Astrology Meets Home Decor: How Your Zodiac Sign Can Upgrade Your Bathroom

bathroom styles by zodiac signs

If you find yourself agreeing with every zodiac sign meme you meet on Instagram, it’s highly probable that your zodiac sign is already influencing your home decor choices without you realising.

But ever wondered how you should be styling your bathroom based on your zodiac sign?

Well, Sanctuary Bathrooms has partnered with Virtual Worlds and astrologer Emily Thornton of Solar Sister Tarot to create 12 breathtaking CGI images that showcase how your ideal bathroom should look, based on your zodiac sign and personality traits.

Whether you’re a practical Virgo who loves sleek, minimalist designs, or a creative Pisces who thrives in a dreamy, ethereal space, there’s a bathroom design that’s perfectly suited to your unique personality and tastes.

Ready to find out what bathroom perfectly aligns with your star sign?

Bathroom Styles By Zodiac Sign

Libra Bathroom Design

As a fellow Libran, it only felt right to lead with my zodiac bathroom design. For someone who is well versed on home interiors and my star sign, our main qualities that would ooze into our home decor would be;

  • Glamour
  • Materialistic, but likes quality
  • Affordable luxury
  • Beautiful finishes, it’s all in the detail

I think it’s fair to say that this zodiac bathroom design perfectly aligns with a Libran’s innate makeup. They like to make a statement.

Ruled by the planet of love, Libras love a bit of luxury. There should be a Grecian style to their bathroom, through statues, pillars, and marble touches.

They are harmonious, balanced beings and can only channel this when they practice self-care. Their bathroom should have a grand vanity with an illuminated mirror – plenty of space for grooming and laying out all their lotions and potions.

James says: “There’s been an increase in desire for affordable luxury recently, and a good way to achieve this is by adding touches of history, whether it’s Grecian or some period pieces, along with some gold or brass fittings.”

libra bathroom trend design
libra bathroom trend design
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Scorpio Bathroom Design

The most intense out of all the star signs bathroom trends. Not surprising, as Scorpios tend to carry a mysterious air with them.

For Scorpios, the ideal bathroom should feel like a personal sanctuary – a place where they can retreat to embrace their deepest thoughts and emotions. Imagine stepping into a movie set, with dramatic and moody elements that reflect the intensity of the Scorpio personality.

To achieve this vibe, a statement bathtub is a must-have feature, allowing Scorpios to relax and ponder in deep thought. Dark, reflective tiling creates a sleek and sophisticated look, while abstract and artsy touches add a unique and personal flair to the space. A pop of bold colour adds an element of drama, bringing an unexpected twist to the otherwise dark and brooding atmosphere.

Mood lighting or candles are also a perfect addition to create a warm and inviting ambience that suits Scorpio’s introspective nature.

With these elements in place, Scorpios can create a truly unique bathroom that is both stylish and functional, reflecting their personality and allowing them to escape into their own thoughts and emotions.

Scorpio bathroom trend
Scorpio bathroom trend
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Sagittarius Bathroom Design

If you’re a Sagittarius, you know that life is all about adventure and exploration. As the sign of freedom, you need a bathroom that reflects your lively and outgoing personality.

Your space should be warm and welcoming, as you love to entertain friends and family whenever possible.

To achieve this vibe, incorporate bright and bold colours such as mustard yellow, which is both cheerful and stylish. Brass fittings and white tiles add a touch of sophistication while maintaining an open and airy feel. The overall look should be fun and carefree, just like Sagittarius themselves.

As someone who hates being tied down, a walk-in shower is the perfect addition to your bathroom. This will create a breezy and effortless vibe, allowing you to get in and out with ease. Plus, it’s a practical addition for those who are always on the go!

Sagittarius bathroom trend
Sagittarius bathroom trend
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Capricorn Bathroom Design

Capricorns are known for their grounded and hardworking nature, and as such, they need a space where they can relax and unwind after a long day. Their bathroom should be functional, without too much fuss, and include a bathtub with a rainfall shower for the ultimate spa-like experience.

To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, Capricorns should opt for an earthy colour scheme with deep green tones and botanical touches.

Wood textures and a window that allows natural light to filter in can also enhance the calming atmosphere.

But they need a bathroom that is both relaxing, and practical, so a set of two sinks can be a smart addition to their bathroom.

Capricorn bathroom trend
Capricorn bathroom trend
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Aquarius Bathroom Design

Free-thinking Aquarius is the innovative zodiac sign. They are always thinking outside the box and don’t usually stick to trends.

Some people won’t understand their style but that’s okay, as they like to embrace their individuality. 

Aquarius love blue and lilac tones, and a bright, airy space. To embrace their quirkiness, there should be a range of shapes and finishes – hexagonal tiles with easy-breezy rounded shapes for some variety, along with pops of pastel colours.

Aquarius bathroom trend
Aquarius bathroom trend
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Pisces Bathroom Design

Pisces are known for their spiritual, creative, and sensitive nature, and as a water sign, they always feel at home near the water.

