27 Stunning Victorian Bathroom Ideas For Big Impact

Victorian bathroom ideas
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Planning a bathroom renovation but not sure where to start? A Victorian bathroom boasts elegant details that are utterly timeless. 

Whether you have a Victorian property and want to elevate classic characteristics or you simply want to adopt the style and pay homage to the Victorian era, we’ve put together some Victorian bathroom ideas to inspire you.

27 Stunning Victorian Bathroom Ideas For Big Impact

1. Lean Into Colour

Traditional characteristics of a Victorian bathroom lend themselves to maximalism so don’t feel like you have to shy away from colour.

A pink and green colour scheme is a match made in heaven.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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2. Embrace Moodier Tones & Plenty of Greenery

Be inspired by Victorian-style bathrooms and be bold with your colour choices. 

This doesn’t always have to mean opting for bright shades, it can mean darker shades too. Victorian properties often boast large windows that let in lots of natural light, meaning you can get away with using a dark paint.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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3. Combine Half Wall Panelling & Vertical Striped Wallpaper

Make a bathroom appear bigger than it is in reality by using vertical striped wallpaper. The stripes will draw your eyes upwards and make the ceilings feel taller than they are.

Victorian properties often come with high ceilings but if you want to recreate the look, striped wallpaper is a clever hack.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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4. Pink & White For A Fresh, Playful Combo

Elevate the elegant details of a Victorian bathroom by complimenting them with a dusky pink colour scheme.

Try to avoid bright pastel shades and instead opt for colours that are a bit more muted.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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5. Bring The Outside World In With Green Tiles

Adding plants to any space immediately makes it feel brighter and more alive. Bring the outdoors into a Victorian-inspired bathroom by opting for a green colour scheme.

Sage green subway tiles are a timeless option and will add a pop of colour without being too in your face.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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6. Paint The Ceiling Black For Intense Impact

For a big dose of drama, paint a bathroom ceiling black. It may feel like a bold move (which it is) but trust us when we say, it can make such an impact on any style of bathroom.

If you’re lucky enough to have an original fireplace in your bathroom, make this a feature by displaying lots of plants around it.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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7. Pink & Green Creates A Fresh, Workable Contrast

Create a pinky toned limewash paint effect for a balanced rustic look.

Pink always looks great contrasted with green and these dark green tonal metro tiles are a contemporary pick that contrasts beautifully with a Victorian-style bathroom.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @myvictorianhouselove

8. Soften Black With White & Dusty Tones of Pink

Roll top baths are synonymous with a Victorian bathroom. They make a real statement and of course, are a real luxury!

Picking a bath in a statement colour, such as black makes it even more of a statement. My Period Homestyle has softened her Victorian bathroom scheme with touches of white and pink.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @myperiodhomestyle

9. Combine A Mixture of Tones, Paint & Wallpaper

Using wallpaper in a bathroom is a popular choice because they are often one of the smallest rooms in the house and it can make a real impact.

Choose a mix of tones and textures to feature in your bathroom that will complement your choice of wallpaper design.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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10. Add A Half Wall Tiled Look

For ease and practicality, tiling half of the wall is a great idea as it can be wiped clean. It’s also an opportunity to express your personal style with your choice of wall covering that will sit above the tiles.

A plain paint colour is plenty good enough but you can always be brave by adding wallpaper or bold artwork.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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11. Draw The Eye up With Stripes

Stripes on the ceiling evoke images of vintage circus tents and we aren’t opposed to it! A striped ceiling will immediately draw the eye up and it undeniably has a ‘wow factor’.

Pair a striped ceiling with an otherwise neutral scheme and bring in pops of colour through your choice of towels and bath mat. 

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @jackdmarch

12. Pair Stand Out Wallpaper With A Rich Green

Green is such a versatile colour and looks great in a bathroom.

If you’re feeling brave, pair a loud and proud wallpaper design such as this birdcage one pictured above and pair with olive green wall panelling.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @victoriannerdess

13. Add Black Accents For A Defined Scheme

Mixing traditional characteristics with modern design touches is a winning combination. Black accents in bathrooms are definitely on trend and look fantastic juxtaposed with sophisticated Victorian bathroom details.

A black Crittall-style shower screen looks fabulous against opulent gold taps and hardware.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @strikeme_pink

14. Create A Bold Impact With Navy Blue Tiles

Tones of blue are a natural choice when decorating a bathroom. They feel clean and nautical which suits the practicalities of a bathroom.

