Ultimate Declutter Your Home Checklist: 100 Things You Can Do Now

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Clutter could be affecting your home, and your mental health more than you think, and with the new year approaching, we sought the expertise of Kamalyn Kaur, Psychotherapist who said, “A cluttered or untidy environment can make you feel chaotic, overwhelmed, confused and many other negative emotions, all these feelings have the potential to lead to an individual feeling stressed and anxious. A cluttered environment adds to the “busy-ness” in your head”.

“Having a tidy and uncluttered environment will help you to feel organised; clearer; and more in control. It will improve your productivity, focus and allow a sense of accomplishment after a festive-filled busy period.”

So, to help you tackle your home room by room, and getting it feeling decluttered and cleansed for 2024, we’ve put together the ultimate declutter your home checklist with 100 actionable steps that you can take now to get your interiors back on track.

Ultimate Declutter Your Home Checklist: 100 Things You Can Do Now

According to studies, the average person deep cleans their home five times a month, but even then certain areas or items are forgotten, such as the top of the kitchen cupboards, drains and curtains. 

Josh Clarke, Manager at London waste collection company, Clear it Waste said, “It’s therefore advisable to start with the tasks that are higher up in your home, that often lack attention and care. Once complete, move onto surfaces and items that are average height, and lastly clean the floor. This is so that any dust, dirt or grime doesn’t ruin any spots that were previously cleaned”.

With that in mind, the beauty of this declutter your home checklist is that you can start from the beginning, half way through or just cherry pick what feels easiest for you to tackle first.

If you’re anything like me, you might like ticking everything off as you go, so you can download this checklist for free here, print it and work your way through.

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Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home, but it’s likely a space you spend a lot of time in.

We’re all guilty of having a junk drawer and hanging onto chipped plates and cups, but filtering through what you have and giving your cupboards some TLC will make finding things that little bit easier on those busy days.

  1. Clear off and organise countertops
  2. Sort through and declutter your pantry
  3. Go through your fridge and toss expired items
  4. Clean out the freezer + defrost if it’s a task that’s been left for months
  5. Organise your kitchen cabinets and remove unused/out of date items
  6. Get rid of mismatched or chipped dishes
  7. Declutter utensils and kitchen gadgets
  8. Clean out the junk drawer (we all have one)
  9. Sort through your cookware and bakeware
  10. Donate or discard old pots and pans
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Living Room

Living rooms can be one of the trickiest to keep clutter free all year round, especially as the role of the room can often change throughout the day. It could be used for relaxing, watching TV, crafting and a space for kids toys if you don’t have a designated play room.

Once you have decluttered, invest in some beautiful storage baskets. It’s impossible to have no clutter, but by being able to store things away when not in use, it will keep your space feeling minimal and relaxing.

  1. Declutter and organise bookshelves
  2. Remove unnecessary knick-knacks and decor items
  3. Donate or sell unused furniture
  4. Clear out old magazines and newspapers
  5. Organise entertainment centre and cables
  6. Go through DVDs and Blu-rays
  7. Sort through board games and puzzles
  8. Remove excess throw pillows and blankets
  9. Dust and clean all surfaces
  10. Vacuum under furniture
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Hoarding clothes and an overflowing wardrobe is more common than you think, how many times have you gone to throw something out and the ‘what if’ sentiment springs to mind.

It can be difficult parting with clothing, but realistically, if you haven’t worn something for 6 months-1 year, it’s probably likely that you won’t in the future, so it has to go.

As Marie Kondo says ‘if it doesn’t spark joy’, it’s got to go.

  1. Declutter your wardrobe
  2. Donate or sell clothes you no longer wear (many experts suggest donating items you’ve not worn for 6 months)
  3. Organise shoes and accessories
  4. Go through your jewellery and remove items you don’t wear
  5. Clean out your bedside tables
  6. Replace old bedding and pillows
  7. Toss worn-out or uncomfortable shoes
  8. Declutter and organise your dresser
  9. Rotate seasonal clothing
  10. Dust and clean all bedroom surfaces
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Depending on the size of your bathroom, if you have a small space anyway it’s probably likely that you keep on top of it quite regularly. But one thing that often goes unnoticed is expired medication and toiletries that haven’t seen the light of day for years.

The bathroom is the one room that you should be able to move through pretty swiftly, don’t forget to add a diffuser or scented candle afterwards to cleanse the space and create that spa-like bathroom experience.

