17 Calming Bedroom Ideas For A Restful Sleep + The Best Colours To Use

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Whilst the experts say that colour psychology isn’t as clear cut as you think, there definitely are specific colours that are restful in nature and most suited to a bedroom if you’re looking to create a calming and serene space.

When it comes to interior design, any colour can technically be used in a bedroom space. But picking the right types of colours for a bedroom will create a relaxing setting, allow your mind to disengage and won’t stimulate the brain as you attempt to relax in the evening.

We’ve put together the best calming bedroom colours you should be using, along with some inspiring bedroom ideas that might just make you want to repaint immediately.

The Best Calming Bedroom Colours To Use

Choosing the right colours for a calming bedroom scheme are imperative to helping calm our busy minds in the evening, disengage the brain and lead to a hopefully, restful sleep.

Some of the best colours to use as the dominant colour in your bedroom space include;

  • Sage green – the easiest colour for the eye to see
  • Soft baby blue
  • Creams and beiges
  • Olive green
  • Lilac
  • Soft tones of yellow
  • Soft greys

17 Calming Bedroom Ideas

1.A Coastal Blue

Blue can often get a wrap in the interior world when used in interiors in the UK as it can feel cold and clinical.

In fact, it’s the quite the opposite when used correctly, and blue is one of the most soothing and restorative colours for a bedroom.

The key is to opt for a light toned, costal inspired blue as shown in the image below. Paired with soft greens and reds, it creates a gorgeous aesthetic which doesn’t feel cold at all.

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Instagram image credit: @awelldressedhomellc

2. Use An Earthy Colour Scheme

Earthy colour schemes are ever popular in 2024. They’re relaxing, cosy and totally cocooning in a bedroom space. A green is a great base colour to use, either opt for a sage green or olive green.

Build your other earthy tones into the space with decor, furnishings and textiles. Think about using greens, browns, oranges, reds and grey tones.

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Instagram image credit: @home_on_cranberrymeadows

3. Warm, Modern Neutrals

Bright white and plain beige walls are out in 2024. We are leaning towards richer, warmer modern neutrals and we absolutely love the colour Driftwood and Silver Birch by Neptune that have been used on the panelling and wall here.

If you’re looking for similar modern neutrals, try Egyptian Cotton by Dulux and Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball.

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Instagram image credit: @samanthajoyhome

4. Beige Can Be Calming & Sophisticated

Beige definitely doesn’t mean boring. It’s a far more restful colour in a bedroom than a bright white. Bright white can feel very clinical and flat, whereas an off-white or beige adds instant warmth to your walls, providing a calming space for your bedroom.

The panelling shown in the image below is Porcelain by Rust-oleum.

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Instagram image credit: @ourhomeinsuffolk

5. Moody Brown Tones

Browns are in for 2024 in an interior, but it doesn’t feel like the most restful colour because of its moody demeanour.

Instead, use a beige or cream as your main foundational colour and introduce some brown accents in textiles throughout the room. This way your bedroom benefits from the definition it brings, and it can be a more stylish alternative to using black to tie the room together.

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Instagram image credit: @accordingtomandy

6. Soft Tones of Sage Green

Positioned in the middle of the colour scheme, sage green is one of the easiest colours for the eye to see, and it is one of the most restful and restorative for a bedroom.

It’s up there with being one of the most popular shades for a bedroom, and it works so well in a neutral or earthy colour scheme.

The colour on the panelling used here is Cromarty by Farrow and Ball which has been colour matched by another paint brand. Looking for more inspiration? These sage green bedroom ideas will give you plenty food for thought!

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Instagram image credit: @wisteria.house_

7. Layer Colours For Depth & Interest

Keeping your walls a neutral colour will help to retain a calming colour scheme in your bedroom, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use any colour.

Choose to introduce other restful colours through your decor accessories and textiles. Building up colour this way creates a gorgeous depth and warmth in a room.

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Instagram image credit: @puresaltinteriors

8. Soften The Scheme With Sumptuous Bed Linen

Take note from the below on how sumptuous bed linen can help to create that calming bedroom aesthetic.

Soft pinks and creams are a perfect combination, they’re soft, super restful on the eye and it looks super cosy!

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Instagram image credit: @studio.lux.interiors

9. Introduce Warmth With Orange & Natural Tones

If you’re building an earthy colour scheme, you should definitely consider introducing some warm oranges into the mix. When used sparingly, this colour is perfect for creating a calming, restorative feel.

The natural tones in the wooden cladding add to the overall warmth and natural aesthetic in the bedroom shown in the image below.

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Instagram image credit: @jessicajalexander

10. Create A Workable Foundation With White

If you have your heart set on white, try to opt for an off-white with grey, yellow or red undertones. It will take the edge off a clinical bright white and will make a massive difference to how warm the colour scheme feels.

We love the addition of orange in this bedroom, it softens and warms up the space whilst still being restful in nature.

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Instagram image credit: @turnerpocock

11. Sultry Soft Tones of Pink

Redefine the image of pink you already know and acknowledge how great, and restorative it can feel in a bedroom. These soft, sultry tones of dusty pink absolutely set off the all white colour scheme.

This tone of pink works beautifully with sage green and baby blue too.

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Instagram image credit: @ellisandhale

12. Combine Green With Soft Tones of White & Cream

Green is never not a good idea in a bedroom. We already know that sage green is one of the easiest colours on the eye, and there’s just something so relaxed yet timeless about using green in a colour scheme.

Add green to the places that matter, with luxurious bed linen, textiles and of course, a pop of natural greenery to add to that calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

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Instagram image credit: @studio.lux.interiors

13. Elevate The Bed Wall With Panelling

Panelling is a popular choice on the bed wall, it adds depth and completely transforms an empty room. It’s the perfect solution to making a room have more personality without overloading it with clutter and wall art.

Take note from the relaxing neutral colour scheme with brown accents for depth.

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Instagram image credit: @mollynicolexo

14. Add Curtains Behind The Bed Wall For Added Comfort & Texture

Textiles can totally transform the feel of a room. This soft blue tone on the curtains behind the bed frame adds another layer of cosiness and decadence to the room.

The combination of greens, blue and light pinks is the epitome of restful colours – bedroom scheme nailed.

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Instagram image credit: @m_m_interior_design

15. Layer The Bed In Sumptuous Textiles

A calming bedroom is all about the right combination of colours and placement of textiles. Wall colour is important, but so is what you dress your bed with!

Add the right types of things to your bed, with thoughtfully placed cosy throws and sumptuous cushions. Leave the slogan cushions a rest here, it’s all about restful and tasteful patterns and colours for that calming bedroom aesthetic.

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Instagram image credit: @white.at.home

16. Be Bold With Wallpaper

Wallpaper certainly should be considered in a bedroom scheme. Whether you go all in across the walls or just use it on a feature wall, in the right colours it can adds to the calming influence in the room.

We love the coastal feel of this room with soft blues, a pop of red and natural seagrass materials.

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Instagram image credit: @charlottegaisford

17. There’s Nothing To Be Blue About With A Blue Bedroom

Just because we believe blue should always be seen in a room, soft mature tones of blue are restful and cosy for a bedroom.

Pair with like shades on textiles, and that pop of red on the bedside table is a great way to incorporate a bold colour without it affecting the flow or feel of the room.

You’ll definitely sleep easy with the right types of colours in your bedroom. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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