Navy blue wall tiles are a statement option for a bathroom but work well with Victorian-inspired patterned floor tiles.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @riponhouse1887

15. Retain Period Authenticity With A Bathroom Fireplace Fitting

Victorian properties boast many beautiful architectural details, one of them being fireplaces. Having one in the bathroom is a real luxury and it shouldn’t be shied away from.

Make a feature out of it by painting it a contrasting colour and display your favourite bathroom accessories on top of it.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: myvictorianhouselove

16. Draw The Eye Up With A Ceiling Mural

Don’t ignore the ‘fifth wall’ and instead, make a feature out of your bathroom ceiling

This impressive wall mural that has been used on the ceiling is simply beautiful and looks wonderful paired with dark green panelling and brass fixtures. 

Choose artwork to display on the walls that boasts similar tones.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @strikeme_pink

17. The Surprising, Yet Perfect Bathroom Colour Combo

Another example of how perfect pink and green can look in a colour combo.

This attic bathroom has perfectly made the most of its sloped ceiling, emphasising it with a pendant light and framing the vanity unit.

Pair with brass accents for a warm, workable contrast in this colour scheme.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @myvictorianhouselove

18. Pay Homage To the Victorian Era With Metro Tiles & Roll Top Tubs

There’s nothing quite like a roll top tub. Getting to relax in one after a long hard day is a real treat. Not only are they functional, but they look impeccably stylish, too.

Coupled with classic metro tiles, it really does create the ideal Victorian-inspired bathroom.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @westbournehouse

19. Add Drama With A Stand Out Tub

There’s no denying that a stand alone tub is an investment and it’s definitely something to mull over before committing to it. 

Choosing a roll top bath in a bold colour is a brave move but can definitely pay off. This bright yellow tub immediately makes you smile and is a real showstopper.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @myvictorianhouselove

20. Add Touches of The Victorian Era

A copper tub feels authentically Victorian and looks stunning in any bathroom space. Be inspired by Casa Old Corn and complement a copper bath with dark panelling and sophisticated wallpaper. 

Hints of orange in the wallpaper makes this bathroom feel cohesive.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @casaoldcorn

21. Keep It Simple With A Monochromatic Colour Scheme

You can never go too far wrong with monochrome, especially in a bathroom. It’s an extremely practical room that costs a lot of money to renovate, so choosing classic combinations is always a good idea.

Monochrome patterned flooring is Victorian-inspired and looks fabulous partnered with an all white scheme.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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22. Be Bold With A Touch of Red

Victorian interiors are all about making bold design decisions and choosing red for a bathroom is definitely one of them.

Not for the faint hearted, red is a colour that makes you feel vibrant and energetic so it would naturally suit a bustling family bathroom.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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23. Create Instant Wow Factor With Victorian Floor Tiles

Don’t let the flooring in a bathroom be an afterthought, make a statement out of it with an intricate patterned design. 

This is a great way of bringing style and interest to an otherwise plain and neutral bathroom.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @dakotacottage

24. Make The Most of The Height With A Dado Rail

Use a dado rail to your advantage to elongate the height of your bathroom.

Take note from Our Victorian Money Pit and install multi panel sheets up to the dado rail. They are more affordable than tiles and easy to maintain and clean, too.

Victorian bathroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @ourvictorianmoneypit

25. Introduce Wooden Furniture For A Natural Feel

Introduce natural materials into your bathroom with wooden accents. A floating wooden vanity unit is a lovely modern addition to a Victorian bathroom.

Use a wooden side table to store a towel and to rest your mug on.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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26. Add An Enclosed Bath For A Cosy Feel

Add a Victorian edge to the bath you’ve inherited by enclosing it and adding tongue and groove panelling.

Paint it in an understated grey for a calming and soothing effect.

Victorian bathroom ideas
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27. Rich Greens, Brass & Black & White To Evoke Drama In A Bathroom

Make brass hardware pop by giving it a green backdrop. These sea green coloured tiles change colour depending on the light and look stunning coupled with brass hardware.

Hang brass wall lights either side of a bathroom mirror for a luxurious feel.

Which of these Victorian bathroom ideas is your favourite? You’d definitely do the Victorian’s proud with any of these stunning bathroom designs!

Victorian bathroom ideas
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