23 Stunning Entryway Table Decor Ideas In Real Homes

entryway table decor ideas
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‘First impressions are everything’ and this saying definitely rings true when it comes to interiors. A console table is a staple for lots of entryways as they act as the perfect furniture solution for somewhere to drop off your keys or to have one last look in the mirror.

But what is the best way to decorate a console table? There are lots of different tips and tricks to suit a variety of interior styles and we’ve put together some of our favourites below.

23 Stunning Entryway Table Decor Ideas In Real Homes

1. Combine Black Accents For A Defined Look

Black accents aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon and for good reason! Pops of black add drama and contrast to a space without it feeling oppressive and overwhelming.

A black framed mirror is the perfect accessory to hang on a wall in an entranceway. Recreate the look with this find from Amazon, so affordable too!

entryway table decor ideas

2. Use Rattan Baskets For Warmth & Extra Storage

Use the dead space underneath your console table and place a set of two or three baskets there for added storage.

Baskets are the ideal storage solution for storing shoes, bags and dog leads. The great thing about baskets is that they aren’t rigid, so they are a truly versatile item.

entryway table decor
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3. Add Curvature To Soften The Decor

Using curved furniture and accessories is a great trick for softening a space. 

This console table is rectangular and well-structured. The homeowner has softened this with a round mirror, curved candle holders and mismatched vases to add style and personality.

entryway table decor 1
Instagram image credit: @kiganhome

4. Dried Foliage Is A Must!

Everyone loves a bouquet of fresh blooms but it can be hard to keep on top of getting a new bunch every week. Keep your entranceway looking nice and opt for a bunch of dried flowers instead.

Not only are they bang on trend but they are a much more sustainable option, too.

entryway table decor 2
Instagram image credit: @tiff_e_x3

5. Pull Up Some Cube Stools For Practical Seating

If you’re always looking for a place to perch whilst you’re putting your shoes on before you run out the door, then incorporating some sort of seating is a wise choice.

These upholstered cubes fit perfectly underneath this console table and don’t take up any extra space.

entryway table decor 3

6. Vary Height of Items For Interest

A useful trick for interior design as a whole is to decorate a surface with items that boast different heights.

Choosing pieces that are similar in shape and size just makes a space feel cluttered. Instead, opt for a few different items to group together such as books, a candle and a bulbous vase.

entryway table decor 4
Instagram image credit: @thesommerhome

7. Use A Large Vase For An Anchor Point In The Styling

If flowers are your thing then you may want to make a focal point out of them in your entranceway.

A statement vase that you love is a must-have piece for any home and what better place to display it than as you first walk in? It’s sure to make you smile!

entryway table decor 5
Instagram image credit: @lulusheartandhome

8. A Concrete Lamp Offers Style & Practicality

Concrete lamps are definitely on trend for 2024 and are synonymous with rustic farmhouse design.

A lamp like this not only looks fabulous but it offers an ambient light in your hallway that may feel necessary to make it feel cosy.

entryway table decor 6
Instagram image credit: @aubreyingman

9. Swap A Traditional Console Table For A Bench

A bench can be far more practical than a console table if you’re less worried about storage and more concerned with having somewhere to perch.

You can still dress a bench with some of your favourite trinkets and accessories.

entryway table decor 7
Instagram image credit: @michellemillerdesign

10. Use A Plant As Your Main Focal Feature

Add height and texture to your entranceway with a plant or some foliage that you’ve foraged yourself.

The trick is not to make it look too perfect or symmetrical. Let it drape to one side so it doesn’t look too styled.

entryway table decor 8
Instagram image credit: @fashionablykay

11. Candles Look Great, & They Provide An Ambient Focus In The Evening

A candelabra is a staple piece of decor for a stylish home. Dinner candles opposed to glass candles have become far more popular and they definitely feel more regal.

