On-trend Sherwin Williams Green Paint Colors To Fall In Love With

sherwin Williams green paint colors
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There’s something so restorative and nourishing about green in an interior design scheme, and it remains one of the most popular hues for a home.

Sage green has hugely grown in popularity in recent years, but those rich deep olive greens lend themselves perfectly to an earthy color scheme that’s both bang on-trend, and comforting to live in.

Green is also one of those colors that virtually works in a space no matter the orientation. It’s hard to not feel connected to nature and feel a sense of calm when you come into contact with a shade of green. It’s reigning supreme in 2024, so we have compiled a list of our top picks of green paint colors from Sherwin Williams.

How To Choose The Perfect Green To Suit Your Space

Before we get stuck into some of the best Sherwin Williams greens, you might be wondering how to find the perfect shade that suits your chosen space.

You can start the selection process in a similar way to how to choose a white – find out the orientation of your space first.

This will dictate what types of greens will work best with the light the room receives. After that, ask yourself how you use the space, and how you want to feel in that space. Then using the below guidelines I employ, you can start selecting greens with the right tones that will work with your room.

North Facing Rooms

Avoid dark, deep greens UNLESS you want to lean into the darkness and create a cozy feeling in a room such as a cinema room. If you want to make the room feel lighter and create a calming ambience, look at soft sage greens.

South Facing Rooms

Virtually any color works well in a sunny room, but as you’ll know if you have a South facing room, the sun can make the space feel very intense and certain colors heighten that, especially bright white.

The good news is with green that its typically cool demeanour balances beautifully with the intensity of the sun, so you can choose to lean into soft sage greens or more intense greens here.

East and West Facing Rooms

Now, these spaces will rely on how you intend to use the space. For example, if you have an East facing room but you only use it in the morning, you can get away with using both light and darker hues. If you mainly use it in the evening, you can treat it more like a North facing space and avoid darker colors, unless it’s a room you want to embrace the darkness in.

If you have a North East facing room for example, always lean into the more dominant facing orientation which in this case, would be North.

Once you have considered these things, make a few selections and get those samples picked. Colors look SO different on the screen and will still look different in your home as light changes throughout the day. Now, let’s get stuck in!

On-trend Sherwin Williams Green Paint Colors To Fall In Love With

Whether you’re looking for that perfect trending sage green or something a little bit moodier for a cozy cinema room, here are a selection of the best green shades for your interior that are on-trend, and super stylish.


Refined and rustic, Moorstone is one of the softest greens in the collection which holds a slight grey undertone. If you’re not overly certain on using a bold green in your space, this is an excellent bridging color.

Its soft and subdued hue will uplift, yet restore a sense of calmness in your interior. I love this color for entryways, living rooms and bedrooms.

sherwin williams moorstone
Image credit: Sherwin Williams

Soft Sage

Soft Sage screams true sage green for me and it’s utterly gorgeous. Slightly darker with more of an olive undertone to it than Moorstone, this color looks fab in traditional, farmhouse and modern decor schemes.

Use black as an accent color in this scheme, it will ground the room and tie everything together. You could also add similar definition by opting for dark wooden tones or bronze accents through hardware.

sherwin williams soft sage
Image credit: Sherwin Williams

Sea Salt

This muted green has a real coastal air to it, and if you are practicing a relaxed coastal interior, this is how good it can look!

Set it off with a white trim, or in the case below add a gorgeous white quartz or marble worktop. Brass accents look gorgeous with Sea Salt, balancing the coolness of the green shade.

sherwin williams sea salt
Instagram image credit: @thejoyfilledfarmhouse

Oyster Bay

This algae-hued neutral seriously looks good on an accent wall, take inspiration from the below! A soothing choice for entryways, living rooms and beyond, it looks great in a farmhouse inspired color scheme – pair with crisp whites, blacks for an accent and wooden tones.

sherwin williams oyster bay
Instagram image credit: @chandlerfarmstead

Ancient Marble

If you’re looking for the perfect stony gray-green hue, this is it. This is my ultimate go to color for soothing spaces, and as a trim color. It adds gorgeous definition against a cream or off-white on the walls, yet is uplifting and restorative.

It is a versatile neutral that works well in most rooms, no matter the orientation of the space.

sherwin williams ancient marble
Image credit: Sherwin Williams

Svelte Sage

With a cool gray undertone, Svelte Sage is another popular choice for interiors. Strongly driven by natural influences, this darker sage green is the perfect tone for a soothing feel in virtually any room in your home.

Take inspiration from the below and paint woodwork and half wall paneling in the colour, with a lighter shade on top or add a fun wallpaper print.

svelte sage sherwin williams
Instagram image credit: @buildingbluebird

Coastal Plain

This calm and cool green is another perfect hue for a coastal inspired interior. It has a relaxed elegance to it, pairing beautifully with soft neutrals and earthy colors.

Pair with other blue-green colors for a really fun color scheme, this type of combination would work beautifully in a home office for a relaxed, calming feel.

sherwin williams coastal plain
Instagram image credit: @vintagegracedesign

Frosted Fern

With a little bit of an earthier kick, choose Frosted Fern if you are creating an earthy decor scheme.

This subdued sage green is soft and cozy, pair with brass accents, browns, creams, whites and terracotta for an indulgent, and earthy scheme.

sherwin williams frosted fern
Image credit: Sherwin Williams


Taiga packs a little more of a punch than your sage green tones, and it verges on a green-gray combination depending on what light you look at the color in.

It’s a little more demanding in color, so avoid in very dark North facing spaces. Team with a crisp white to draw the eye up, it’s a gorgeous deep shade for creating a cozy living or cinema room.

sherwin williams taiga
Image credit: Sherwin Williams


How gorgeous does Succulent look against this wallpaper and white tones below? This earthy, deep green shade works beautifully as an accent color, demanding attention in the space.

A beautiful shade to incorporate into an earthy color scheme.

sherwin williams succulent
Instagram image credit: @thedrake_house

Secret Garden

Yes, to olive green! We can’t get over how indulgent this shade looks in the kitchen below. It has a wonderfully mature quality to it and pairs beautifully with both brass and black accents.

Now, we know it looks amazing on kitchen cabinetry, but imagine it in a cozy reading nook or an accent color in an entryway. It will draw the eye in and add beautiful character to an interior.

sherwin williams secret garden
Instagram image credit: @jtandrewsdesign


This deep and organic green is another shade that looks great on kitchen cabinets. It has a cool gray undertone which looks great on cabinets and furnishings.

Use in an earthy, farmhouse or traditional color scheme.

sherwin williams rosemary
Instagram image credit: @morrisseydesignandbuild


This soft green with blue-gray undertones brings a refreshing sense of mountain air into your space. It’s an uplifting choice for bedrooms and kitchen cabinets.

Take note of how it pairs beautifully with earthy colors like the pops of terracotta and brown below. The paneling strips add further depth to the accent wall.

sherwin williams retreat
Instagram image credit: @samanthajanedesignco

Pewter Green

Dark yet calming, this cool green pairs beautifully with natural elements like wood and metal. Infuse your favorite room with down-to-earth elegance.

We want to urgently remodel our kitchen to this green after seeing it styled below.

sherwin williams pewter green
Instagram image credit: @marinamedinadesign


Finally, it’s the luck of the Irish! If you want a green that has something about it and brings vivacity with it, look no further than Shamrock.

This confident deep green is attention grabbing, a great idea for use on kitchen cabinets or even a home office.

Which of these green shades if your favorite? If you have any questions about pairing any of these shades with other colors, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come back with my recommendations!

sherwin williams shamrock
Instagram image credit: @renovatingrutters
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