15 Gorgeous Entryway Flooring Ideas To Welcome You Home

entryway flooring ideas
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First impressions count in an entryway and your flooring should be the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics for a warm welcome.

When it comes to choosing the right entryway flooring you do need to take into consideration how busy your household is, if you have pets and the style of decor you want to achieve. This will influence what type of flooring is best for you, and your home.

We’re ready to inspire you with a collection of different and practical entryway flooring ideas that are perfect for transforming this transitional space in your home.

15 Stunning & Practical Entryway Flooring Ideas For A Warm Welcome

1.Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you want to bring longevity to an entryway, hardwood flooring is a super choice. It will stand the test of time, high quality and looks amazing in a transitional space.

The picture below shows it in a rustic barn oak finish, beautiful for rustic, farmhouse, modern and even traditional decor schemes.

Hardwood flooring does require additional maintenance than other types of flooring, so it’s worth bearing this in mind as it is a considerable investment.

entryway flooring
Image credit: The Wood Flooring Co.

2. Bring Rustic Warmth With Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta flooring is still reigning supreme in our interiors, and it looks particularly good in entryways and in mudrooms.

It brings a beautiful warmth with it and looks gorgeous against an all white space. Terracotta floor tiles should be appropriately sealed to help maintain and keep them clean.

entryway flooring ideas
Instagram image credit: @beeskneesinteriordesign / photography by @tamara_flanagan_photo

3. Add Visual Interest With Herringbone Style Flooring

You don’t need to play it by the rulebook with standard wooden flooring, fitting it in herringbone style creates visual interest as soon as you step into the entryway.

In a space like this, finish the outside with a border to help set a boundary and finish the entryway off.

entryway flooring ideas 1
Instagram image credit: @hardwooddesignco

4. Glazed White Tiles

We love this entryway space that has been created so there is more of a divide between the living room and entryway space.

Opt for a different type of flooring in the entryway so there is a clear divide between the spaces. These glazed white tiles offer a beautiful contrast to the wood flooring, it keeps the area separate and acknowledges that you’re entering the living space.

entryway flooring ideas 2
Instagram image credit: @karinevanasse

5. Opt For Laminate Flooring

If you don’t want to carry the cost and maintenance of hardwood flooring, laminate and vinyl wood effect flooring options are a brilliant alternative.

You get to appreciate the same warmth that hardwood brings and it’s super easy to clean, so perfect for a busy household with kids and pets.

entryway flooring ideas 3
Instagram image credit: @annajoyinteriors

6. Light Wooden Flooring

Light, oak style wooden flooring is a hugely popular choice for entryways and beyond. It’s modern, workable with all types of color schemes and it provides the perfect foundation for bringing in color and texture to the space.

Again, look at both hardwood and laminate options to work out what is best for your space, and budget.

entryway flooring ideas 4
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7. Add Vintage Influencer With Checkerboard Tiles

Checkerboard is in, and in a big way. We are leaning into these vintage influences, and this style will help you achieve a visually interesting and on-trend entryway.

Line the whole entryway with these tiles, or lay it up to a certain point and then finish with wood so you get a clear divide between the taking off your shoes section, and entering the rest of the home.

entryway flooring ideas 5
Instagram image credit: @sprucehomesyxe

8. Layer With A Runner Rug

If you already have wooden flooring laid, I would always recommend topping with a gorgeous runner rug.

A runner rug will elongate your hallway, drawing the eye in, and it gives you an opportunity to introduce color and break up the monotony of the flooring. Look for Persian and oriental style rugs if you want to recreate a similar look as to what is shown below.

entryway flooring ideas 6
Instagram image credit: @omysa.home

9. Prepare To Impress With Colorful Floor Tiles

We’re in the era of neutral spaces, but it can pay to be colorful in your entryway!

The entryway sets the tone for what is to come inside, so if you have a very colorful interior throughout, your floor tiles are a great way to demonstrate your flair for design.

entryway flooring ideas 7
Instagram image credit: @thehousethatcolourbuilt

10. Patterned Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles that offer a pattern are a perfect alternative to wooden flooring if you have a traditional or period property.

They create a beautiful juxtaposition against the wallpaper shown in the image below, and they really do draw the eye in as you step through the front door.

entryway flooring ideas 8
Instagram image credit: @marlainateich

11. Lean Into Those Terracotta, Vintage Vibes

Terracotta really isn’t going anywhere. If you find traditional terracotta tiles a bit too much, lean into this gorgeous checkerboard style.

The combination with the white keeps the design light and airy, yet brings a gorgeous vintage feel to the overall entryway.

entryway flooring ideas 9
Instagram image credit: @peppertreeliving

12. Juxtapose The Layout of Flooring

If you like the style of herringbone but don’t want it throughout, juxtapose the layout from the floor to the stairs can help you achieve a seamless, yet visually interesting look.

As shown in the image below, you can even opt for flooring with a slightly darker stain to make more of a feature out of it.

entryway flooring ideas 10
Instagram image credit: @dina.dotsikas

13. Wood Limestone Floor Tiles

These wood and limestone floor tiles will deliver an enticing look to a large entryway. They break up the monotony of wooden flooring and ceramic tiles, and they are the perfect balance of the two.

entryway flooring ideas 11
Instagram image credit: @ericeremita

14. Rich, Mahogany Wooden Flooring

Light, wooden flooring is the most popular choice in an interior, but don’t discount richer, darker flooring options.

This style of wooden flooring will ground your entryway and set a boundary in the space, keep the rest of your decor neutral to lift the eye up.

entryway flooring ideas 12
Instagram image credit: @ahavertyharris

15. Charcoal Slate Floor Tiles For Definition

What’s not to love about this rustic space? These charcoal slate floor tiles are easy to keep clean and serve definition in the entryway. Lean into the moodiness with an earthy, olive green wall color. We love Benjamin Moore Dark Olive.

This decor scheme would look gorgeous in mudroom too. Introduce wooden decor and natural materials such as rattan to continue that rustic feel.

entryway flooring ideas
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