Dark Maximalist Decor Ideas: 11 Ways To Incorporate Into Your Home

dark maximalist decor
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Dark maximalist decor is the moodier sister on the block, and this dystopian design trend is set to hit our interiors by storm this year.

Unlike gothic interiors, dark maximalist decor isn’t an all black look, it still involves dark, rich colours for warmth such as deep greens, purples and cobalt blues.

It can sometimes be mistaken for whimsigothic decor style which can use a similar colour scheme, although that brings a touch of whimsicality with it.

Looking to learn more about dark maximalist decor? Here are 11 ways you can incorporate this moody design style into your home.

What Is Dark Maximalist Decor?

Dark maximalist decor is a design style that emphasises dark, moody and often dystopian themes and imagery. Like traditional maximalism, it still focuses on uses an abundance of colours, clashing patterns and playful touches. Traditionally this design style would have been found in various forms of media such as film, music and art.

Dark maximalist decor has become more mainstream in our homes today, a typical colour palette includes shades such as black, deep greens, purple, dark blues and mustard yellow.

It’s not to be mistaken for whimsigothic home decor which is a magical mash up of styles which incorporates gothic design elements with whimsical touches for a fun, and quirky look.

11 Dark Maximalist Decor Ideas

1.Playful Animal Print

This entire look perfectly encapsulates the dark maximalist decor trend, combining deep greens and black, but it’s not afraid to introduce a romantic, and bold touch of red onto the ceiling rose.

Any maximalist look is not complete without an introduction of pattern, and a playful way to do this is with a touch of animal print, even if it is just your bath robe, or clothing hung up for the next day…

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @witchs.hearth

2. Rusty Pops of Colour

This flips the dark maximalist look on its head, but it still largely pulls from those darker shades as the black ceiling grounds the look.

Rusty pops of colour like these burnt terracotta shades, mustard yellow and brassy golds creates a cacophony of colour and a bold mix which nails this decor style.

Dark maximalist decor can still be bold, bright and interesting with this interpretation.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @sallydoessassy

3. Clash of Patterns

Maximalism as a whole is characterised by a clash of patterns, and more, well, really is more!

Pattern is absolutely welcomed, it’s an opportunity to introduce a huge mix of colours, texture and visual interest.

This dark maximalist decor look combines monochrome stripes, florals, birds and leopard print. It’s the one design look that anything really does go.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @lemonleapord_interiordesign

4. Mix of Colours

An abundance of colour is still at the heart of dark maximalism. You may choose to opt for a dark, defining foundation on the walls, but you can still introduce a mix of colours, in fact it’s welcomed through furniture and decor accessories.

It creates a fun, playful and abundant look with purples, green and mustard yellow ruling this look.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @vardirachel

5. Eclectic Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to demonstrate some dark maximalist flair. Like any gallery wall, it’s the same process of layering a series of different shots.

With dark maximalist style, add differing frames and shapes for added visual interest. You may choose to keep a similar moody aesthetic on the artwork though, if you wish.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @84_square

6. A Touch of Rouge

Whilst greens, purples and mustard yellows are a consistent theme throughout dark maximalist decor, pops of red bring a romantic and whimsical touch to a setting.

Something like a touch of red in a frame, some chairs or decor accessories is enough to take a hint from this colour without it overpowering the other colours in the room.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @home_style_smile

7. Green With Envy

It’s all about green in this decor style. From deep, forest greens to lighter touches.

A great way to introduce this colour is through a texture such as velvet, it helps to create a greater sense of layers in the space, and is utterly sumptuous.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @helloimhome

8. Contrasting Shades

Maximalism is absolutely all about clashing and contrasting shades for high visual interest. It is generally best to layer and start with a dark shade on your walls like this as the defining, foundational colour in the room.

It’s then super easy to layer and add in additional colours, loving the introduction of the oranges, yellows and greens in this dark maximalist bedroom.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @lovefrankiedotcom

9. Eclectic Lighting

Maximalism encourages building, layering and playing around with eclectic touches. One way to introduce this decor design is by layering with different extravagant lighting sources.

Think chandeliers, glass wall lights, and wide brimmed lamp shades for a touch of decadence, and extravagance.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @tenelevendsgn

10. Moody Aesthetic

This is a more clean cut way of achieving dark maximalist decor, but you could choose to keep the look mostly moody with a black and white theme, then by introducing a singular pop of colour with furniture or decor accessories.

This is a more pared back way of introducing dark maximalist decor into your home.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @clairehungdesign

11. A Pop of Pink

A simple flourish of hot pink is a very welcome, and daring way to enjoy this design style.

Adding pink with a simple velvet chair, neon signs, or decor accessories brings a fun element into the room which adds a luxurious, and eye catching element to the room.

Dark Maximalist Decor
Image credit: @inkanddrop

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