23 Chic Shiplap Entryway Designs to Welcome You Home

shiplap entryway ideas
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Panelling is a popular feature for interior lovers all over. There are lots of different styles to choose from including tongue and groove to wainscoting and there’s no doubt you will find one to fit with your own personal interior style.

Shiplap is a traditional form of panelling that is essentially lengths of timber board with a rebated edge and it can look fabulous in all rooms in the house including hallways. Check out some of our favourite examples below. 

23 Chic Shiplap Entryway Designs to Welcome You Home

1. Sage Green Makes For The Easiest Welcome

Make your hallway more inviting by adding textured panelling to the walls. Because shiplap is a more traditional style of panelling, it looks cohesive with a neutral colour palette and this sage green colour truly makes this area pop.

shiplap entryway ideas

2. Horizontal Shiplap Gives The Illusion of A Wider Space

There are certain design tricks that you can implement that can make a room look taller or wider than it actually is. One of these tricks is to install shiplap panelling in a horizontal formation to make it look wider.

Paint your shiplap white for a light and airy feel that will feel inviting in a hallway.

shiplap entryway
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3. Break Up The Monotony With Wooden Ceiling Beams

It’s important to add different focal points in an entryway to stop it feeling too sterile. Break up shiplap panelled walls with wooden ceiling beams to add another layer of texture to a space.

shiplap entryway 1
Instagram image credit: @triplecfarmhouse

4. Introduce Verticality With A Vertical Install

Make your entryway ceilings look taller than they really are by installing vertical shiplap panelling. 

To create an all encompassing effect, take the panelling onto the ceiling.

shiplap entryway 2
Instagram image credit: @allisonelebashinteriors

5. Contrast White Shiplap With Black Accents

A monochromatic scheme of black and white is simply timeless and looks great whatever the backdrop may be. 

Contrast a white entryway with black accents. For example, a black framed mirror and a black stoneware vase look effortlessly cool.

shiplap entryway 3
Instagram image credit: @blessed_ranch

6. Create A Shiplap Feature In A Storage Nook

Do you struggle with storage in your home? Consider building a bespoke entryway cabinet that can be used to store all of your coats, bags and accessories.

This can include a seating bench that has storage underneath. Cover the wall behind it in shiplap panels to add texture and a farmhouse feel.

shiplap entryway 4
Instagram image credit: @simplymodernliving

7. Run The Shiplap Panels Up Through The Stairs

Does your entryway lead directly up your stairs? Make this space flow together nicely by using shiplap to panel the entire space.

The combination of shiplap painted white and raw wooden elements makes this hallway feel relaxed and bohemian.

shiplap entryway 5
Instagram image credit: @whitetailfarmhouse

8. Contrast A White Interior With Black Shiplap Panels

Use black and white in equal quantities for your entryway if you’re not afraid of being dark and bold. 

Shiplap panels painted black look chic and sophisticated and look great juxtaposed with a white painted wall.

shiplap entryway 6
Instagram image credit: @sochiclife

9. Paint Your Shiplap A Light Cream For A Welcoming Feel

If white feels too stark for your entryway (perhaps you have a lot of natural light available already) then opt for a cream or a beige instead.

This slight change of tone will make the space feel warm and cosier.

shiplap entryway 7
Instagram image credit: @burlapandrust

10. Create Visual Interest With Two Types of Panelling

Don’t feel like you have to stick to one style of panelling to your entryway. Opt for two different types to mix things up.

However, it’s a good idea to paint them both in the same colour so your walls don’t look disjointed or mismatched.

shiplap entryway 8
Instagram image credit: @blessedandhumbledhome

11. Add Interest With A Shiplap Feature Wall

Let one wall do all the talking by creating a shiplap feature wall. The great thing about shiplap is that you can hang things on it with ease.

We love the idea of creating a mini gallery wall in your entryway to set the tone for the rest of your home.

shiplap entryway 9
Instagram image credit: @houseonsquires

12. Create A Rustic Look With Terracotta Floor Tiles

Chances are if you’re a fan of panelling then you love incorporating different textures into your home. 

