On Trend For 2024: 15 Brown Living Room Ideas

Get ready to decorate with the most on-trend colour for 2024
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Brown has recently had a resurgence and is a popular colour choice for stylish and affluent homes.

It used to have the reputation of being quite old-fashioned and uninspiring, but if you choose the right shade of brown and pair it with complementary furniture and accessories, it can feel warm and inviting.  

Take a look below at some of our top tips for decorating with the colour brown. 

Brown Living Room Ideas

1. Choose A Deep, Indulgent Yet Cosy Shade For The Walls

Getting the shade just right is important when considering painting a room brown. It’s a good idea to collect a number of sample shades to test out first, to make sure it’s a colour that suits that particular space.

A rich chocolate brown looks wonderful in a period property paired with hardwood floors and sumptuous fabrics, such as velvet and faux fur.

brown living room ideas
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2. Lift The Space By Painting The Ceiling White

An all-brown space has the potential to feel quite oppressive. Avoid this from happening by painting the ceiling white.

Colour drenching’ is a massive trend right now, which means painting the walls, ceiling and woodwork all the same shade. However, when it comes to a darker shade such as brown this can feel dark and dingy. A white ceiling will ensure your chosen rooms still feel lovely and bright.

brown living room ideas 1
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3. Introduce Touches of Brown With Key Pieces of Furniture & Decor

If painting the walls brown doesn’t feel right for you, then introduce brown tones through your choice of furniture and accessories.

A brown leather sofa is timeless. Be sure to pick a design that suits your space – a chesterfield design is a classic but a modular style will suit a contemporary home.

brown living room ideas 2
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4. Create A Masculine Look By Pairing With Green

Brown and dark green are a match made in colour heaven. They perfectly complement each other and create a rich, sumptuous scheme, often evoking images of a gentlemans club. 

If you prefer your interiors to have a masculine edge to them, then this combo will be ideal for you. Add your own personality to the room by curating your very own gallery wall.

brown living room ideas 3
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5. Add Cosy Luxury With Floor Length Brown Curtains

Warm up a living space by hanging heavy drape curtains in a mid-toned brown shade. An all white or beige lounge can feel quite plain but adding a darker element such as brown curtains can make all the difference.

brown living room ideas 4
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6. Use Natural Materials Like Wood Slat Panelling

Incorporating brown into a space doesn’t have to be through the use of the colour itself. Adding wood to a room can have a similar warming effect.

Wall panelling is all the rage and this contemporary slat style of panelling brings texture into a space and makes it feel more tactile.

brown living room ideas 5
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7. Choose A Brown Paint With An Undertone of Red

Play with the undertones of brown to truly reinvigorate a space. A brown paint with a red undertone looks deliciously sumptuous. 

You can then use your choice of floor coverings and accessories to bring out these red tones. For example picking burgundy cushions and a rug is the ideal combination.

brown living room ideas 6
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8. Layer Brown For A Cosy, Sumptuous Living Space

Texture is so important when designing any interior scheme. It ensures that a space isn’t left feeling dull or flat. 

When using brown, be sure to layer different tones and textures to add visual interest and tactility. For example, choose cushions in an ochre shade to liven up a plain brown sofa. Dried flowers are also great for this as they come in lots of varying brown and beige tones.

brown living room ideas 7
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9. Combine Darker and Lighter Tones For Visual Interest

Layer up a brown living space by carefully choosing a few key colours that you love. We suggest creating a moodboard beforehand with samples of different paint colours and fabrics to see how they are all going to work together.

Play with lighter and darker shades to bring some depth into your chosen room.

brown living room ideas 8
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10. Pair With Pink For An Unexpected, Yet Beautiful Contrast

You may initially think that pink and brown wouldn’t naturally go together. Even though they are an unusual pairing, they look beautifully harmonious. 

Rather than gathering lots of pink accessories to contrast against your brown walls, choose one statement pink piece to do all the talking. For example, a pink velvet accent chair.

brown living room ideas 9
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11. Don’t Be Afraid To Pair With Black To Ground The Room

Add black accents to a brown painted room to amp up the drama. A darker colour palette such as this isn’t for the faint hearted and should be executed with bravery.

Be inspired by the scheme pictured above and create a statement feature by painting shelves and alcoves the same shade of brown.

brown living room ideas 10
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12. Use A Contrasting Shade On A Focal Fireplace To Draw The Eye In

Fireplaces are a key feature in any room that’s lucky enough to have one. Be sure to make a focal point out of yours by painting it a contrasting shade.

Juxtapose a brown painted room with an off-white fireplace to make a proud statement.

brown living room ideas 11
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13. Separate Colour With A Picture Rail

Use architectural features to your advantage when it comes to decorating your home. A dado or picture rail is the perfect thing for creating a two tone paint effect.

Paint one section of your wall brown and the other a contrasting colour such as white or beige.

brown living room ideas 12
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14. Build A Neutral Colour Scheme With Browns, Creams and Beiges

If you’re a neutral interiors lover but want to bring more depth to your space, then brown may be the perfect addition. 

It’s likely that you love a room filled with natural light if you lean towards neutrals, so make sure the space you wish to decorate has enough light available before you commit to a darker brown.

brown living room ideas 13

15. Think About Texture, Velvet Brings A Cosy, Sumptuous Look To A Brown Space

Luxurious fabrics such as leather and velvet make a brown painted room look and feel expensive. 

A rust coloured velvet sofa is a stylish choice for a brown space and looks effortlessly chic.

brown living room ideas 14
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    • Hi Tammy, If course, here you go: 1 = Salon Drab by Farrow & Ball, 2 = Benjamin Moore Hidden Valley, 12 = Bambi by Fenwick and Tilbrook, 14 = Benjamin Moore Silhouette AF-655 Thanks x


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