Transform Your Hearth With These 15 Creative Empty Fireplace Ideas

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Just because you don’t have a working fireplace, it doesn’t mean you can’t still make a focal feature out of the empty space.

With some creativity, empty fireplaces can come into their own in an interior setting, whilst adding warmth and personality to your space. We’ve put together 15 creative ideas to help you transform that empty space into something beautiful.

15 Creative Empty Fireplace Ideas

1.Stack It With Logs

Filling an empty fireplace with logs is one of the most popular solutions for dealing with the dead space, and it’s easy!

Simply grab a bag of chopped wood and display them in the opening, it’s up to you whether you fill it to the max mark or just add a few for a display. It’s a great way to bring natural warmth and a rustic touch into a living space.

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2. Create A Magic, Light Filled Opening

There’s something ultra cosy about candles and fairy lights, even more so in the winter.

Use your empty fireplace to your advantage by placing a series of lanterns, candles and drape in fairy lights, either hung from the opening, or draped around the floor. It adds instant warmth and cosiness to the space.

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3. Add A Biophillic Flair

Plant lover? Use that space to your advantage by placing a series of small houseplants in the opening. Opt for differing styles and heights for added variation and interest.

Plants are a great way to purify the air, and boost your mood too!

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4. Cosy Dog Bed Incoming

It’s a dog’s life for this little one, and we just love the use of this empty fireplace!

Simply pull up a dog bed to create a cosy, cocooning space for your pup. There’s something about dogs that just love having something above their heads as it creates that cosy, safe space for them.

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5. Use A Basket For A Log Store

If you don’t want to stuff logs to the brim in your fireplace, this is a great alternative which looks just as good.

Use a rattan or wicker basket for a rustic touch and fill with wooden logs. Weave a set of fairy lights throughout for an added touch of warmth in the evenings.

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6. Display Artwork

If you have an empty fireplace you may choose to conceal the opening to keep draughts out. Pick out your favourite piece of artwork and display it on the hearth as shown below.

Finish with some decorative details on the side such as a vase to complete the look.

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7. Create A Simple Focal Point

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to accessorising an empty fireplace. Sometimes simplicity speaks for itself, and this gorgeous display is minimal, effective and adds beautiful warmth against the backdrop of white herringbone tiles.

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8. Bring A Nautical Feel With A Driftwood Candle

If you have a wide opening you might need something a little more substantial that will fill the space appropriately.

This gorgeous driftwood candle not only brings a nautical feel with it but it gives a nod to the natural world outside. Add real or pre-lit candles for safe candlelight in the evenings.

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9. Flourish With Dried Flowers

If you have a lot of empty fireplaces in your home, a simple way to elevate them is by adding a vase with some dried stems.

Not only will it add some much needed warmth to the room, but dried flowers have lasting power and they can be used for years to come.

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10. Lean Into Farmhouse Style With A Box Planter

This is one of my favourite looks, and so simple. If you have a farmhouse or country style interior, try this look. Use a box planter like this and fill with either real or dried foliage.

Engage with differing plants and heights for added visual interest.

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11. A Place To Stack Your Books

If you’re a book lover, this might be the perfect way to dress up your empty space. Stack with an assortment of your books either spine first or pages first for added warmth.

Finish with a set of pre-lit candles in front for a warming glow as the night sets in.

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12. Create A Decorative Display

If you want to create a focal feature out of the empty fireplace, this is a great example of how to do it!

Add considered items that relate to you, plants, candles, wooden logs and even lamps for added warmth and style. The result is an eclectic feel that works perfectly in this home.

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13. Fill To The Brim With Differing Logs

When it comes to stacking logs in your fireplace, go against the grain! You don’t have to use the same type of wood throughout, by opting for logs with differing finishes it adds further visual interest and depth to the space.

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14. A Star Studded Empty Fireplace

You can really add some design flair to empty spaces like this, be brave with your choices and watch them pay off!

The star studded tiles really create a design feature out of the fireplace, simply dress it up however you want the space to look, and feel. Whether that’s with disco balls, ornaments or vases of flowers!

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15. Add A Fresh Bunch of Blooms

If all else fails, you really can’t underestimate the power of a fresh bunch of blooms!

Whether they’re snipped from your garden or you’ve picked up a fresh set of flowers en route home, add them to your fireplace for an instant burst of colour and vivacity in your room.

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