25 Indulgently Rich Brown Bedroom Ideas For An On-Trend Look

brown bedroom ideas
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The colour brown may not be at the top of your neutral decorating wish list. However, the right shade can create a sense of cosiness and drama, perfect for bold interior lovers.

If you’re planning to redecorate your bedroom but are stuck on where to start, find some inspiration below with our list of rich brown bedroom ideas.

25 Indulgently Rich Brown Bedroom Ideas For An On-Trend Look

1.Create A Sumptuous Scheme With Brown & Mustard Yellow

Chocolate browns go hand in hand with mustard yellows and ochre shades. Create a contrast with a yellow headboard pushed up against a rich brown wall. 

Keep bedding neutral to enlist a sense of calm to balance out the drama of statement walls and furniture.

Want to get the look? Use Little Greene’s Purple Brown paint colour.

2. Go Hard With Rich Brown Tones

Decided on a brown bedroom scheme? Don’t shy away – commit! Choose complementary dark shades such as charcoal grey and black to make a real statement.

These deep, rich tones look wonderful layered on top of each other. Just make sure to bring in texture for some added interest.

brown bedroom ideas
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3. Balance With Sage Green & Patterned Throws

Bring in the colour brown with your choice of soft furnishings and accessories. Painting a wall dark brown can feel like a big deal and if you want to simply test out brown in your bedroom then opt for subtle additions instead.

Sage green is a wonderful pairing for brown and will give any bedroom a cosy, classic look.

brown bedroom ideas
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4. Elevate A Bedroom With Dark Wooden Cornicing

Never underestimate the power of architectural features. Panelling and cornicing are vital parts of any room (if you’re lucky enough to have them) and should be made a feature out of.

Keep a brown bedroom scheme looking cohesive by taking care of these subtle details and not leaving them as an afterthought.

brown bedroom ideas
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5. Clever Colour Separation With A Dado Rail

Using a dado or picture rail to separate paint colours is a clever trick for elongating the height of a room. 

Paint beneath a picture rail brown and paint the rest of the wall and ceiling white to keep things looking light and bright.

brown bedroom ideas
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6. Pink & Brown – A Soft, Warm Colour Combo

Pink and brown is an ideal colour combination for a rustic inspired bedroom. Accessorise dusky pink walls with brown soft furnishings and lighting.

Opt for a farmhouse style bench as a side table to achieve the look.

brown bedroom ideas
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7. Add Depth With Half Wall Brown Panelling & Wallpaper

To avoid brown looking too vast or overwhelming, break up a brown wall with patterned wallpaper.

Choose a wallpaper that incorporates lots of neutral tones to complement the brown and make sure it’s a design that you love and won’t get bored of.

brown bedroom ideas
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8. Create A Boutique Style Room With Brown Animal Print

Animal print is the new neutral so they say and if you’re a fan, why not incorporate it into your brown bedroom scheme?

Using an animal print wallpaper all over may be a bit too busy so perhaps keep it contained to one particular wall – behind the bed is always a good idea.

brown bedroom ideas
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9. Mix Brown & Caramel Tones For Warmth

Chocolate brown is a deep, sumptuous shade but this isn’t the only option for a brown bedroom.

Choose a caramel coffee tone to contrast with light walls for a modern, cosy feel.

brown bedroom ideas
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10. Contrast With Bright White

When creating a contrast, you may initially think of choosing a darker tone than the colour in question. However, take inspiration from Fenwick and Tilbrook and juxtapose chocolate brown with a crisp, bright white. 

This could be a white ceiling, a white painted fireplace or perhaps some white furniture.

brown bedroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @fenwickandtilbrook

11. Introduce Subtle Shades of Brown With Wooden Accents

Rather than saturating a bedroom with brown paint, introduce elements of the colour brown through wooden furniture. 

Mix different shades of wood through your choice of flooring, bedside tables and shelving to mix things up.

brown bedroom ideas
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12. Dare To Go Bold With A Black & Brown Combo

Mix cool and warm tones by contrasting brown with black. Black naturally feels like a cooler colour whereas brown is inevitably warm. 

