2024 Paint Colours of The Year: 6 Paint Colours Revealed By The Brands

2024 paint colours
Image credit: Earthborn

The 2024 paint colours of the year are gradually being revealed by the leading paint brands in the UK, and there’s a strong precursor around what to expect in our interiors in 2024.

There is a strong lean towards comforting colours, and warm modern neutrals – there’s not a grey in sight here, but plenty of warmer neutrals, designed to give your space a cosy cuddle. Plus, brown is on the cards too, and it’s more indulgent and delicious than you’d think.

We’re sharing all of the best 2024 paint colours for UK based brands as they are revealed. Here’s 6 of them so far.

The Best 2024 Paint Colours

Dulux Sweet Embrace

Sweet Embrace is a subdued dusty pink with a chalky blue undertone. It has a more mature presence than a traditional dusty pink and is a delicate tone that pairs so well with other soft pastels, neutrals and more bold, statement making shades.

This colour is the result of society’s search for belonging. Dulux creative director Marianne Shillingford said “Inspired by our global trend research, it’s a hue that provides comfort during times of change. As humans we crave peaceful environments and are always wanting to find joy in our everyday experiences”.

Described as a warm, modern neutral, Sweet Embrace is a versatile shade, workable for rooms no matter the orientation. It’s perfect for bringing warmth to a North facing room, and balancing out the changing light experienced in both East and West facing rooms.

Dulux sweet embrace
Image credit: Dulux

Benjamin Moore Blue Nova 825

Warm neutrals have been a common theme in the announced 2024 paint colours, but Benjamin Moore is doing things a little differently with a moody, inky blue.

Blue Nova 825 is a fusion of violet and blue, resulting in an elevated, sumptuous hue. There’s still that undercurrent to the shade that supports providing a calming, reassuring feel in a room though.

Benjamin Moore say “With Blue Nova leading the way, depth and intrigue are balanced by an undercurrent of reassurance. This alluring mid-tone features an enchanting duality, capturing the spotlight with endlessly classic appeal”.

Despite its bold presence, this shade is perfect for pairing with a huge range of colours. As demonstrated with other bold shades such as terracottas and greens. It’s also highly workable with a more neutral colour scheme.

Alternatively, lean into the the darkness of it and colour drench a room with the shade. It will make the room feel smaller, but it’s perfect if you’re trying to create a cosy living space or reading nook.

2024 paint colours 4
Image credit: Benjamin Moore

Earthborn Hopscotch

We got a glimpse at Earthborn’s gorgeous colour of the year, Hopscotch at Decorex earlier this month.

Described as a warm, chalky off white, this modern neutral brings a sense of tranquility and calm to a space, and is a highly versatile colour for most interior design schemes.

It has a slight grey tinge to it without feeling cold, and works beautifully with a eco-conscious, natural scheme. Incorporate natural elements such as wooden tones and rattan or jute elements to bring some natural warmth to Hopscotch in a room.

Earthborn suggests pairing it with Lady Bug, a rich burgundy shade and White Clay for a crisp, pristine contrast. Try using Hopscotch on the walls, with White Clay on the ceiling, it will create a sleek contrast, and draw the eye up, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

2024 paint colours hopscotch earthborn

Valspar Renew Blue

Valspar is yet another paint brand which is leaning into a colour designed to deliver a nourished, stress free zone with a pared back and soothing colour, and it’s beautiful.

Valspar shared why this colour is trending, “Most of us are seeking an end to feeling overwhelmed – less stress, less information, less technology, fewer choices. Simplicity. Here, we can slow down and create the peaceful place we seek”. Supported by Sue Kim, Valspar® Director of Color Marketing who said “The concept of home is evolving to include a feeling as well as a physical place”.

This easy going, green influenced blue is refreshing, whilst delivering a colourful pop to an interior. Pair with mid tone neutrals for a laid back, relaxing environment – think of creams, soft browns and taupe for a warm, thoughtful space.

2024 paint colours 3
Image credit: Valspar

Lick 2024 Colour Palette

Lick is one of the only paint brands which doesn’t predict just one colour for the year, instead they predict a colour palette for the year ahead that they feel will feature heavily throughout interiors.

Their 2024 colour palette combines warming neutrals with energising reds, zesty oranges, refreshing blues and revitalising greens. “The result is a combination of colours that will bring balance, harmony and undeniable joy into your home”.

Another nod towards those calming, cocooning colours that are designed to soothe and make you feel good in your space.

Lick colours of 2024
Image credit: Lick

Graham & Brown Viridis

The 2024 Graham & Brown colour of the year is Viridis. Inspired by focusing on a Utopian space led by a design that encourages welcoming and acceptance to all those who enter the home.

Viridis is a beautifully earthy, muted green colour that has an olive hue to it. This rich shade feels sumptuous, and enveloping at the same time. Perfect for creating a cosy living room, natural bedroom or inviting hallway.

Graham & Brown said ” Viridis is the perfect embodiment of the fertile green hills around us. It is especially perfect for the entertaining and entrance areas where outside and inside meet”.

paint colours 2024
Image credit: Graham Brown

We will be updating this post as and when the remaining UK paint brands reveal their colour, we are still waiting on the 2024 paint colours of Edward Bulmer, Mylands, Farrow and Ball and Little Greene.

Which of these colours are you leaning towards?

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