9 Ways To Design Your Bedroom For Better Sleep, According To The Experts

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Creating good interior design isn’t just about how ‘pretty’ something looks. Being able to execute a good design should perfectly blend both form and function so the design actually works with your lifestyle, day in and day out.

Arguably, the bedroom design is one that should help to calm your mind after a busy day, and provide the right setting for a better sleep. There is definitely more elements to tick here than other rooms. Now, improved sleep is something that we all go on a quest for, and sometimes fail at. But, the good news is that with thoughtful interior design, you literally can design your way to a better sleep.

Sounds good, right? Well, we’ve combined our own interior design expertise, and spoke to some of the experts when it comes to sleep to share some of the best ways you too can design your bedroom to catch some better zzzz’s…

9 Ways To Design Your Bedroom For Better Sleep, According To The Experts

1. Restful Colour Palette

When planning your bedroom design, colour should be one of the first things you carefully consider. Whilst the jury is out on factual studies behind colour psychology, certain colours are more restful on the eye and better for bedroom spaces.

Calming bedroom spaces in the right colours will help busy minds to disengage in the evening, whilst giving you a more restful sleep and wake up. The same advice is given for children’s bedrooms and home offices, bold bright colours will stimulate the brain and not give the desired effect in a space.

So, what are the best restful colours for a bedroom? Some of the best colours to use as the dominant colour in your bedroom space include;

  • Sage green – the easiest colour for the eye to see
  • Soft baby blue
  • Creams and beiges
  • Olive green
  • Lilac
  • Soft tones of yellow
  • Soft greys
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2. How Old Is Your Mattress? Invest In A High Quality Mattress

A good quality sleep really does start and end with your mattress. According to the Sleep Foundation, a standard mattress should last between 6-8 years before you need to replace it. But when it comes around to picking a new one, don’t be influenced by the cheapest option.

But which mattress is best? The experts at Simba Sleep shared, “The right mattress support depends on your posture, weight, sleeping style, and who you share a bed with. Some types of mattress are more responsive than others. Futons can be very hard and rigid, whereas memory foam compresses under pressure but has less ability to bounce back quickly”.

“Thanks to the blend of cushioning foam comfort and the responsive support of springs, a hybrid mattress is suitable for a broad range of sleep styles, including side, back, and stomach”.

A hybrid mattress combines the advantages of both foam and spring mattresses, whilst reducing any drawbacks they may bring. From unique comfort to responsive support, a high quality mattress that caters to your body and demands will become the foundation for better sleep in your bedroom.

Image credit: Hybrid Mattress, Simba Sleep

3. Ambient Lighting

Settling down in bed before you go to sleep will also have an effect on how easily you can hit the hay. Trying to relax and unwind in harsh or bright lighting is just as bad as looking at your phone screen before trying to sleep.

The best way to light a bedroom is with layers. You want to use a combination of overhead lighting (typically pendants), table lights and candle lighting for ambient levels of light.

When choosing the right light bulbs for a bedroom, look for Soft White/Warm White (2700K – 3000K colour temperature). These are warm colours that are best for bedrooms where a cosy atmosphere is desired. They have a slightly yellowish tone and are considered very welcoming.

You might also choose to install a dimmer switch with your lighting so you have further control and flexibility over your lighting.

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4. Room Temperature

We know it’s easier said than done, but sleeping in an ambient room temperature is another one of those core fundamentals that will help you get a better quality of sleep.

According to SIMBA, “the ideal sleeping temperature is between 15.5-19.5 Celsius and 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to ideal room temperature for sleeping, as a rule, your bedroom should be cooler than other rooms in the house. Babies need to sleep in a cooler room (between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius) to prevent them from overheating”.

So, how can we better regulate your bedrooms? In the summer you may choose to consider fans and air purifiers to help keep your space cool. In the winter, having full control over your thermostat and how you heat certain rooms will help you regulate the temperature better too.

There are also other methods worth considering such as certain mattresses and pillow aids that offer built in cooling support.

5. Recreate The Hotel Experience With Beautiful Linen Bedding

Choosing your bed linen is another perfect example of perfecting the balance between aesthetics and function. Linen makes for a great choice for bed linen as it is known for its great breathability due to its natural fibres and loose weave.

This means it can effectively absorb moisture and release it to the air, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night. This is particularly beneficial in warmer climates or for people who tend to sweat during the night.

Linen is also naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it’s less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin. This can be particularly beneficial for people with allergies or skin conditions, as it can lead to a more comfortable night’s sleep without irritation.

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6. Declutter Your Bedroom

‘You are a product of your environment’ will forever be my favourite saying when it comes to clutter. A cluttered space really does seep through into your mental health and how you feel.

A good declutter of your bedroom will have you feeling mentally calm as you get beneath the sheets of an evening. The first thing I recommend is making sure you don’t have a floor or chair-drobe situation going on. You want everything off the floor that isn’t part of a home or in a basket.

Once your floor space is free, it will immediately make your bedroom feel more restful. As Marie Kondo famously says, anything that doesn’t spark joy anymore should go. If decluttering your entire bedroom at once feels too much, focus on one zone at a time, or just 10 minutes a day.

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7. Use Calming Scents

Choosing considerate calming scents for your bedroom is another way to help you fast track your way to better sleep. Generally you should avoid heavily perfumed smells in diffusers, candles and room sprays.

Calming scents can significantly enhance the relaxing atmosphere of a bedroom and promote better sleep. Here are some of the best calming scents known for their relaxing and sleep-promoting properties;

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Vanilla
  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood
  • Bergamot
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Cedarwood
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8. Consider Air Quality

If you are prone to allergies or respiratory conditions, a poor air quality will be affecting your sleep even more. Last year I went to the doctors because I kept waking up every single morning with a blocked nose and what felt like a ‘heady’ cold. The doctor said that it is the result of breathing in and out the exact same air for an 8 hour period. If your home if prone to damp or humidity, the result is a poorer night sleep and groggier start to the morning.

Air quality is a bit of a difficult one to solve instantly if there are underlying issues causing the problem. At the time we were living in a Victorian house which was cold, and damp! The biggest thing that changed the game for me was getting an air purifier, it runs every single night and I never wake up with a blocked nose anymore.

Air purifiers are a great choice, but other things you can do include, airing your room everyday with fresh air, removing black mould spores if any are active. If you do have a damp space, using a dehumidifier regularly when you are not in the room will also help to dry out the walls.

9. Get Your Pillows Right!

The final piece to the puzzle, there’s no point having a high quality mattress if your pillows are as flat as a pancake.

A good pillow provides proper support for the natural curve of your neck and spine. This alignment is crucial for preventing neck and back pain, stiffness, or discomfort, which can disturb your sleep. An unsupportive pillow can lead to poor posture and strain the muscles and nerves in the neck, leading to waking up with pain or soreness.

Investing in a good pillow can enhance the quality of your sleep by providing proper support, comfort, and a healthy sleep environment.

Follow these expert tips and you’ll be on your way to a better sleep in no time.

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