Top Designers Reveal The 13 Best Kitchen Trends For 2024

kitchen trends for 2024 highlighting a kitchen with marble kitchen island and dark blue cabinets
Image credit: Willis and Stone

If you’re redesigning a kitchen in 2024, our kitchen trends is the perfect place to start. Taking inspiration from the leading trends, combined with your own loves and wants will help to deliver a kitchen that’s not only on-trend, but equally functional for your home.

Kitchens are arguably one of the most expensive rooms in the home to update and one that’s worth extra consideration, so, on that note, we’ve compiled some of the best kitchen trends for 2024 (Psst, there’s not a grey in sight!)

What Are The Kitchen Trends For 2024?

Kitchen trends are ever changing, and natural kitchens, sustainability, aged metals and rich colours are just a few of the things that will be featuring heavily in kitchens next year.

If you are planning a new kitchen, leaning into trends can be a good way to form your kitchen design, whilst leading with colours and cabinetry ideas that you ultimately love, so you’ll know that they stand the test of time in your new kitchen.

We spoke to the experts and lead designers in kitchen design to share their insider knowledge on the upcoming kitchen trends for 2024, as well as throwing in some of our own trending ideas at Sleek-chic Interiors that we believe will be big next year!

1.A Nod To Nature – Sustainability At The Forefront of Design

Sustainability has been at the forefront of consumers minds for the last few years, but it continues to gain momentum and impact the materials, surfaces and where items are sourced from for our kitchens.

Raf Michalowski, CEO of said, “In 2024, we anticipate a significant shift in kitchen design trends. Sustainability and functionality are at the forefront, with eco-friendly materials taking centre stage”.

Tied with rising living costs, the most sustainable and money conscious approach could instead be to just work and update what you already have. Claire Hill, owner of the Furniture Restylist shared her thoughts, “I see the trend of refinishing the kitchen you already have as opposed to a full replacement becoming more and more popular”.

“It is the sustainable, cost effective and hassle-free option.  So, forget being without your kitchen for weeks on end and the eye watering invoice for the costly replacement.  Restyling what you already have really can create a beautiful kitchen, unique to you”.

A nod to nature is a perfect marriage with sustainability in kitchen design, and , Molly Chandler, Designer at Willis & Stone adds, “The colours and textures of nature are likely to continue to play a big role in kitchen design for 2024”.

“From oak islands and flooring to textured natural rattan furniture and lighting, finding ways to bring the outside in remains very much on trend.  A return to wood finishes brings a warmth to the kitchen, making it appear much more like a homely living space, rather than a room based purely on the function of food preparation”.  

2. Aged Brass Hardware

Brass has been reigning supreme throughout our interiors of the last few years, and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon.

“Elements of brass work beautifully in both modern and traditional kitchens, creating a welcoming and luxurious ambiance with its golden undertones.  Aged brass in particular is predicted to be a popular choice for 2024 and its natural patina is great for adding character and uniqueness to a kitchen space”, says Molly Chandler.

Burnished brass brings a characterful finish to a kitchen that will age and change with time, and don’t be afraid to mix metals either. What was once a taboo thing in an interior is now welcomed, it brings added visual interest and depth to a space.

burnished brass taps over a kitchen sink
Image credit: Burnished Brass Taps by Willis and Stone

3. Microcement

Alternative kitchen finishes are on the rise, with microcement a fast growing trend and aesthetic that is loved on social media for its sleek, contemporary and ultra minimal look.

Richie Butt from Relentless Microcement said, “Microcement is already really popular for people wanting to create a unique look and finish for walls and floors but many people don’t realise that you can use the product to create really stunning work surfaces”.

“It can be used on almost any surface in fact, as long as that surface is smooth and free from movement. It’s a really cost-effective way of updating your kitchen worktops while creating an expensive looking finish. At Relentless Microcement, we have both DIY and professional kits and we offer training support so that you can get just the right finish. People often think that colours may be limited too but we have 56 shades available so you can find a colour to match any kitchen”.

There has been some concern in the past about its ease of cleaning (especially in a kitchen), and whilst it does require a little more care than other such surfaces like Quartz, if cleaned correctly, it will retain its sleek and minimal finish for a long time.

Richie shared the best ways to keep microcement clean without impacting the integrity of the surface, “If you do opt for a microcement work surface and are wondering how to keep it clean it’s really simple. It can be cleaned with any pH neutral cleaning products. You should never clean microcement surfaces with aggressive or descaling products. By that we mean any product that contains chlorine, bleach and ammonia as they can damage the sealers”.

grey microcement worktop in a kitchen with kitchen sink by the window and brass tap
Image credit: Relentless Microcement

4. Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta has been having a moment in 2023, and it’s set to continue into 2024.

