15 Vibrant Farrow and Ball Bathroom Ideas That Reject The White Trend

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White bathrooms may seem like the most sensible option if you don’t feel confident experimenting with colour, but white spaces can feel flat, clinical and well, boring if they aren’t dressed appropriately.

Oh, and you’ll know about every mark, scratch and bit of damp with a bright white too.

So, we’re saying ditch the white, and have sourced some of the best vibrant bathroom ideas using paint colours from Farrow and Ball. Get ready to feel inspired and confident about using colour in your bathroom!

15 Vibrant Farrow and Ball Bathroom Ideas That Reject The White Trend

1. A Warm, Modern Neutral That Isn’t Beige

If you want to use a warm, modern neutral in your bathroom that isn’t beige, a soft pink is a perfect choice.

It doesn’t have to feel too feminine with the right colour combination and it’s enduringly warm and comforting in a bathroom or downstairs toilet.

F&B shade used: Entrance Hall Pink

farrow and ball bathroom
Instagram Image Credit: @perryseymourhome

2. Create An Intimate Feel With A Chic Red Based Black

In this art deco style bathroom, Paean Black is the perfect finishing touch that creates a well defined, intimate feel in the space.

It’s not as overpowering as a black, and its red undertone brings a delightful touch to a bathroom no matter what angle you look at it.

F&B shade used: Paean Black

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Instagram Image Credit: @elle_the_home_bird

3. An Unsuspecting & Alluring Colour Combination

We may feel drawn to certain greens in an interior such as sage green or forest green, but have you considered an avocado green hue?

This welcome splash of colour creates an unsuspecting but fun match with black and white accents in the space.

F&B shade used: Yeabridge Green

farrow and ball bathroom 2
Instagram Image Credit: @rascalandroses

4. Introduce A Calming Aesthetic With Oval Room Blue

Blue may be a colour you instantly shy away from in an interior if you fear it making the space feel cold. But if you have a very sunny South facing bathroom it can be a great way to balance out the intensity of the sun.

Pair with a differing shade of blue on tiles or wall panelling, it will create greater depth and interest in the space.

F&B shade used: Oval Room Blue

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Instagram Image Credit: @johnstonparkeinteriors

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Colours In A Bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom or downstairs toilet, it can be a great way to have some fun with colour.

Don’t be afraid to mix colours and experiment. This pink and blue colour combo is unsuspecting, yet the warm and cool tones of the colours used here balance beautifully.

F&B shade used: Fruit Fool (panelling), Great White (walls), Stone Blue (door)

farrow and ball bathroom 4
Instagram Image Credit: @cornish_homebird

6. Add A Bold, Statement Making Shade To The Woodwork

You had us at a copper bath tub! This luxe feeling bathroom is beautifully grounded by Crimson Red on the wall panelling and woodwork in the bathroom.

It brings a beautiful warmth to the space, yet the intensity of colour is balanced by the neutral shade used on the upper half of the wall.

F&B shade used: Crimson Red (woodwork)

farrow and ball bathroom 5
Instagram Image Credit: @dustsheets_and_decor

7. Add An Indulgent Feel With Bancha & Black

A mid century modern green brings a gorgeous boho, earthy feel to this bathroom that is indulgent and soothing.

You only need to use it on a small section of a bathroom to benefit from the definition and depth of colour, it works particularly well on half wall paneling.

F&B shade used: Bancha

farrow and ball bathroom 6
Instagram Image Credit: @our_rosemont_home

8. Go To The Dark Side

Take things down a notch with a darker green, it creates a tranquil yet super indulgent feel in this space.

Pair with a popular white metro tile for a half wall tiled look that creates a crisp, modern contrast of colour.

F&B shade used: Studio Green

Farrow and Ball bathroom 2 1
Instagram Image Credit: @Vincent_the_house

9. Create A Defining Tone With Railings In The Bathroom

Railings is one of F&B’s most popular shades. It brings gorgeous inky definition to a space and in a bathroom it can create an indulgent, enveloping feeling.

If you don’t want to lean into the darkness completely, use tiles or wall panelling in lighter, neutral shades for an airer feel.

Paint the ceiling in a bright white, it will draw the eye up and make the space feel larger than it is.

F&B shade used: Railings

farrow and ball bathroom 7
Instagram Image Credit: @highfield_reno

10. Use A Heritage Yellow For A Fresh, Warm Look

A yellow can be a surprising yet gorgeous colour for a bathroom. A heritage yellow like India Yellow is a much more mature, yet subtle approach to what we know of yellow.

It brings a sunshine pop of warmth and cosiness to a bathroom.

F&B shade used: India Yellow

farrow and ball bathroom 8
Instagram Image Credit: @parsnip.design

11. Create A Statement Feature Wall With Hague Blue

We’re huge fans of Hague Blue by F&B, it’s cosy and defining for a bathroom and will deliver strong impact on a feature wall in a bathroom.

Pair with whites and grey in the space for a nautical feel.

F&B shade used: Hague Blue

farrow and ball bathroom 9
Instagram Image Credit: @renovating_bond_farm

12. Love White? Try This Instead

Skimming Stone is an enduringly popular warm neutral, it’s a great alternative to a white and brings so much more warmth and depth than a bright white.

F&B shade used: Skimming stone

farrow and ball bathroom 10
Instagram Image Credit: @hoops_and_home

13. Lean Into Sumptuous Tones For A No Window Bathroom

If you have a windowless bathroom or downstairs toilet, it’s often best not to work against it and instead lean into colour.

As no light is available it can only bounce around what is available when using a bright white which can end up making the space feel flat.

This combination of colours creates a sumptuous, and inviting feel when you step inside.

F&B shade used: Red Earth and Downpipe

farrow and ball bathroom 11
Instagram Image Credit: @my_daring_decor

14. Downpipe Bathroom = Luxurious & Cosy

Downpipe is a popular and perfect shade for creating depth and style in a bathroom.

It has definite blue undertones which can deepen how it looks depending on light. If you have a sloping bathroom ceiling like this, colour drench the colour all over for a cosier feel.

If you do choose to paint it in a contrasting shade like a white, just be mindful that it will draw more attention to the sloped ceiling.

F&B shade used: Downpipe

farrow and ball bathroom 12
Instagram Image Credit: @placefortyeight

15. Use A Soft Green For A Soothing, Restorative Feel

Softer with blue undertones, Pigeon is a perfect choice for a bathroom, It’s calming, soothing yet still brings a distinctive warmth with it.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, pair with a white for an airy feel, and do introduce black accents into the bathroom, it will tie the room together and ground the colour scheme.

F&B shade used: Pigeon

farrow and ball bathroom 13
Instagram Image Credit: @hamptons_in_england
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