11 Long Hallway Runners For A Welcoming Entryway

long hallway runners
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If you’re looking to elongate a narrow hallway or add some depth to an entryway, long hallway runners are one of the best decorative hacks for a hallway that do more than just introduce colour to the space.

Long hallway runners will help to give the illusion of a longer space, whilst they bring instant colour and character into the equation. It’s also a great way to break up the monotony of flooring, whilst providing a soft, welcoming entrance.

I’ve put together an edit of 11 beautiful long hallway runners that are versatile and suitable for a range of interior decor schemes.

Should A Runner Be As Long As The Hallway?

If you’re in the purchase stage of long hallway runners you’re probably wondering what size you need to go for. Whilst there’s no hard or fast rule it should always be shorter than the entire length of the hallway, there should be enough breathing space either side of it, this could be anything between 15-30cm depending on the size of your hallway.

You also don’t want to runner to be too short as it will feel inferior and look out of place. Just remember, you’re creating a boundary with the rug, so just run it up from 15-30cm from either side and you can’t go wrong.

However, there are exceptions to this. We have a very long hallway that takes you into the kitchen and utility room, so we’d need a hallway runner size that wouldn’t exist, and it would look ridiculous! Instead we picked a standard size one that runs up just to the base of the stairs so it zones the area well.

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11 Long Hallway Runners For A Welcoming Entryway

1.Distressed Terracotta Aztec Washable Runner Rug

I am a HUGE fan of the Renuu range at Kukoon and I have two of these oriental style rugs in my home.

They’re perfect for heavy traffic hallways as they are liquid repellent and washable, so perfect if you have children and pets.

I always lean towards an oriental style rug in a hallway as they can be a great way to introduce welcome colour into the space. Just ensure it features a colour that is also featured somewhere else throughout your hallway whether that be on your walls, in art or decor accessories. It will make the space feel so much more cohesive.

long hallway runners

2. Jute Boucle Runner

I have a lot of love for a beautiful jute runner, if you want to deliver a rustic grounding look to your hallway this is a perfect choice.

If you have similar coloured floorboards, or a space that lacks a lot of colour I would strictly avoid jute as it can feel very wishy washy and monotonous in colours.

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long hallway runners

3. Afaw Berber-style Runner Rug

If you’ve been lusting after interiors on Instagram for the last 5 years, you might remember this pattern. This infamous La Redoute rug was so popular it even had its own Instagram.

The best selling pattern still lives on in runner form, and it’s a real beauty. Soft on the feet, neutral but with defining black accents. Just the most perfect long hallway runner for Scandic, boho and modern style interiors.

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long hallway runners

4. Silver Sustainable Reversible Runner Rug

Sometimes you just need something simple to elongate a hallway space. You don’t need thick piles or lots of colours to make an impact in a hallway.

This sustainable runner is probably not the best for households with dogs, but if you want something lightweight and are styling a boho or Scandic style interior this is a perfect solution.

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long hallway runners

5. Reversible Cotton Navy Bordered Rug

Blue hallways are one of my favourites, they can be tranquil yet leave a lasting impact. If you’re wanting to use blue as an accent colour in the space, using it as a border colour on a rug is an effective way of introducing blue into the space, but it will help to ground and create a boundary too.

I have a lot of love for bordered rugs, but do make sure you feature the bordered colour elsewhere in the hallway too.

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long hallway runners

6. Blair Jute Runner

I can vouch for how great this rug is as I have the exact same in my utility room.

It brings rustic charm and depth to a space and is great for concealing dirt too! You will need to place an anti slip rug underneath to avoid movement though.

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long hallway runners

7. Long Distressed Carpet Hallway Runner

If you want an affordable yet stylish runner rug, you can’t go wrong with this one from Amazon.

That distressed style is perfect for transitional, modern, rustic and bohemian schemes. It’s washable and has built in anti-slip backing so you don’t need to purchase anything additional to this runner.

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long hallway runners

8. Ourika Berber-style Colourful Runner Rug

If you love Berber style rugs, this might be the best yet! For an instant pop of colour in your hallway, this colourful runner rug is sure to leave a lasting impression.

It adds a playful addition to the right hallway space – use in bohemian, modern and transitional interior design schemes.

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long hallway runners

9. Wool Runner Kim Mint

Greens and sage greens are a huge hit in interiors right now, such a restorative, natural colour that works with neutral and bold tones.

Benuta are another favourite of mine for sourcing high quality rugs that last. I adore the two tonal look and end tassels for added visual interest.

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10. Nomad Sultan Runner Rug

And, it’s the hallway runner that might have made you click through to investigate further!

There is so much to love about this rug that combines deep reds, pinks, yellows and browns in a traditional pattern. I love the versatility of this rug for traditional, modern and transitional interior schemes.

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long hallway runners

11. Panaji Fringed Hand Woven Jute Rug

Coming in at the end of my long hallway runners edit is this ultra rustic yet stylish woven jute rug.

For uncomplicated style with a muted bit of colour, this has got to be one of my favourites. It would look beautiful in a range of colour schemes, think terracottas, sage green, creams and don’t forget some black accents for much needed definition.

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long hallway runners

Which of these long hallway runners is your favourite? If you need any advice on colours or picking the right rug for your hallway space, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back.

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