It’s important to consider flooring solutions for kitchens too, they set the foundations for the space and dictate what colours you can bring in through the kitchen design.

Terracotta parquet floor tiles are rising in popularity, they bring an earthy, natural feel whilst they pair beautifully with on-trend, soft colour palettes such as sage green and olive green, whilst you can also choose to lean into darker, earthier tones for a richer, sumptuous feel in a kitchen.

terracotta parquet floor tiles with a dining table and black dining chairs
Image credit: Ca’Pietra

5. Use Rugs To Soften & Add A Boundary

You might be thinking, rugs in a kitchen, really? It’s no secret that rugs are one the best ways to add a boundary to a space, but also to soften and bring warmth to a space, and they might be that missing design piece in a kitchen which won’t cost the earth.

Zara O’hare of added, “In the realm of interiors for 2024, kitchen trends are also making their mark on complementary elements like rugs. Our customers are gravitating towards rugs that beautifully accentuate the evolving kitchen designs”.

“As kitchens become more open and integrated into living spaces, the rug’s role is to tie these areas together visually. We’re seeing an uptick in demand for earthy tones and sustainable materials in rugs to align with the eco-conscious kitchen trends”.

“Rugs with intricate patterns and textures are a popular choice, adding warmth and personality to the kitchen area. So, whether you’re redesigning your entire kitchen or just looking to spruce it up with a rug, 2024 is all about weaving together form and function.”

cream kitchen with kitchen island and wooden bar stools, blue area rug on the floor
Image credit: Weaver Green

6. Two Toned Kitchens

Two tone kitchens have become more popular over the last few years, they bring greater visual interest to a kitchen than one tone, which can become monotonous and feel flat in a space.

Kelly Marohl, interior designer at Neutral Home Design shares her thoughts on the design trend, “Two tone kitchens have been in demand for a while now, but recently we are seeing kitchens where only the island is a different colour. This can be done beautifully and timelessly as long as you pick the right colour”.

“Our suggestion to our clients is to pick a contrasting colour, but something that is still neutral. For example, white oak or dark walnut can both be a classic, yet wonderfully different accent colour for your island”.

Or make like this gorgeous Olive & Barr combination with a soft sage green and lilac purple for a soothing, on-trend feel.

two toned kitchen featuring lilac cabinets and a sage green kitchen island with chrome hardware
Image credit: Olive & Barr

7. Open Shelving

Trying to make the most of every inch of space in your kitchen may seem practical, but it can actually end up leading to a cluttered feel.

If you have the space and the layout to take it, open shelving is one of the best ways to up the style stakes and break up the monotony of a row of cabinets.

Kelly Marohl at Neutral Home Design added, “More and more homeowners are opting to remove many of their upper cabinets. We are seeing these uppers replaced with more windows or open shelving. Both of which lend to a more open, airy feel in the kitchen”.

Molly Chandler agreed, “This type of shelving can be used both decoratively and practically, keeping items easily accessible whilst being efficiently stored. Using the shelving for more decorative items also makes it possible to add a personal touch to your kitchen, injecting your own style and personality to the space”.

The trick to styling these effectively is to take the less is more route, crowding the shelves will lead to a cluttered feel. Add intentional items that form function and aesthetics in your kitchen, this could include a stack of cookery books, pots, jugs and rattan baskets for a natural touch.

8. Indulgent, Sumptuous Cabinetry Colours

Light tones such as sage green, grey and cream have dominated the kitchen space recently, but more indulgent sumptuous colours are working their way into kitchens.

Paint brands and their newly released colours are also a precursor of what is to come. Little Greene’s capsule collection of Sweet Treats colours includes rich, sumptuous and moody shades that feel cosy and cocooning in a space.

Brown is the in colour, and we’ll be seeing more browns, maroons, reds and heritage yellow colours in kitchens throughout 2024.

Mark Buskuhl, CEO of Ninebird Properties agreed, “While neutral colours have been popular in kitchen designs for years, 2024 will see a shift towards bolder and more vibrant colours. This trend is a reflection of people’s desire for self-expression and individuality in their homes”.

