiver at all the 90s trends as much as we like, but they were fashionable back then. Whilst this shade of green and style definitely won’t be making a comeback anytime soon, green bathrooms are in fashion again. Just not with a matching green tub.

18. Up & Over Bed Storage

This is a bit of a controversial one as up and over bed storage is still used and built today.

I personally hate it. I understand the maximisation of storage, but who really wants a cupboard over their head as they lay awake at night? It also gives serious caravan vibes, the 90s were practical, but not design led.

up and over bed storage
Image credit: Sharps

19. The Bulky Entertainment System

Finally, we have the bulky entertainment or hi-fi system that literally had to be housed into a cabinet.

Thank god for the Alexa.

From one 90s kid to another, which trend do you wish you could bring back? Any iconic classics I’ve missed off the list? Let me know in the comments below!

90s interior trends 13
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