21 Beige Bedroom Ideas That Won’t Give A ‘Beige’ Reception

beige bedroom ideas
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The days of heavily using grey in an interior are over, and in the last year interiors have seen a conscious lean towards more modern, warmer neutrals that are sympathetic to the interior.

Beige is reigning supreme in bedrooms, living rooms and beyond, but there’s a misconception that beige is bland and boring in an interior, with no personality and devoid of colour.

Just like white, if you only use one tone of beige in an interior you’ve set yourself up for what I’d only describe as a ‘beige’ interior, but introduce the right colours, textures and materials into your beige scheme and you can create an enviable interior, that’s warm, inviting and interesting.

So, I promise, these 21 beige bedroom ideas for your home aren’t even a little bit boring.

21 Beige Bedroom Ideas That Won’t Give A ‘Beige’ Reception

1.Layer Different Colours Through The Headboard & Bedding

The key to a successful beige bedroom which doesn’t lack visual interest is by layering differing colours of beige or additional accents to create visual interest, comfort and cosiness.

A full width headboard like this is a great idea, it has a more defining beige/brown colour to it which helps to ground the space.

Your bedding is the one place you can’t scrimp on, this is the best place to experiment with texture and colours.

beige bedroom ideas
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2. Introduce Wooden Tones For A Bold, Warm Contrast

How gorgeous is this?

Not only is the right amount of texture and colour coming through here, but by introducing wooden tones with the bedside it adds an instant natural contrast that’s warm and defining in equal measure.

If you want to use wooden tones, you only need a few well placed accents like bedside tables, or a bench at the end of the bed to pull the colour scheme together.

beige bedroom ideas
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3. Half Wall Panelling For Character

The easiest way to lift a beige bedroom is to introduce some half wall panelling.

Painted in a different shade to the upper half will add instant visual interest and character to what may currently be a lifeless space.

The addition of wall lights here is a great idea as the black brackets contrast beautifully with the beige, adding a touch of modernity and definition. Ammonite is used here on the panelling by Farrow and Ball.

beige bedroom ideas
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4. Traditional Wainscoting For A Timeless Feel

Wainscoting is one of the most classic styles of panelling, whilst it’s well suited to period properties, it can bring character and depth to new build homes too.

It elevates a bedroom and looks beautiful in a beige finish, add a bright white to the ceiling, it will help to draw the eye up and add the illusion of higher ceilings to a bedroom.

beige bedroom ideas
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5. Add Floaty Window Treatments For A Relaxed Feel

A beige colour scheme is all about comfort and cosiness, and adding floaty voiles or linen curtains to a window gives that understated, relaxed feel whilst being stylish too.

Pick a pair of voiles in a similar oat colour to create a cohesive, minimal feel in your bedroom.

beige bedroom ideas
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6. Add Black Accents For A Defining, Modern Feel

A really simple way to elevate an all beige colour scheme is by adding black accents to the space.

You only need a few well placed accents such as cushions, frames or light fittings, but it’s going to pull the room together and deliver definition and modernity too.

beige bedroom ideas
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7. Introduce Height With An Elevated Headboard

Give the illusion of higher ceilings in a bedroom with an elevated headboard which rises to the ceiling. This can also be a great way to break up the monotony of beige walls.

Finish with some black accents as demonstrated for a cohesive, modern bedroom.

beige bedroom ideas
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8. Ground The Room With Darker Accents

There’s a running theme here, but adding darker accents is one of the best ways to elevate any beige bedroom scheme. It will pull everything together and stop the colours feeling boring and bland in the space.

Opt for black tones, charcoal and dark greys for a layered feel. Take inspiration from the below, using Drop Cloth by Farrow and Ball on the walls.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @our.olivetree.home

9. Lean Into The Boho Feel

Beige bedrooms lend themselves to bohemian style, that casual yet ultra stylish look.

It’s easy to layer similar colours and create a visually interesting scheme, introduce natural materials like rattan for a rustic touch, wall hangings and textured throws and cushions for refined elegance.

beige bedroom ideas
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10. Use Brown As A Warm Accent Colour In A Bedroom

Brown and beige is one of the most on-trend colour combos, and we’re definitely going to see even more of a lean into brown in 2024.