Pair shiplap with a rustic terracotta floor for bundles of visual interest and texture!

shiplap entryway 10
Instagram image credit: @_thewelldressedhome

13. Zone An Area With Shiplap

Panelling is great for drawing attention to a particular area. If you have an alcove in your entryway then create a floating seating area by using a strong piece of wood and attaching it to the walls.

Paint your shiplap panelling in a contrasting colour to make a statement and add a patterned cushion for softness.

shiplap entryway 11
Instagram image credit: @stephanie.jane.cameron

14. Draw The Eye Up With A Mix of Shiplap & Painted Walls

There are no rules when it comes to panelling, you can use as little or as much of it as you’d like.

If you have high ceilings, consider using shiplap to cover the walls to just above your front door and paint the rest of the walls in a tonal paint colour.

shiplap entryway 12
Instagram image credit: @ourrustichaven

15. Use Shiplap On The Walls & Ceiling For A Cohesive Feel

To create a cocoon-like effect, use shiplap on the walls and ceiling in your entryway. 

We love this ladder on a sliding rail, which is a unique feature but also very practical for reaching those high cabinets.

shiplap entryway 13
Instagram image credit: @ericamuellerhome

16. Pair With Rusty & Wooden Tones For A Boho Look

Panelling naturally feels quite rustic so it lends itself to a boho-inspired theme. Create a well rounded look by pairing shiplap with rusty and wooden tones.

Use a peg rail or wooden hooks to hang on the wall as a place to store any aesthetically pleasing hats and bags.

shiplap entryway 14
Instagram image credit: @audreyetcharlie

17. Add Shiplap Panels To Set A Boundary In A Joint Entryway/Living Room

Open plan spaces have to think of new and innovative ways to zone off the different areas. One way is to add wall panelling to a particular part of the room to make it distinct from all the rest.

Use shiplap to cover the walls in an entryway to separate it from a lounge area.

shiplap entryway 15
Instagram image credit: @houseofkeene

18. Ground A White Entryway With Wooden Flooring

Flooring in an entryway should be practical and durable, however you don’t want it to feel that it lacks any style.

Classic wooden flooring is a fail-safe option, whether it’s real wood, LVT or laminate.

shiplap entryway 16
Instagram image credit: @seasonsofmyhome

19. Make A Feature Out of The Ceiling

Make an entryway feel warm and cosy by painting the ceiling black and cladding it with wooden panels.

This may feel like a bold choice (which it is!) but it definitely adds drama to an otherwise plain space.

shiplap entryway 17
Instagram image credit: @lovejoyconstruction

20. Paint Shiplap & Woodwork In A Contrasting Colour

White walls are a staple in an entryway as they go with anything. Choose a contrasting colour to paint your shiplap panelling and wood work.

A rusty red shade isn’t for everyone but it definitely makes a statement and has warm undertones to it.

shiplap entryway 18
Instagram image credit: @georgestownonmymind

21. Draw The Eye In With Baby Blue

Pastel colours more your thing? Then baby blue is a lovely choice for a hallway. It still feels light and bright but there’s an extra layer of personality to it.

Don’t forget to paint the inside of your front door, as this is what you will see when you’re situated indoors.

shiplap entryway 19
Instagram image credit: @heathershomestead

22. Combine White & Sage Green For An Earthy Colour Scheme

Create a farmhouse entryway by covering the walls in shiplap and using a subtle colour palette of white and sage green.

Keep the walls white but paint any cabinetry or storage in sage green for a distinctive contrast.

shiplap entryway 20
Instagram image credit: @3acrehomestead

23. Add Separation To Panelling Styles With A Dado Rail

Make sure your panelling is finished off to a high standard and doesn’t look messy. Use a dado or picture rail to separate a panelled area of your entryway, this adds a professional finish and makes it much easier to paint – it will also hide any faults!

shiplap entryway ideas 1
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