23 Ultra Relaxed & Stylish Coastal Kitchen Ideas

coastal kitchen ideas
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Are you dreaming of living by the sea but for whatever reason you haven’t made the move yet? You can still bring a coastal element to your home that feels classic and timeless.

Nautical themed homeware doesn’t have to be super cheesy with anchor and fish motifs, it can simply nod to the tranquillity of being by the sea with a calming colour palette and a rustic feel.

Keep reading to discover some of our favourite coastal kitchen ideas that we hope will inspire you. 

23 Ultra Relaxed & Stylish Coastal Kitchen Ideas

1.Soft Calcutta Marble

Calcutta is known for its bold white colour and impressive grey and gold veining. If you’re adopting a coastal themed kitchen you’ll want to keep your work surfaces nice and bright so this is the ideal choice.

Calcutta marble worktops feel ultra luxurious, so will offer a lovely contrast to a more rustic coastal design.

coastal kitchen
Instagram image credit: @kismet_house

2. Restorative Olive Hues

The obvious colour combination for a coastal kitchen is blue and white, however you don’t have to choose this for your space for it to still feel inspired.

Olive green is a popular colour choice as it feels soothing and grounding.

coastal kitchen 1
Instagram image credit: @tomhowleykitchens

3. Go Large Scale With Pendant Lights

Playing with scale is an effective part of interior design. Opt for large pendant lights to sit above a kitchen island or dining table to make a real statement.

Not only do they look effective but they’ll offer a good amount of light, which is ideal for preparing and eating in the kitchen.

coastal kitchen 2
Instagram image credit: @koehndesign_livebeautiful

4. Soft Baby Blue Tones

There are lots of different shades of blue and we could never pick just one to complement a coastal kitchen.

However, baby blue is a wonderful choice for cabinetry as it will add a pop of colour whilst at the same time keeping the room feeling light and airy.

coastal kitchen 3
Instagram image credit: @dunbarroad

5. Warm Brass Details

Warm up a cool toned coastal kitchen with brushed brass hardware. There are lots of different finishes and designs to choose from but we are massive fans of a cup handle.

Not only are these bang on trend but they definitely nod to the coastal trend with their scallop-like design.

coastal kitchen 4
Instagram image credit: @weethhome

6. Deep, Navy Blue

If you prefer a darker and richer tone for the kitchen then navy blue is a no brainer.

Try to avoid making your kitchen look too dark by pairing navy cabinetry with marble worktops and a light paint colour on the walls.

coastal kitchen 5
Instagram image credit: @studiodearborn

7. Delicate, Frilly Lighting

Frills and ruffles are definitely having a moment right now in the world of interiors but have you seen frilly pendant lighting?

They look simply stunning placed above a kitchen island. Or, you could consider using frilly lampshades for wall lights to hang them directly above open shelving.

coastal kitchen 6
Instagram image credit: @vaughan_d_d

8. Add Gloss White Subway Tiles

White subway tiles are a failsafe option for any kitchen. They make for a stylish splashback that will never go out of fashion.

If you want a twist on the classic subway tile then we’d suggest opting for a glossy textured finish.

coastal kitchen 7
Instagram image credit: @candminteriors

9. Create A Coastal Feel With Dark Wooden Accents

There’s no denying that coastal themed interiors have a rustic feel to them. 

You can incorporate this into your own kitchen space by adding in dark wooden accents. This can be done through your choice of flooring, worktops and shelving.

coastal kitchen 8
Instagram image credit: @semihandmade

10. Add An Airy Feel With Glass Lanterns

Keep your coastal kitchen feeling clean and open by opting for glass lanterns and chandeliers. 

This way, light will travel through the glass and there will be no opaque finishes that will distract the eye making the space feel interrupted.

coastal kitchen 9
Instagram image credit: @gottabeblue

11. Lean Into Grey

Grey has got a bad rap recently, however it doesn’t have to be dull and uninspiring. A classic mid toned grey is a timeless choice for a kitchen.