Given their emotional disposition, it’s important for them to have a bathroom where they can let it all out. That’s why having both a statement bath and a luxurious shower is a must for Pisces.

To create a sea-themed ambiance, incorporate ocean-inspired art and tiling in the bathroom. Blue, green, and pink hues can also be used to remind them of the colours found within the sea. These touches will help Pisces feel connected to their element and at ease in their space.

When it comes to incorporating zodiac themes into interior design, focusing on the associated element is a great starting point.

For Pisces, water-inspired elements like aqua-toned tiling that resembles fish scales can be a great addition. Similarly, for earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn, botanical and earthy touches can be added to bring the element of earth into their space.

pisces bathroom trend
pisces bathroom trend
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Aries Bathroom Design

Represented by the element of fire, which can lead them to make impulsive decisions, when it comes to designing their bathroom, they should take the time to carefully consider their options and not rush into a decision.

To reflect their vibrant personalities, Aries can incorporate bright and fiery orange tones into their bathroom design. This can be complemented with exciting flooring options that catch the eye. Adding grandeur gold fixtures inside a walk-in shower can also provide a touch of luxury and further accentuate their fiery nature.

It’s important for Aries to strike a balance between boldness and functionality in their bathroom design. They can achieve this by carefully selecting statement pieces that reflect their personality while also ensuring the layout is practical and efficient for their needs.

James adds: “We’re seeing experimentation with mixing heritage and modern in 2023, so the ceramic coral wall tiles combined with the Victorian-esq Salisbury tiles in the flooring is definitely a fitting courageous choice for a fire sign.”

Aries bathroom trend
Aries bathroom trend
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Taurus Bathroom Design

Taurus individuals are often stereotyped as lazy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They understand the importance of rest and relaxation, which is why a bath and a roomy shower are a must-have in their bathroom.

As an Earth sign, Taurus needs to feel grounded in their space. They tend to prefer a rustic feel with earthy tones like green and brown, along with plenty of plants to create a jungle-like ambience.

Adding a hanging eucalyptus plant in the shower can provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for them.

In designing their bathroom, Taurus should focus on creating a space that is both functional and relaxing. They can achieve this by incorporating natural materials like wood and stone into their design, along with a soft colour palette that promotes a sense of calm and tranquility.

taurus bathroom trend
taurus bathroom trend
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Gemini Bathroom Design

Gemini’s love to entertain and have a bathroom that stands out from the rest. They require unique and fascinating features that will capture the attention of their guests and make them feel glamorous as they get ready.

Being an air sign, their bathroom should convey a sense of openness and freshness, with bright, crisp and modern design elements.

Incorporating luxurious marble accents can add to the overall aesthetic of their space and make it a perfect place to socialise and feel good about oneself.

gemini bathroom trend
gemini bathroom trend
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Cancer Bathroom Design

For home-loving Cancers, a relaxing bathroom is a must-have to unwind after a busy day. To create a calming atmosphere, incorporate deep blue tones and aquatic touches that make them feel like they’re surrounded by the ocean.

A spacious bubble bath with plenty of candles sets the perfect scene for a soothing soak. As Cancer enjoys their peaceful moments, a large bathroom with good acoustics is ideal for playing their favourite calming music or singing along.

cancer bathroom trend
cancer bathroom trend
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Leo Bathroom Design

For Leos, their bathroom should reflect their larger-than-life personality and love for luxury. As the zodiac sign represented by the sun, their bathroom should be a bright and bold space that exudes warmth and radiance.

To achieve this, incorporating golden hues and shiny metallic finishes is a great start. A statement mirror with a striking frame and plenty of natural light will help to create a grandiose feel.

A spacious walk-in shower with multiple showerheads and seating would provide ample room for them to indulge in their grooming rituals.

And don’t forget to add some plush towels and robes to complete the luxurious experience.

Leo bathroom trend
Leo bathroom trend
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Virgo Bathroom Design

Virgos are known for their meticulous attention to detail and love for organisation, so their bathroom should reflect this need for order and tidiness.

The space should feel minimalist, clean and refined, with plenty of storage options to keep everything neatly organized.

To keep with the earth element associated with Virgo, incorporating subtle greens such as sage green and browns into the design can help create a calming, grounding effect. Soft rounded shapes can also help keep things simple and elegant.

For Virgos who like to unwind with a soak or prefer a quick shower, it’s best to include both options in the bathroom. Additionally, lots of natural light can make the space feel open and welcoming, while also helping to boost mood and energy levels.

Virgo bathroom trend
virgo bathroom trend
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With searches for ‘Bathroom trends 2023’ increasing by +2,011%* in the last 12 months, bathroom trends unique to you and your individual zodiac sign will allow you to keep on-trend whilst creating a haven perfectly tailored to your innate writing.

Sharing with a polar opposite horoscope? Use your favourite elements from each design to create a transitional bathroom that is reflective for both of your needs and horoscope desires!

Do you think your zodiac bathroom design is reflective of your style? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

*Searches taken from tool 04/04/23. Increase in searches is for the last 12 months. 

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