19 Board and Batten Wall Entryway Ideas For A Warm Welcome

board and batten wall entryway

If you’re looking to make a quick and affordable update to your entryway, board and batten walls are one of the most effective ways to elevate this space. They bring texture, depth, and personality and can be used in farmhouse, modern and traditional properties.

There are so many ways to introduce board and batten in a stylish way. These stunning board and batten wall entryway ideas are curated to spark your creativity and deliver the right lasting impression with your guests.

19 Stunning Board and Batten Wall Entryway Ideas For A Warm Welcome

1.Two Tone Board and Batten Wall

Board and batten installed half way up the wall is the most popular look. But actually, elevating it to the ceiling with a divide in the centre allows you to create a two tone wall that elevates the depth and character on the wall.

Make like this coastal inspired property and add a bright white to the bottom half with a defining blue on the upper section. Whatever color you choose on the upper half, ensure you feature the same color somewhere else in the entryway so it feels intentional in the space.

board and batten entryway

2. Add A Shelf For Added Visual Interest

Half wall board and batten lends itself to featuring a slim shelf on the top, it provides a border to the design and is a tidy way to finish off the look.

It aids greater visual interest in your entryway and is a great alternative to a console table if space is a premium.

board and batten entryway
Instagram image credit: @cardinal.farmhouse

3. Create A Defining Accent Wall With Black

If you want to make a statement in your entryway, paint your board and batten in a dark, defining black shade. It will ground your entryway and bring a touch of modernity. If you are installing pegs, add them in their natural state to balance the depth of the black.

For added interest, opt for a color which isn’t a true black such as Railings by Farrow and Ball so it has an almost metamorphic quality to it in the light.

board and batten entryway 1
Instagram image credit: @thenewoldsimcoe

4. Use Chunky Shaker Style Board and Batten For Farmhouse, Country Style

There are so many different ways to install board and batten, and this chunky shaker style is a great style for both Farmhouse and country style interiors.

Installing it 2/3 of the way up the wall elongates the room and gives the illusion of a bigger space.

board and batten entryway 2
Instagram image credit: @cutewithcognac

5. Use Narrow Battens For A Minimalist Look

For minimalist, Farmhouse and Scandic interiors, opt for narrow battens and install in a vertical formation. This will give the illusion of taller walls, and painted in the same wall color, it adds subtle definition and character to the entryway.

You only need to create a feature wall out of this style to elevate the space, take inspiration from the below and position a console table in front of it with a mirror for an effortlessly stylish space.

board and batten entryway 3
Instagram image credit: @happily.ever.nashville

6. Introduce A Rustic Feel With An Earthy Green

Earthy colors are a great alternative to bright whites in an entryway. They’re cozy, restorative and add depth to board and batten.

Even if you have a small corner, board and batten will transform empty walls and you can double it up as a place to hang coats, dog leads and bags.

board and batten entryway 4
Instagram image credit: @pinehillhaven

7. Paint It In A Bright White For A Minimalist Look

White and neutral color palettes are a key defining feature of farmhouse properties. Plain white walls can feel uninspiring and make a room feel flat, but combining with board and batten it brings definition and character to the space.

Add board and batten as shown below throughout the entryway for a cohesive pull through.

board and batten entryway 5
Instagram image credit: @mrsashleyfrench

8. Zone A Corner With Board and Batten

You don’t have to have an extensive wall in your entryway to add some board and batten. Sometimes, it looks even more effective on just a small section. Take this corner shown in the below image, not only does it add character but it helps to zone the space.

Dress it up with a console table, mirror and decorative accessories to finish the look.

board and batten entryway 6
Instagram image credit: @mindygayerdesign

9. Add Ascending Board and Batten

Use your stairs as an opportunity to engage you visually as you rise. Add board and batten to the walls that ascend the stairs as shown in the image below.

A classic shaker style has been used here, but it could be replicated with any style of board and batten that you wish.

board and batten entryway 7
Instagram image credit: @greensourcehomes

10. Create A Rustic, Earthy Color Scheme With Your Board and Batten Wall Entryway

Create a real feature out of your board and batten wall entryway by painting it in a different color to the rest of your walls. Lean into an earthy color scheme to create a cozy and collected space.

Combine greens, natural wooden tones, browns, oranges and creams.

board and batten entryway 8
Instagram image credit: @paintitprettyhome

11. Create A Bespoke Built In Seating Area

Make board and batten work smarter for you in your entryway. The structure of it lends itself to doubling up as a place to hang pegs and create a place for storage in this transitional space.

If you have the room, add a bench or create a bench structure which will enhance your entryway and make getting ready to leave the house that little bit easier.

board and batten entryway 9
Instagram image credit: @angelarosehome

12. Half Wall Board and Batten

A notoriously popular way to style board and batten, installing it half way up the wall grounds the entryway and adds much needed definition.

Add a border to the top of the board and batten with a lip which can be doubled up as a place to display frames, and small decor accessories.

board and batten entryway 10
Instagram image credit: @raising.tiny.disciples

13. Introduce A Darker Shade On The Upper Section

Half wall board and batten creates the perfect opportunity for color separation. Adding a different color on the upper section adds greater visual interest, warmth and draws the eye up.

If you use a bright white on the lower section, introduce a warmer, more defining shade on the top. Create a similar look as shown on the below image with Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball.

board and batten entryway 11
Instagram image credit: @homeonnativetrail

14. Introduce Verticality Into The Entryway

Vertical board and batten will add depth, elongate walls and in turn, give the illusion of a bigger space.

Take the panels from floor to ceiling to make the most of this style. Paint in the same color as the rest of your walls for a minimal look that adds subtle depth to the entryway.

board and batten entryway 12
Instagram image credit: @kadilakhomes

15. Create An Intentional Seating Area & Place To Store Coats

Install board and batten just inside your entryway, it creates a beautiful feature wall but also creates an intentional place to add a seating section whether that’s with a bench or a built in.

Affix a series of hooks to the batten for decorative display or to store your coats.

board and batten entryway 13
Instagram image credit: @asimplystylednest

16. Elevate Small Entryway Spaces

Small entryways or those without windows can feel difficult to style. Just because space is a premium, it doesn’t mean board and batten shouldn’t be an option.

It will completely elevate otherwise plain walls and adds a little extra something without having to spend a lot of money. Painting it in the same color works well in a smaller space as it keeps the space feeling light and airy.

board and batten entryway 14
Instagram image credit: @liz.handmade.home

17. Floor To Ceiling Board and Batten Wall Entryway

Create a real statement with a floor to ceiling board and batten feature wall. Paint it in a contrasting shade to really draw your eye down the entryway, it also makes a feature of this gorgeous sloped ceiling.

board and batten entryway 15
Instagram image credit: @katemarkerinteriors

18. Soften Your Entryway With Pink

White is a prevalent color on board and batten feature walls, but have you considered pink?

Pink is a warm, inviting and restorative shade. Lean into slightly darker hues for a less feminine approach, we love Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball.

board and batten entryway 2

19. Combine Differing Shades of Green For A Cozy Look

Prepare to create a cozy and tonally inviting space by painting your board and batten and walls in just slightly differing shades for gorgeous visual interest.

Take inspiration from the below on how to use green in your entryway. Pair with wooden tones and natural materials such as rattan for a rustic, earthy space.

Which of these board and batten wall entryway ideas is your favorite?

board and batten entryway 3
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