15 Farrow and Ball Railings Kitchen Ideas To Inspire You

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Railings is one of the most infamous and sought after colours on the Farrow & Ball paint chart, and for good reason! It’s a soft black shade with blue undertones and will elevate any space into one filled with the perfect balance of cosiness and luxury.

If you’re currently planning a kitchen renovation or simply want to redesign your current configuration, a bold paint shade like Railings could help bring a new lease of life to your space. 

Keep reading for some of our favourite kitchens that have been decorated using Railings.

15 Farrow and Ball Railings Kitchen Ideas To Inspire You

1.Two Tone Kitchen

There’s no denying that Railings is a dark colour and that it should be approached with a sense of caution. Railings can quite easily make a room feel extremely dark and if this isn’t the desired effect that you’re after, then you may want to consider other options.

A great compromise is to pair Railings with a light contrasting shade such as Ammonite, this will immediately brighten up the space and will bring even more attention to the sumptuous tone of Railings.

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2. Add A Curve To Your Kitchen Island To Soften The Kitchen

Using Railings in a kitchen is a bold statement and because it’s so dark it can feel quite harsh. Balance this out by choosing curved furniture and softer accessories.

Be inspired by the kitchen pictured below and design a curved island. It doesn’t just look fabulous, but it practically utilises the space available too.

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3. Use Brick Slips For A Unique Backsplash

Industrial-style interiors lean towards a darker colour palette and rougher finishes. Brick slips are a slimmer version of a brick that can be used as tiles and they can create the most effective ‘exposed brick’ effect.

The edginess of exposed brick and the rich shade of Railings is a perfect combination in our eyes.

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4. Use Quartz For A More Durable Worktop Option Than Marble (It Looks Just As Good)

Contrast kitchen cabinets painted in Railings with a white quartz worktop. Real marble costs a fortune and is really porous so inevitably isn’t that practical. However, quartz mimics the look of marble and is ten times more durable.

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5. Subway Metro Tiles For A Striking Contrast

White subway tiles are forever on trend and can create a contemporary kitchen look.

Pay homage to dark cabinets and use black grout to make subway tiles truly pop.

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Instagram Image Credit: @knoxfarmhouse

6. Add Shiplap Panelling To Your Kitchen Island For Added Character

Panelling comes in all shapes and sizes and has become a massive buzzword in the world of interiors.

You can easily add character to a kitchen island by installing panelling on top of the original woodwork. Shiplap panelling is a traditional style of panelling and will never go out of fashion.

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Instagram Image Credit: @designermumetc

7. Oak Worktops Lend A Rustic, Stylish Finish

If it’s a rustic look that you’re after then ditch the quartz and opt for a solid oak worktop instead.

Complete this farmhouse-inspired scheme with a traditional butler sink and a brushed copper tap.

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Instagram Image Credit: @dreambound74

8. Use Antique Brass Hardware

The blue undertones of Railings can make a kitchen feel quite cold if it’s not placed in the right environment. Use different design and styling techniques to warm up the space.

For example, using antique brass fixtures and fittings will instantly make your kitchen feel warm and cosy.

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Instagram Image Credit: @a_cotswold_renovation

9. Refresh Your Walls With A Lick of Railings

Don’t want to repaint your current cabinetry? Keep it as it is and paint the walls with Railings instead.

This is a budget friendly way of transforming the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank and embarking on an entire renovation.

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Instagram Image Credit: @hardy_cottage

10. Bring Light & Colour With A Vintage, Mirrored Effect Backsplash

Adding vintage touches is a lovely way of bringing your own personality and style to your kitchen space. 

The vintage-inspired mirrored backsplash pictured below introduces a lovely texture to the Railings kitchen and manipulates the light beautifully.

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Instagram Image Credit: @heywoodandrobinson

11. Give Serious Floor-spo With Patterned Tiles

An all-black kitchen can run the risk of feeling oppressive, so it’s important to consider different ways that you can brighten it up.

Patterned floor tiles are a wonderful way of doing this and you can pick a pattern that you truly love. We recommend scouting out your favourite antique shops and reclamation yards to see what designs they have.

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Instagram Image Credit: @pavilionbroadway

12. Railings & Pink Is A Winning Colour Combination

Soften a dark kitchen with a pop of colour, in this case pink. Opt for an upstand to act as your backsplash and then let the colour of your walls do the talking.

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Instagram Image Credit: @our_edwardian_home

13. Use Natural Wood In Your Kitchen Design

If possible, try and use natural wood in your kitchen design to make it feel contemporary and authentic.

Original architectural features such as beams are a great way of doing this, but if your house doesn’t have these then choosing oak wooden stools or wooden flooring is just as effective.

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Instagram Image Credit: @the_railway_newbuild

14. Introduce A Persian Style Area Rug For Warmth

Add fun and pattern to a Railings kitchen by including a colourful rug in your design. Persian style rugs are a timeless piece of decor and suit many different interior styles. 

Alternatively, an abstract or geometric design may work better with the style of your home.

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Instagram Image Credit: @the_half_finished_house

15. Combine With Oval Room Blue For An Unsuspecting, Yet Stunning Look

Rather than trying to balance out the cool tones of Railings, embrace them by pairing it with Oval Room Blue. 

Blue is set to be one of the biggest colours in 2024, according to experts, so designing an all-blue kitchen will mean your home is bang on trend.

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