  1. Clean out medicine cabinet
  2. Dispose of expired medications
  3. Organise toiletries and makeup (chuck anything past its expiration date)
  4. Go through towels and washcloths
  5. Declutter the shower/bath area
  6. Get rid of old or unused beauty products
  7. Clean and disinfect bathroom fixtures
  8. Check and replace worn-out bath mats
  9. Organise under the sink
  10. Toss old toothbrushes and expired products
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Image credit: Caffe Latte

Home Office

Arguably, if you work from home, your home office is one of the most important spaces to not only get right interior design wise, but having it clutter free.

You become a product of your environment, and a decluttered space helps to boost productivity and aid it in being a restful space.

  1. Sort through paperwork and file or shred as needed
  2. Organise computer files and desktop
  3. Clean out desk drawers
  4. Donate or discard office supplies you don’t use
  5. Go through books and reference materials
  6. Remove old electronics and cords
  7. Organise your workspace for efficiency
  8. Dust and clean all office surfaces
  9. Check and replace printer ink or toner
  10. Backup important digital files
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Dining Room

Unless you have a very large or open plan dining room, this space might not feel too difficult to tackle. Completing this room in a day is highly doable and it will feel so much better to relax and dine in once it’s complete.

  1. Declutter and organise the dining table
  2. Clean and polish silverware and dishes
  3. Go through table linens
  4. Dust and clean dining room furniture
  5. Organise dining room storage
  6. Donate or discard old glassware
  7. Sort through candles and decor
  8. Check and replace dining room lighting
  9. Clean any area rugs or carpets
  10. Replace worn-out or stained chair cushions
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Utility Room

The workhorse of the home, the utility room has to be practical and efficient to deal with its demands, so decluttering this room should be at the top of your list.

Discard anything not being used, organise your shelf space better and don’t forget to deep clean the washing machine, it’s one of those seemingly insignificant things which will make a huge difference to how your laundry smells.

  1. Organise laundry supplies and detergents
  2. Go through cleaning supplies
  3. Clear out the lint trap in the dryer
  4. Clean and disinfect the washing machine
  5. Toss empty or expired laundry products
  6. Organise and declutter utility shelves
  7. Clean the sink and countertop
  8. Check and replace dryer sheets
  9. Sort through old rags and cleaning cloths
  10. Donate or discard unused hangers
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Image credit: Naked Kitchens

Kids’ Rooms

By removing unused toys, clothing, and clutter, your children will be able to enjoy a more functional and enjoyable room, creating a sense of calm and creativity.

If your children are slightly older, get them to help in picking out toys they don’t use anymore which can be donated or given to children that are in need.

  1. Declutter and organise toys
  2. Donate or sell toys they’ve outgrown
  3. Go through clothing and shoes
  4. Clean and disinfect toys and surfaces
  5. Organise arts and crafts supplies
  6. Check and replace child safety items
  7. Toss broken or incomplete toys/games
  8. Clean out under the bed
  9. Sort through books and donate extras
  10. Create a system for schoolwork and artwork
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Garage/Storage Area

Whether you have a large garage or just a storage area under the stairs, it’s undoubtedly become a dumping ground at some point. Then the longer you leave it, the less likely you are to tackle it.

This is why it’s always best to break it down into stages so it feels more manageable.

  1. Declutter and organise tools
  2. Donate or sell unused sporting equipment
  3. Sort through Christmas decorations
  4. Go through gardening supplies
  5. Dispose of hazardous materials properly
  6. Organise storage bins and shelves
  7. Clean and sweep the garage floor
  8. Check and replace garage door opener batteries
  9. Toss old paint and chemicals safely
  10. Donate or discard broken or unused items


After you’ve worked your way through your rooms, these miscellaneous tasks will help to further cleanse your mind ahead of the year.

Some other great ways to cleanse your phones include unsubscribing to newsletters, deleting old images, clearing up your apps and organising apps into relevant sections for better access, such as ‘Banking’, ‘Parking’, ‘Loyalty Cards’.

  1. Go through paperwork and create a filing system
  2. Review and declutter digital files and emails
  3. Clean and declutter entryways and hallways
  4. Organise and declutter pet supplies
  5. Check and replace air filters
  6. Clean and dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
  7. Go through outdoor gear and equipment
  8. Sort through linens and towels
  9. Organise and declutter pet toys and beds
  10. Create a maintenance schedule to keep your home clutter-free – 20 minutes per day is the magic number for keeping on top of your home

Remember to take your time and tackle one room or area at a time to prevent overwhelm. Don’t forget to donate, recycle, or responsibly dispose of items you no longer need. Happy decluttering!

Have any other tips you’d love to share on decluttering? Please let the community know in the comments below.

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