17 Stunning Farrow and Ball Bedroom Ideas In Real Homes

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If you get any room right in your home, it’s your bedroom that’s worth the extra consideration when it comes to colour.

Your bedroom should feel restful, cosy but also calming. With so many colours to choose from, we’ve taken out some of the decision fatigue for you and put together a stunning roundup of some of the best bedroom spaces featuring Farrow and Ball paints.

Stunning Farrow and Ball Bedroom Ideas In Real Homes

1.Embrace A Warm, Modern Neutral With White

As we move into 2024, it’s been confirmed by the experts that we are moving away from those greys and pale beiges into more modern, warm neutrals.

Now, Old White is just that, a soft grey green that looks incredible when complemented with any of the whites in Farrow and Ball’s range. Shown here with Slipper Satin on the ceiling.

farrow and ball bedroom
Instagram Image Credit: @franknewbold

2. Think About The Fifth Wall!

Often in the interior world, the ceiling is called the fifth wall, and it’s a great way at looking at things as often people assume the ceiling can only be painted white.

Utilising the ceiling and painting it in a different colour can be one of the best ways to draw the eye up, and instil visual interest.

Pink Ground is used on the walls for a beautifully feminine, warm feel, whilst Railings on the ceiling keeps the bedroom feeling cosy. Despite it being dark in nature, it balances beautifully with the lighter tones of the pink.

farrow and ball bedroom 2
Instagram Image Credit: @theresa_gromski

3. Moody Colours For A Sultry Feel

We might instinctively be drawn to lighter, airier colours in a bedroom, but moody, sumptuous colours can create a sultry, cosy feel in a bedroom.

Down Pipe brings a sumptuous, luxurious feel with the panelling in situ. Then draw the eye up and create a crisp contrast with Cornforth White.

farrow and ball bedroom 3
Instagram Image Credit: @thedoublefrontedterrace

4. Use A Dado Rail To Separate Colour & Wallpaper

I’m a huge fan of a dado rail in an interior as it’s a great way to cleanly separate colour and add further visual interest.

Sardine on the lower walls brings a soft, calming feel to the bedroom, with a fun check wallpaper on the upper half. It’s finished off with Roasted Macadamia on the ceiling which creates this warm and cosy enveloping feel in the bedroom.

Note how they have expertly picked out a wallpaper that features a similar colour to that of Sardine, this is key to creating a cohesive feeling in the space.

farrow and ball bedroom 4
Instagram Image Credit: @hoxton_house1

5. Yellow Accents Bring Create A Soft, Soothing Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a warm off-white for a North facing bedroom, White Tie is a perfectly versatile choice which is cosy and uplifting. Lean into that warm undertone by pairing with warm yellow accents on the curtains and cushions.

Do add a few well placed black accents such as with a curtain pole, it defines the space and pulls the room together. We think this little one likes it too!

farrow and ball bedroom 1
Instagram Image Credit: @lucywilliamshome

6. Dare To Go Green

There’s something about a rich olive green that feels totally sumptuous and cosy in a bedroom.

Bancha on the walls here really sets the tone and defines the space. A great blanket to incorporate warmer colours and some well placed black accents for a touch of modernity.

farrow and ball bedroom 2 1
Instagram Image Credit: @hoxton_house1

7. Lean Into The Dark Side

This bedroom might totally change your perspective on using a dark shade like Railings to colour drench the space.

The result is an ultra cosy space that will virtually envelope you. If you have high ceilings it can be a great choice to colour drench as it makes the walls and ceiling feel like they’re closer together.

farrow and ball bedroom 3 1
Instagram Image Credit: @houseabovetheriver

8. Breathe Simplicity Into Your Bedroom

If you feel inspired by Scandinavian spaces, Joa’s White could be the perfect shade for your space.

This simplistic colour isn’t in your face, yet it carries a warmth that a bright white can’t. Keep the space minimal with similarly toned bedding and curtains, and do add some light wooden tones for a natural touch.

farrow and ball bedroom 4 1
Instagram Image Credit: @b.wohnbar

9. Two Tone Painted Walls To Spark Visual Interest

You don’t have to think in the conventional sense when it comes to painting your walls, a two tone painted wall will spark visual interest, and it’s a great way to ease into using colour in a space.

Inchyra Blue is a beautifully rich shade that oozes elegance and cosiness, pair with brass accents for a warm contrast.

farrow and ball bedroom 5
Instagram Image Credit: @haywoodmade

10. Monochromatic Magic

Downpipe is a hugely popular F&B shade, and execute it right in a bedroom and it will pay dividends.

If you don’t want to colour drench, use it on a feature wall for a touch of depth, pair with an off-white on the other walls for a light, airy contrast.

farrow and ball bedroom 6
Instagram Image Credit: @kos.home

11. Bring A Natural Feel Into Your Bedroom

Elevate your bedroom with Duck Green, this earthy, olive shade makes a bold statement, yet pairs beautifully with other neutrals and natural materials.

Colour drench onto the ceiling for a cosy, enveloping feel, or draw the eye up by painting it in a white.

farrow and ball bedroom 7
Instagram Image Credit: @our_roundhay_reno

12. Panelling Is Always A Good Idea!

Half wall panelling is one of those styling tricks that will instantly add depth and character to any wall. It can be a nicer way to separate colour too.

French Gray is used here on the panelling, a warmer grey that looks perfect in a neutral, or Scandinavian colour scheme.

farrow and ball bedroom 8
Instagram Image Credit: @theblossomshome

13. Add A Touch of Femininity With Pink

Sulking Room Pink is such a popular colour as it’s a more mature pink that’s modern and workable in most colour schemes.

Introduce natural materials through a bed frame, bedside tables or simply just some rattan baskets. Do add some black accents too as it will define the pink in the bedroom.

farrow and ball bedroom 9
Instagram Image Credit: @ingle.nook.cottage

14. Create A Light, Bright & Airy Aesthetic

If you’re looking for an off-white that’s not clinical or harsh like a bright white can be, Slipper Satin is a fail safe choice.

It delivers a light and airy aesthetic and just looks perfect in this converted pub. Use Slipper Satin as the backdrop to then weave colours into the space, the beams here do a great job at adding much needed definition to the colour scheme.

farrow and ball bedroom 10
Instagram Image Credit: @myoldpub

15. Combine Sumptuous Colours & Textures

Setting Plaster is a dusty pink that’s create a wonderful backdrop to antique furniture and warm colours.

If you’re looking for a complementary white that suits Setting Plaster, try School House White.

farrow and ball bedroom 11
Instagram Image Credit: @mordenplace

16. Be Inspired By The Coast

I just love a coastal inspired theme in a bedroom, it’s light, airy and looks stylish.

School House White Dead Flat has been used on the panelling and wall here, it’s an off-white which is warm without having strong yellow undertones.

Whilst it works with a huge range of colours, pairing with differing shades of blue helps to achieve that laidback and stylish nautical look.

farrow and ball bedroom 12
Instagram Image Credit: @classendesigncenterok

17. A Sunshine Bright Space (That’s Not Sickly Yellow)

Finally, a yellow that we could actually imagine getting onboard with in a bedroom.

India Yellow is a deep mustard shade that is cosy and has a heritage yellow feel to it. Its intensity might feel too much in a small space, so be considered with how you use it. It pairs well with neutrals, wooden tones, browns, blacks and beyond.

Looking to use a specific shade in your bedroom and not sure what to pair with it? Leave us a comment below and we’ll send you some paint recommendations.

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