17 Farrow and Ball Front Door Ideas For A Stunning First Impression

Set the tone for what is to come inside with these stunning front door colour ideas.
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The front door is arguably the most important aspect of your exterior. It sets the tone for what is to come inside, and well, first impressions count here!

A fresh lick of paint on your front door can make the world of difference, as well as completely changing the tone of your home.

Get inspired with these stunning Farrow and Ball paint colour ideas for your front door, from pretty pinks to defining hues.

Farrow and Ball Front Door Ideas

1.Add A Luxe Feel With Mouse’s Back

A classic grey brown, Mouse’s Back is a popular exterior shade, and a perfect alternative to a traditional brown or black.

This is a versatile shade that works well with period and modern properties.

Paint used here: Mouse’s Back Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door
Instagram image credit: @tale_victoria

2. The Perfect Sage Green

Lichen is just one of those gorgeous calm and muted shades of green that looks phenomenal on a front door. It’s the perfect nod to the outside world, but a restorative shade that delivers an attractive first impression.

This shade pairs so well with brass accents for a warm touch.

Paint used here: Lichen Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 1
Instagram image credit: @no7renovate

3. Subdued Shades of Pink

Sulking room pink is an enduringly popular rose, muted shade of pink that is loved in interiors, and looks stunning on a front door.

Pair with a white on the architrave detail for a pristine contrast.

Paint used here: Sulking Room Pink Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 2
Instagram image credit: @hannahharrietdotcom

4. Create A Lasting Impression With Cinder Rose

If you want something with pinker tones and a more feminine feel, Cinder Rose is a gorgeous choice. This colour has barely any of the yellow pigments which are usually found in pink making it a bluer more romantic shade.

Paint used here: Cinder Rose Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 3

5. Deliver Definition With Downpipe

Grey still remains one of the most popular colours for a front door. It’s versatile, doesn’t show dirt easily and works with most architectural details.

Downpipe is notoriously popular by Farrow and Ball. It is a dark lead colour which brings definition to a door, yet it has blue undertones which deepens the overall finish.

Paint used here: Downpipe Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 4
Instagram image credit: @katy_at_the_manor

6. Pair Blue With Brass Accents

Inchyra Blue used here looks absolutely exceptional on a door. This aged blue grey fits right into home on this cottage, a stunning contrast against those gorgeous roses!

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to a standard navy blue for the front door, this is it. Plus, it looks beautiful with brass hardware details like a front door knocker and knob.

Paint used here: Inchyra Blue Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball dront door 5
Instagram image credit: @leanneandthecottage

7. Add A Natural Finish With Green

A light sage green will never not be a good idea. Vert De Terre looks absolutely stunning here against the natural red brick on the house.

It pairs with most door hardware metals too such as brass, nickel, chrome and bronze.

Paint used here: Vert De Terre Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 5
Instagram image credit: @myhouseinthecountry

8. Say Hello To Duck Green

If you want something a little earthier and more defining than a sage green though, Duck Green makes for a beautiful choice.

This shade will ground your house, and makes a true style statement.

Paint used here: Duck Green Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 6
Instagram image credit: @beaconfieldhouse

9. A Perfect Alternative To Black

Studio Green is in fact one of the darkest greens in the Farrow and Ball collection. When applied to exterior doors, this colour reveals its full splendour, reacting uniquely to different lighting conditions. Surprisingly, it appears significantly greener in natural light than it does on their colour card.

If you want something with a bit more character than black but is equally as defining, this is a perfect alternative.

Paint used here: Studio Green Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 7
Instagram image credit: @edcliffhouse_renovation

10. Entice With Bancha

A mid-century modern green, Bancha is a true beauty both for interior and exterior use. It’s the type of green that makes you take a double look.

It’s named after Japanese tea leaves, and definitely gives that strong, defined look on a front door.

Paint used here: Bancha Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 8
Instagram image credit: @goodmornington_

11. Bring Sunshine To Your Front Door

Add an instant pop of sunshine to your front door with Babouche. It’s not often enough that we see yellow front doors, and Jack is definitely the king of painted front doors, and we love this one.

Needless to say, yellow just makes everything pop and looks fab against most architectural details.

Paint used here: Babouche Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 9
Instagram image credit: @jackdmarch

12. Bring Coastal Influence

Whether you have a coastal property, a quaint cottage or a townhouse, deliver the ultimate colour of calm and elegance with Parma Gray.

This is one of my favourite colours! It’s neutral, but it’s not, but it introduces this calm, subtle colour that looks amazing against this all White House shown below. It’s very coastal Hampton’s style!

Paint used here: Parma Gray Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 10
Instagram image credit: @therathproject

13. A Blushing Pink

If you want a real blushing pink to make the boys wink, Nancy’s Blushes is an uplifting shade that will certainly instil a welcoming last impression on your guests.

Use the exterior eggshell version of this paint to recreate the look.

Paint used here: Nancy’s Blushes Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 11
Instagram image credit: @carpo_

14. An Adventurous Pink

Looking for a pink that’s slightly less ordinary? Try Rangwali. Wow, we could not love a colour more! Farrow and Ball describe it as their most adventurous pink.

It’s bold and bright for a front door, yet has an absorbing depth of colour which is achieved by the small dose of black pigment that the paint contains.

Paint used her: Rangwali

farrow and ball front door 12

15. A Warm Pop of Colour

India Yellow is one of Farrow and Ball’s most popular yellow paint shades, and it looks fab on a front door.

If you want a want pop of colour and something that makes a statement, yellow is definitely a good idea.

Paint used here: India Yellow Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 13
Instagram image credit: @theoldstoresbnb

16. Brighten With Blue

If you have an all white minimalist home, you can definitely go loud on the front door. Not only does it leave a lasting impression with guests, you benefit from the contrasting colour when you’re inside the house too.

Vardo has been used here, a rich teal that just looks incredible against white.

Paint used here: Vardo Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 14
Instagram image credit: @skaynedesigns

17. Make A Statement With Railings

We had to give an ode to Railings in this list, because, well, Railings is one of their most popular alternatives to black.

This blue black shade just looks incredible on a front door. It ticks all the boxes, it doesn’t show dirt easily, it brings depth and character, and the colour looks different in different lights, adding a metamorphic quality to it when it’s on the front door. What’s not to love?

Paint used here: Railings Exterior Eggshell

farrow and ball front door 15
Instagram image credit: @ellen_homeandgarden
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