Make a grey kitchen feel more contemporary by pairing it with black handles and appliances.

coastal kitchen 10
Instagram image credit: @homeight.homestay

12. Match Your Lighting To Your Cabinetry Colour

We love the idea of matching the colour of your kitchen cabinetry to your choice of lighting. 

Be inspired by the blue toned kitchen pictured above and opt for a design that is totally unique to you and your personal style.

coastal kitchen 11
Instagram image credit: @waterviewkitchens

13. Boast A Light, Neutral Colour Scheme

Create a coastal feel in your kitchen by opting for a light and neutral colour scheme.

This doesn’t have to mean that you opt for an all white kitchen, you can mix in different beige and neutral tones to make the space feel layered and sophisticated.

coastal kitchen 12
Instagram image credit: @jennymartindesign

14. Add A Natural Feel With Wooden Units

Keep things natural by choosing raw timber kitchen units and cabinetry. This rustic design is undoubtedly inspired by all things coastal and will definitely stand the test of time.

Elevate an all-wooden kitchen with a marble worktop and splashback.

coastal kitchen 13
Instagram image credit: @buildtxsolutions

15. Rattan Stools Add A Relaxed, Luxe Place To Sit

Coastal interiors are characterised by natural materials. Rattan is a gorgeous woven material that can be used in most rooms of the home. 

These rattan bar stools bring a rustic element to this kitchen as well as offering style and comfort.

coastal kitchen 14
Instagram image credit: @viewfrommyheels

16. Combine Wood With Light Tones

Emulate some of your favourite seaside restaurants by combining wood with lighter tones.

There’s a reason why lighter colour palettes are so popular with properties by the seaside, it’s because they want to let the landscape do the talking and to let in as much natural light as possible.

coastal kitchen 15
Instagram image credit: @urbanfloor

17. Wrap A Kitchen Island In Wooden Panels

A contemporary way of nodding to coastal style is to add wood and texture to your kitchen.

Use wooden panels to adorn a kitchen island for a modern and stylish addition.

coastal kitchen 16
Instagram image credit: @haausdesign

18. Embrace The Dark Side

There’s no rules when it comes to interior design and you must do what you feel is best.

Darker kitchens are popular right now and definitely make a statement. Pair a dark kitchen with wooden elements to keep it feeling warm and rustic.

coastal kitchen 17
Instagram image credit: @nakedkitchens

19. Add A Vintage Feel To Your Coastal Kitchen

Do you love exploring your local vintage and reclamation stores? If you’ve picked up lots of vintage treasures over the years that you’d like to display in your kitchen, there’s no reason why you can’t.

To avoid a kitchen space feeling cluttered, try and keep the core design simple and let your accessories do the talking.

coastal kitchen 18
Instagram image credit: @honeyandfitz

20. Geometric Print Brings An Unexpected Twist

Geometric designs are a Scandi classic and can’t be underestimated. If you love this kind of look but feel like it doesn’t suit a coastal design, try not to overthink it and go with what you love.

coastal kitchen 19
Instagram image credit: @phlphotography

21. Warm Up A Scheme With A Copper Backsplash

There are so many different splashback designs to choose from to suit all different kinds of kitchens.

A copper splashback definitely adds the wow-factor to a kitchen space, especially when it’s paired with a matching copper worktop.

coastal kitchen 20
Instagram image credit: @devolkitchens

22. Mix Metals For Beautiful Interest

Another way of introducing a rustic element into your kitchen design is to mix your metals. 

Choose contrasting metals with your choice of lighting, handles and accessories to add an eclectic vibe.

coastal kitchen 21
Instagram image credit: @graceinmyspace

23. Add Colour With A Blue Backsplash

Blue tiles feel inherently coastal. If you find a blue patterned tile that you love then we’d recommend using it as a splashback either behind your sink or oven. 

Pair blue with gold for an elegant look and feel.

coastal kitchen 22
Instagram image credit: @gldesignhome
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