5 Tools You Should Always Have Around The House

tools you should have around the house

It’s almost been 5 years since I fled the nest for good (minus the uni years) and started to live independently, and in my very first home. Everything that could possibly happen during that time has happened, having to cut my own keys from the builders on the day contracts exchanged, nightmare neighbours from hell, living through a pandemic and so much more!

Before COVID, my apartment was literally a little more than a place to rest as I was always out. But COVID gave me that time to reflect on my home, what I wanted and how I could improve that living space to reflect the increased amount of time I now resided at home.

Part of that process was getting to the stage that I knew I was ready to sell up and find a house. Over this time though I have found some absolutely life saving, game changing tools that make my life easier, and the upkeep of my home. Here are 5 tools that I you should always have around the house…

1.Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is the most essential power tool that you can have in your household tool box. It’s one you can rely on for big renovation projects such as remodelling a kitchen. But it can help out for the smallest jobs too, assembling furniture, screws, pilot holes, and even for evenly mixing paint and plaster. Your cordless drill might even come in handy for servicing other tools that you have.

Cordless drills can be an expensive purchase, but there are many second hand versions in good nick that you can find on Facebook marketplace for a fraction of the price.

2. Spirit Level

It was only during the pandemic that I learnt how to put my own prints on the walls. Whilst I like to think I have an eye for how level things are, I really don’t. A spirit level is one of those timeless tools that should be an essential in your home tool kit. Putting up prints? Spirit level. DIY panelling? Spirit level. Fitting shelves? Spirit level. Mirrors? Spirit level? There’s no need for that ‘it looks straight’, get it right first time with a spirit level, especially those things such as fitting floating shelves which are not easy, or inexpensive to change if you notice they’re slightly on the wonky side!

Plus, with things like this you don’t want to take shortcuts as you always need to think of the resell value and with something like built in shelves or wardrobes you want to be adding that value, not decreasing it! I have seen plenty of botch jobs myself in houses for sale that you can tell a cowboy builder has been at it. If only they used a spirit level! You can be sure that the property developers of these properties in Canada took real pride with their developments, for Real Estate in Toronto there are some gorgeous properties on the market, and it’s super easy to filter between your price range and type of home you are looking for.

3. Stanley Knife

There comes a time in life where you realise that scissors just do not cut it anymore. A Stanley knife is such a versatile tool as it can be used for cutting up pretty much everything from cardboard, and wallpaper to mastic.

For renovations they will come in handy for lots of different jobs too such as cutting carpet and other materials. It’s great for precision cutting. They are super sharp though, so always cut away from yourself when using one.

4. Saws

A toolbox saw is a must have tool for always having around the house. A smaller toolbox saw is much easier for transportation, is smaller and lighter to use for smaller projects. It can be used for so many DIY projects and makes cutting wood easy, with minimal stress.

Whilst electric saws are a great tool, they come at a cost and a hand saw can be just as good, even if it does add a bit more time onto the process. Whether you’re adding some DIY panelling to your home, or building furniture from scratch, a hand saw is ideal for helping you complete these projects.

5. Socket Set

A socket set is a versatile and convenient bundle of tool accessories that will come in handy for a whole multitude of tasks around the home. It gives you the flexibility to tackle multiple sizes, with the ability to both loosen and fasten bolts. Socket sets can be used to not only take apart complex machinery, but also for very simple household tasks like joining or taking apart furniture or household items.

These tools are a must have in my home, whilst I didn’t do much renovation in my flat there is a complete renovation that lays ahead at the new house. But if you’re moving out for the first time and creating a tool kit, you won’t want to be without these tools! What tools are your must haves around the home?

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