These may not feel like a natural pairing, however they balance each other out beautifully.

brown bedroom ideas
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13. Layer Tones of Brown & Cream For A Warm, Cosy Look

Classic bedroom schemes are soft and calming. Choose brown as an accent shade to pop against a cream look.

Elevate a cream bed and walls, with textured brown cushions and vintage artwork.

brown bedroom ideas
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14. Add A Vintage Feel With Pattern & Texture

What’s not to love about the perfect layering of soft, caramel tones in this bedroom?

Add a vintage touch by introducing some pattern to a table lamp and a cloth over your bedside table for a less than traditional, but effective way to introduce pattern to the bedroom.

brown bedroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @albionnord

15. Use Brown As An Accent On Your Bedding

Add a new lease of life to your bedroom without breaking the bank. A bed is the main focus of most bedrooms so a new bedding set, cushions and throws will draw the eye to that specific area.

A brown set in a natural material such as linen or cotton will look soft and cosy.

brown bedroom ideas
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16. Add Natural Slat Wood Panelling For A Feature Wall

Panelling doesn’t have to be old school and traditional. There are new design configurations of wall panelling that look cool and contemporary.

Add a new layer to a brown bedroom with vertical wooden slats behind the bed. This will create a cosy cabin look whilst still feeling modern.

brown bedroom ideas
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17. Introduce A Key Piece of Brown Furniture

Invest in one key piece of furniture in a brown shade that you love. For example, a chocolate brown upholstered bench at the end of the bed.

Once again, this is a clever way of introducing the colour into a bedroom without making big changes that you may not love.

brown bedroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @laurahammett.interiors

18. Combine Different Tones of Brown Through Textiles & Accessories

Take inspiration from the bedroom pictured above that uses brown but in a modern and edgy setting. 

Use different materials and textures to layer up a bedroom scheme in trendy patterns and prints.

brown bedroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @alessmalpica

19. Pair Brown With Blue For A Moody, Masculine Feel

Brown can be used in a soft, feminine bedroom but it can also be best placed in a dark, masculine space.

Pair brown in a bedroom with navy blue for a dark and moody feel.

brown bedroom ideas
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20. Taupe & Brown For A Warm, Inviting Bedroom

Taupe is a wonderfully versatile shade that can work with many different colours to either lighten up a room or balance it out.

Add a pop of colour to a taupe bedroom with sumptuous brown curtains.

brown bedroom ideas
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21. Create A Light Brown Feature Wall In Your Bedroom

Choose a shade of brown that suits the light in your bedroom. If your bedroom is south facing and gets lots of natural light you can afford to go for a cooler toned brown. However, if it’s north facing, a warm taupey brown would be a better option.

Get the look with Coat paints Sheldon paint colour.

brown bedroom ideas
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22. Use Wainscoting Panelling For An Elevated Look

Wainscoting is one of the most traditional types of panelling, best reserved for traditional properties that can take the look.

It adds a seriously elevated look against this rich shade of brown. Add bright white to the ceiling for a crisp contrast which will work in drawing the eye up as you enter the bedroom, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

brown bedroom ideas
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23. Deep Brown Tongue & Groove Panelling For Instant Character

Tongue and groove panelling is a classic design that never goes out of fashion. It’s a lovely way of adding an extra layer of interest to a bedroom without making big design changes.

Be brave and give it a go yourself.

brown bedroom ideas
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24. Embrace The Deeper Shades of Brown For A Cocooning Feel

Consider how you want to feel in your bedroom. If you want to feel uplifted and energised, a light and bright scheme might be the way to go.

Or, perhaps you’d like to feel relaxed and cocooned in a cosy haven? A darker brown would be best to achieve this.

brown bedroom ideas
Instagram Image credit: @rustandtrust

25. Brown, Mustard Yellow & White – A Winning Bedroom Combination

Balance out the light in a bedroom with equal amounts of white and brown. 

For a pop of colour, introduce a vibrant yellow or mustard shade through your choice of cushions and accessories.

A fan of any of these brown bedroom ideas? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below of using brown in an interior.

brown bedroom ideas
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