Experiment with pairing these tones on your bedding with throws and cushions.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @dom_pod_katalpa

11. Create A Unique Wooden Headboard For Natural Warmth

Now, this beige bedroom is far from boring. How about this for a unique headboard?

This built in headboard is formed of treated wooden log stumps, it’s visually exciting and totally helps to break up the beige painted walls.

It brings natural warmth that can’t be achieved with paint or decor accessories. But, the jury is definitely out on how comfy this really is?

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @dom_w_sansewieriach

12. Limewashing For A Mediterranean Feel

Adding a limewash paint to walls is continuing to gain in popularity throughout interiors. It brings a minimal, boho aesthetic and it just looks incredible.

You only need a few key pieces of texture to ignite interest, from floaty curtains, boucle fabric to textured cushions on the bed.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @home_of_harris

13. Lighten The Space With White

White is a classic pairing for beige in a bedroom, whilst it’s still considered a neutral, in pairing with beige it creates a bright, light and airy aesthetic.

Whether you have half wall panelling or beige all over the walls, adding a bright white above and on the ceiling is a clever trick at drawing the eye up.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @homestyle_bycarly

14. Embrace The Beige

No one does beige quite like Molly Mae does, and whilst there isn’t much colour differentiation here, texture is a big part which gives that visual interest in this bedroom.

Use window treatments, a headboard, throws, cushions and pieces of furniture to introduce different textures without tonally being that different.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @mollymaison

15. Colour Drenching For A Cosy Feel

Colour drenching involves painting the woodwork, walls and ceiling in the same colour, and it can be a great way to instil a cosy, enveloping feel in a bedroom.

Even more so if you have a sloping ceiling or a roof eave as it avoids making it centre stage if it’s all painted in the same beige tone.

beige bedroom ideas
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16. Simplistic Styling

To make a beige bedroom feel exciting and interesting, it doesn’t mean you have to deck every corner with decor accessories and tat.

Simplistic styling works perfectly with a beige colour palette, sympathetic bedside table style should only include a bedside table and something small like a candle or book, less is more!

Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball is used on the walls here.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @no.eightourhome

17. Add Shaker Style Wall Panelling For A Rustic Touch

Shaker style panelling works well with a beige interior scheme, the chunky panels deliver more rustic charm than other types of panelling, and it’s one of the easiest types of panelling to DIY yourself too.

Add a wreath on the bed wall for an added touch of charm, and don’t forget a black accent or two to define the space.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @athomein17

18. Natural Slat Wood Wall Panelling

This style of panelling is perfect for adding natural warmth to a bedroom, and it works so well with a muted, beige colour scheme.

Use on your bed wall for a feature wall only, with beige on the adjacent walls. You only need to add some simple bedding for a relaxed, on-trend feel.

beige bedroom ideas
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19. Layer With Beige & Brown For A Sumptuous Feel

This is perhaps one of my favourite beige bedroom ideas, they’ve perfectly combined a range of beige and brown tones for interest, with wooden accents and a black light fitting to define the bedroom.

Add a white bed frame for a light contrast, and paint the ceiling in white to draw the eye up as you enter the room.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: @_homeofvictoria

20. Combine Texture & Wooden Tones For Visual Interest

The secret to making a beige room feel less boring really is about combining different textures and tones for interest.

I love this makeshift wooden headboard which has been created with slat panels, it’s a nice way to incorporate slat panels into a space without bearing the cost of a full feature wall.

beige bedroom ideas
Image credit: Dekoria @my_hygge_my_home

21. Go All In On A Bed Wall Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a beautiful way to add instant visual interest to your bed wall, whilst breaking up the monotony of beige walls.

Try to stick to one type of frame finish for a minimal feel, either gold, brass or black are great choices. Think about scale and combine a range of sized frames for added visual interest, and prepare for a beautiful wake up every morning!

Which of these beige bedroom ideas is your favourite?

beige bedroom ideas
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