17 Boho Bedroom Ideas To Create An Ultra Relaxed, Stylish Space

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There’s something ultra relaxed yet stylish about a boho-inspired bedroom which makes it such a versatile and easy to achieve interior look.

If you love neutrals and rich, earthy colours, this could be just the inspiration you’re looking for.

These boho bedroom ideas are packed full of ways you can embrace the bohemian lifestyle, creating a cosy and ultra relaxing space.

17 Boho Bedroom Ideas To Create An Ultra Relaxed, Stylish Space

1. Create A Natural Four Poster Bed

Forget everything you think you know about four poster beds. This boho inspired frame is the perfect antidote to breathing life and modernity into traditional four poster beds.

This could be created as a DIY project with wood/bamboo sticks, fastening from hooks on your ceiling. The draped voile curtains add airiness to the overall structure for that whimsical, relaxed feel. We love it!

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Image credit: Dekoria

2. Add A Plant Based Shelf On Your Bed Wall

Plants are an integral part of bohemian style, not only do they look great but they’re perfect for air purifying qualities too.

Install a shelf behind your bed and add a selection of trailing and standard houseplants. Combine with some of your favourite prints for an eclectic feel.

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3. Combine Natural Materials For A Boho Feel

One of the best ways to fast track your interior to a bohemian sanctuary is by experimenting and mixing a range of natural materials for a warm, rustic feel.

Boho interiors are often characterised by white walls, so texture and material is a perfect way to add warmth and colour.

Think of adding elements such as rattan, wicker, seagrass, jute and wooden touches through decor and furniture.

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4. Fairy Lights Are A Must For Boho-inspired Magic

Fairy lights are such an affordable and easy way to update a bedroom.

Hang them from your ceiling for a warm, whimsical feel in the evening, or drape over shelves for unexpected touches of magic.

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Instagram Image Credit: @tiny_homey

5. Use A Green For A Rustic, Earthy Look

Whilst white is stereotypical for a boho inspired interior, earthy hues are also a welcome part of a boho colour scheme, and a forest green like this can set a beautiful backdrop.

You might choose to add a dado rail and use a white up and over the ceiling, this still pays tribute to white whilst drawing the eye up for an airier space.

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Instagram Image Credit: @greenflamingo_anna

6. Go In Hard On The Terracotta Tones

In recent years, terracotta has become even more of a celebrated colour in interiors, and it’s perfect for adding warmth to a boho bedroom.

If you want to use it as a secondary dominant colour in the space, use it through bedding, macrame artwork and paint on certain zoned areas to introduce a warm pop of colour.

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7. Pair Dark Tones With Terracotta For A Warm, Bold Contrast

You don’t have to play the rules when it comes to boho interior design. You can step into the darker side with a moody feature wall like this.

Set it off against other colours such as terracotta, white and seek inspiration and warmth from natural materials.

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Instagram Image Credit: @myhouseinsprn

8. Opt For A Neutral Base & Build

A neutral base is always a winning choice in boho design, but opt for an off-white instead of a bright white which can sometimes feel clinical, especially in a sunny South facing bedroom.

It’s much easier to build in colour and layer from a neutral base, your bedding and cushions are a great place to start as you can easily incorporate pattern and colour throughout.

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9. Introduce Some Lovable Brown Hues

Brown is the new grey in an interior and it is a hugely lovable and warm shade for an interior that pairs beautifully with other earthy neutrals and whites.

Create a half painted wall with brown and white, it will ground the room whilst also drawing the eye up, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

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Instagram Image Credit: @Laura_pigeon

10. Create A Curated Plant Gallery In Your Bedroom

An all white bedroom with plants is hugely stylish yet ultra relaxed, it’s a perfect way to get instant bohemian style.

Use shelving, ceiling hooks and position floor standing plants next to a bedside for a biophilic feel. Do incorporate differing sizes and a mix of trailing and floor standing plants for added visual interest.

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Instagram Image Credit: @bohotribe

11. Hang Macrame Artwork

Creating a gallery wall with a selection of prints is still a great look for a boho bedroom, but macrame artwork is such an iconic feature in bohemian style, and it’s a great way for introducing warmth and texture.

Hang on a bed wall for a focal point or incorporate into your very own gallery wall. It looks even better against this terracotta paint for a striking contrast against the macrame.

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Instagram Image Credit: @steph_deco

12. Utilise A White Colour Scheme

Choose to go all in on a white colour scheme, it’s synonymous with bohemian style and it looks great.

The key to making the space feel cosy is by introducing texture and colour with furniture and accessories. We love the hanging hat wall addition here, a great way to introduce colour and texture in an unexpected way.

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Instagram Image Credit: @homedesignbygosia

13. Add Soft Touches of Colour Through Bedding

If you opt for a neutral colour scheme, your bedding is the perfect place to introduce some soft touches of colour.

Think sage greens, pinks and yellows for a warm, cosy feel.

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14. Mix Rattan & Wooden Tones For Warmth

Rattan is still reigning supreme in our interiors and it’s one of the best natural materials for boho design.

It’s really affordable, especially for light fixtures, and you can work it into your bedroom in a number of ways. Think lighting, baskets, pouffes and tote bags.

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Instagram Image Credit: @abundance_homedecor

15. Focus On The Natural Daylight

Natural daylight is a key part of bohemian style, plus biophilic spaces love it!

Let natural light flood your room with soft, linen curtains. They’ll allow light to flow through seamlessly for that floaty, airy feel.

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16. Create A Gallery Wall

Empty walls are made for filling, and creating a gallery wall that will allow you to express your personality and style.

Either keep things consistent with the same coloured frames, or add a more eclectic feel with differing colours and sizes of frames to complete the look.

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17. Use A Large Area Rug To Ground The Space

Texture and colour as accents is everything for a boho bedroom, add a large area rug underneath your bed. It will work in creating a boundary, ground the bedroom, add softness underfoot, and introduce some much needed colour.

Opt for Persian rugs for a vintage touch, or lean into natural materials and opt for something like a jute area rug.

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