“Expect to see bold and eye-catching patterns on kitchen backsplashes, cabinets, and even appliances. These colourful accents will add personality to the space and make it feel more inviting”.

brown kitchen with black and white chequered floor tiles
Image credit: Little Greene – Cabinets & Splashback in Muscavado

9. Soothing Sage Green Is Still In

Whilst richer, bolder colours are on-trend, sage green is very much still here. There’s something so restorative and soothing about this shade in a kitchen that helps to bring that outside world in.

“All-white kitchens are predicted to take more of a back seat for kitchens in 2024, while soothing shades of pastel green such as mint and pistachio are set to be popular choices”.

“Linking back to themes of nature, pastel green shades have warm and inviting undertones making them a great choice for creating a calming atmosphere in what can be a busy room. With a classic appeal, these light and airy colours are also an ideal choice for smaller kitchens, making them feel more open and spacious”, said Molly Chandler.

sage green kitchen with large kitchen island and large white Belfast kitchen sink by the window
Image credit: Tracery II 78 Georgian Shaker by Willis & Stone

10. Concealed Cooker Hoods

If you can blend both function and aesthetics in a kitchen, you’re one step ahead of creating a kitchen that will last.

The need to conceal cooker hoods has greatly risen in kitchens, and more will seek to cleverly conceal their cooker hoods for a sleek, minimal aesthetic in their kitchen.

Cooker hoods have evolved to take on a more subdued role in kitchen design. The latest trend includes seamless drywall or plaster hoods that seamlessly merge with the kitchen walls, as well as hoods that maintain the aesthetic of wooden cabinetry.

cream kitchen with concealed cooker hood and grey tiles backsplash
Image credit: Higham Furniture

11. Slim Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular design styles for cabinetry, but have previously only been suited to traditional and country style properties.

We’re now seeing an evolvement to slim shaker cabinets ( ½” – 1” wide frame/border), making shaker style more accessible to home decor schemes.

Octavio Estrada, Design Experience Manager at Block Renovation said, “These cabinet door fronts are a great happy-medium for homeowners who feel that classic shaker doors (2” to 3” wide frame/border) are a bit too traditional but don’t want to go with the ultra-contemporary alternative of slab front cabinets (single piece with no frame/border)”.

green shaker style corner kitchen with white quartz worktops and open shelving
Image credit: Higham Furniture

12. Mixing Hardware Details

Both mixing metals and types of hardware details was always a hard no. For cohesion, it was always advised to stick with one metal throughout a property and use the same style, such as bar pulls. But things are changing, and visual interest and excitement can’t be achieved with just one finish.

Kelly Marohl said, “Gone are the days of choosing all pulls or all knobs for cabinet hardware. We are continuing to see a rise in strategically mixing different types of hardware in the kitchen”.

“For example, using cup pulls on a kitchen island and then both knobs and pulls on the perimeter cabinets. Instead of using one long pull on kitchen drawers, we’re now seeing the trend of two pulls per drawer. This will give your drawers the illusion of looking like a polished piece of furniture!”.

But don’t just stop at the hardware details, consider the finishes too. Having a warm mix of metals such as a mix of aged and polished brass finishes will spark interest and add character to your finished kitchen.

cream shaker kitchen with brass cup handles and knobs
Image credit: Armac Martin

13. Sleek, Quartz Worktops

Marble worktops have always been a coveted choice for a kitchen, but attitudes are changing, and with rising costs, functionality and affordability is driving change.

Quartz worktops are a great alternative to traditional marble, it’s a more affordable solution and they carry a similar look to marble, but the most important part?

Quartz is not porous like marble, so it won’t hold every stain it comes into contact with. If you have a busy household, or just want to use your kitchen without fear of leaving a mark, quartz really does trump marble as a workable solution that doesn’t scrimp on aesthetics.

quartz kitchen worktop with glass of gin on the top
Image credit: Gemini Worktops

What Are the Colours For Kitchen Cabinets In 2024?

The experts have spoken and confirmed that in 2024 we will be moving away from those light neutrals and instead into more warm, modern neutrals. This is supported by the paint brands release of their 2024 colours which all indicate that move into warmer neutrals.

Looking to refresh your kitchen cabinets in 2024, here are some of the best colours for kitchen cabinets that are on-trend for the year ahead.

  • Sage green
  • Taupe
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Heritage yellow
  • Red
  • Olive green
  • Navy blue

The kitchen trends for 2024 are in, and we’ve got to say, we’re loving them! From moodier, sumptuous colours to experimenting with different types of worktops, there’s so many great ideas to use in your next kitchen design. Which kitchen trend is your favourite? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below and your predictions for 2024.

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