11 Grey Downstairs Toilet Ideas that Will Make Your Guests Jealous

downstairs toilet designs grey
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Downstairs toilets are synonymous with being small, poxy and often forgotten, but why not make them the star of their own show?

Looking for some inspiration for this difficult to please room? Here are some grey downstairs toilet ideas that will make your guests jealous!

11 Grey Downstairs Toilet Ideas

1.Playful Patterned Tiles

One of the best ways to bring some personality to a small downstairs toilet is with playful, patterned tiles. Not only does it provide plenty of opportunities for #shoefie pics on the gram, but it draws the eye as you enter the room, completely avoiding the feeling of how small the downstairs toilet is.

You can definitely get away with bolder tiles in a small space, so be adventurous!

downstairs toilet grey
Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms

2. Half Wall Paneling

A half wall paneling style is a classic look be it in the hallway, living room or a small downstairs toilet. There’s a lot of love about this design in a toilet because it allows you to experiment with contrasting colour, and in this case, playful wallpaper positioned above it draws the eye up as you enter the room, making the toilet feel much bigger than it actually is.

Painting the lower half in a mid-dark grey will also help to define and ground the room.

grey downstairs toilet
Image credit: @athomeinourmidford

3. All Grey Walls

Keep things simple by just using a dark grey shade all across the walls. To make things interesting you’ll want to add some art prints, shelves and a little touch of greenery to add some more personality and style to the space.

All painted walls are fine, but it can make a small downstairs toilet feel even smaller if there isn’t anything else visually exciting going on.

grey downstairs toilet1
Image credit: @jodyshemsleyhome

4. Grey Feature Wall

Not a fan of grey everywhere? Meet the perfect middle ground by opting for a grey feature wall on the toilet wall that draws the eye as you enter.

This seemingly crushed velvet wallpaper adds texture as well as colour to the space which keeps things interesting.

grey downstairs toilet2
Image credit: @renovation_44

5. Grey Brick Tiles

Classic grey brick tiles add a timeless look to a downstairs toilet. Add white grout, or a black grout for a more defining look and dress with greenery for some warm pops of colour.

Tiles in a downstairs toilet are one of the best types of wall coverings to maintain too, super easy to wipe clean when required so they are a great choice for busy households.

grey downstairs toilet3
Image credit: @hellohouseitgoing

6. Statement Grey Wallpaper

A small downstairs toilet is your ticket to try something different, and this statement grey wallpaper packs a punch!

This whimsical design looks incredible in the small space, and it’s sure to raise a smile for every lucky recipient on the throne.

They’ve combined this statement wallpaper with a more classic sink and toilet unit with panelling for a traditional feel.

grey downstairs toilet ideas grey

7. Grey Tiles With Black Accents

For a touch of modernity, black accents are an absolute must and they are a highly complementary colour for grey.

If you’re using a light-mid grey shade, adding a black accent with frames and decorative accessories will ground the room and provide boundaries in the space.

Image Credit: @sophiedid_home

8. Traditional Grey Toilet Unit

Don’t fancy grey washing every inch of space? Why not bin the classic white unit and add a traditional grey toilet unit into the space.

In fact, it’s probably one of the easiest changes to make by replacing your current setup with a grey seat and lid. It’s a small change, but one you’ll notice as soon as you enter the room.

grey downstairs toilet 5
Image credit: @houseforharvey

9. A Touch of Marble

Marble is a charming, and luxe way to incorporate the colour grey into a small downstairs toilet. Rather than opting for an all over marble look, a half wall marble tiled look like this makes it seem much more luxurious and elegant.

Team with brassy accents for a welcome touch of warmth in the space.

grey downstairs toilet 6
Image credit: @Nina_moves_in

10. Grey Accents

Use a cool neutral as the main base in your downstairs toilet and add grey as a welcome pop of colour with accents.

Like here, they have carefully chosen a feature wall wallpaper that has a pop of grey, with grey shelving accessories that help to cohesively tie the room together.

grey downstairs toilet 7
Image credit: @thesemihaus

11. Floor To Ceiling Panelling

Take it one step further and add floor to ceiling panelling for a timeless feel. Panelling is a great alternative to wallpaper and tiles. It brings a traditional look but can be appreciated in both period and modern homes with the right touches.

Update the colour of your walls as often as you want for a change!

green downstairs toilet 8
Image credit: @texirenovations

What Colour Is Best For A Small Downstairs Toilet?

Light colours such as white, cream, sage green or light blue can make the space feel larger and more open. But you can be brave in a smaller space.

Darker colours such as navy blue or dark grey can create a more intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Any questions about styling a downstairs toilet that we’ve not covered? Please leave a comment below and we’ll come straight back!

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