Don’t just use them for decoration, light them in the evening for a sense of ambience.

entryway table decor 9
Instagram image credit: @dallasdecorhome

12. Think About Scale, It’s Sometimes Best To Go Larger

Playing with different proportions is a fun aspect of interior design. Be inspired by the entranceway pictured below and go big or go home!

Using large scale items like a table lamp and a vase as opposed to lots of little trinkets can make the overall space feel bigger than it actually is.

entryway table decor 10
Instagram image credit: @thepeachyhomeco

13. Combine Clean Lines With Curves To Soften

Mix up the angles of your entranceway and don’t stick to either sharp lines or curves, incorporate both!

An upcycled wooden console table looks great but it can feel quite harsh. Soften this up with a voluptuous curved vase and some sculptural ceramics.

entryway table decor 11
Instagram image credit: @jill_and_jude

14. Add Symmetry With Matching Lamps

Symmetry is a love hate concept when it comes to interior design. If you’re a lover of it then you may want to choose two matching lamps to decorate your console table with.

Make sure you choose lamps that aren’t too overwhelming for the area and that fit in with the style of your hallway as a whole.

entryway table decor 12
Instagram image credit: @seasonsofmyhome

15. Stack Books For Height & Interest

One of the best styling accessories is a pile of books. If you’ve been collecting coffee books for a while, stack three of them to add height to your console table.

Don’t leave the books at that, top your pile off with a luxurious candle.

entryway table decor 13
Instagram image credit: @ourcozycasa

16. Wooden Beads Are A Perfect Addition On Top of Books

Looking for something else to adorn your pile of books? A string of wooden beads are a wonderful accessory that will make your console table feel styled and sophisticated.

entryway table decor 14
Instagram image credit: @bixbyandball

17. Add A Set of Lanterns For Added Light In Your Entryway

Pay homage to the farmhouse aesthetic and use a pair of lanterns to decorate your console table.

You can pop two pillar candles inside for some extra light, or you can choose LED options instead which are safer and more sustainable.

entryway table decor 15
Instagram image credit: @selectblindscanada

18. Combine Large & Smaller Items To Instil Visual Interest

Your console table doesn’t have to be perfectly curated. Instead, make sure to choose things on purpose that bring you joy and that will make you smile when you walk through the front door. 

Avoid trying extra hard to make things match and instead mix things up a bit!

entryway table decor 16
Instagram image credit: @theprovidencecottage

19. Keep Things Minimal With Your Selections

Minimalist interior lovers will love this console setup. Sometimes less is more and this contemporary feeling entranceway proves that point to be right.

A pile of books, a piece of artwork and a sprig of foliage will set the tone for the rest of the house.

entryway table decor 17
Instagram image credit: @cestesdesign

20. Pick A Specific Colour Theme

Create a cohesive entranceway by choosing a specific colour theme. Black and white is a classic colour combination that we see time and time again.

Add warmth to a monochrome hallway by introducing brass elements. This ornate brass mirror is a classic piece.

entryway table decor 18
Instagram image credit: @the_broadmoor_house

21. Add Fresh Flowers For A Welcome Pop of Colour

You can’t beat fresh flowers, especially in springtime! Choose a bunch that’s going to add a pop of colour to your entranceway. 

A bunch of bright orange tulips will no doubt make anyone smile from ear to ear.

entryway table decor 19
Instagram image credit: @ficarradesignassociates

22. Create A Entryway Display of Plants

Plant enthusiasts will love this idea! Dress your console table with lots of plants to create an indoor garden scheme.

Add variety with plants of different heights and textures and choose terracotta pots for a classic look.

entryway table decor 20
Instagram image credit: @simple_and_lovely

23. Use A Rattan Tray To Display Your Favourite Items

Group your decor together by displaying your trinkets on a rattan tray. The rattan tray and baskets warm up the grey entranceway and bring some much needed texture to the space.

An electronic diffuser is a great investment for a hallway as it will make your home smell divine.

entryway table decor 21
Instagram image credit: @michellemetzandco
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