19 Indulgent Brown Kitchen Cabinets Ideas, On-Trend For 2024

brown kitchen cabinets ideas

Brown is having a moment, and it’s set to be one of the most coveted colours for 2024.

There’s something ultra sumptuous and indulgent about brown, but equally it shows a nod to the natural world and is perfect for use in a rustic, earthy inspired interior. Whether you lean into brown shades or let natural wood do the talking, this colour really is good for the soul, and our interiors.

Not convinced this colour is for you? These brown kitchen cabinets ideas are designed to inspire and show you just how great this colour translates into our interiors…

Brown Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Dare to experiment with brown in a kitchen, this multi versatile and natural colour looks amazing and can be used in a wide range of designs for a stylish and on-trend look that will remain timeless for years to come.

1.Pair With Sage Green For A Natural Look

Sage green is still reigning supreme, and it is a match made in heaven for brown. Light oak coloured cabinets are having somewhat of a renaissance too, and they can be a great way to introduce some brown tones into your kitchen without it feeling oppressive.

Introduce sage green as a paint colour (we love Dulux Heritage Sage Green) and some wall tiles for a splashback.

brown kitchen cabinets 1

2. Layer Differing Shades of Brown For Visual Interest

Pairing tonal shades of brown is one of the best ways to deliver an effortless, on-trend brown kitchen.

Choosing dark brown for the kitchen cabinets grounds the space and add definition, whilst the lighter brown walls pair beautifully, giving the cabinets breathing space.

brown kitchen cabinets ideas 2
Image credit: Fisher & Paykel appliances Kate Halfpenny Kitchen Photo Credit: Cat Vinton

3. Add A Black Gloss Backsplash For Impact

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about brown and black, they complement each other perfectly when used in the correct way.

Dare to add a striking and elegant look to your kitchen by adding a black gloss backsplash, it’s striking, easy to clean and hides dirt, what’s not to love!

brown kitchen cabinets ideas 3
Image Credit: Covet House

4. Combine With Natural Wood For A Rustic Feel

Pairing two tones in a kitchen if you have a kitchen island is the best way to create interest, as one standalone colour can feel flat.

Keep a running theme by opting for a natural wood kitchen island like this, the lighter tones complement the dark brown kitchen cabinets. Add a set of rattan pendants to soften the overall look.

brown kitchen cabinets

5. Lean Into The Darkness & Beauty of Black

Whether you have a cosy cottage or a dark North facing kitchen, choose to lean into the darkness and create a cosy and ultra decadent look out of brown.

These deep brown cabinets pair perfectly with the wooden beams, the fun introduction of a wallpapered backsplash adds character and offsets the dark tones.

brown kitchen cabinets 2

6. Scandinavian Inspired Design

Brown is a multi versatile colour when it comes to design, and it works just as well in Scandinavian and minimal design, as demonstrated on the image below.

Keep it sleek with handleless units and clean lines for a minimal, yet highly functional kitchen.

brown kitchen cabinets 1
Instagram Image Credit: @nordiskakok

7. Use Brown As A Warm, Modern Neutral

Richer, warmer neutrals are the colour palette of 2024. Opting for a light brown, almost taupe shade is a great alternative to a beige or white in a kitchen.

It delivers depth, character and beautiful warmth. Pair with wooden tones or a differing shade on an island or upper cabinets for strong visual interest.

brown kitchen cabinets 2
Instagram Image Credit: @rehomeoutlet

8. Top With Marble or Quartz For An Expensive Finish

Not sure what worktops look good with brown? Actually, lots of tones work with brown, but if you want an expensive finish and feel, you can’t go wrong with a light grey Calcutta marble.

If you want the look but not the price tag, quartz is a great and highly durable alternative. You don’t have to worry so much about spills and stains with quartz as marble is notoriously known for being porous and holding stains if not mopped up quickly.

brown kitchen cabinets 3
Instagram Image Credit: @buildingutah

9. Contrast With Olive Green For A Stunning Look

Name a more decadent combination than olive green and brown in a kitchen.

This gorgeous light brown shade is set off by the green. Pair with brass hardware for a warm accent that contrasts beautifully with these tones.

brown kitchen cabinets 3

10. Opt For Natural Wooden Tones Throughout

Keep your kitchen consistent with the same natural wooden tone throughout. If you don’t like traditional brown tones, using wooden cabinetry is a perfect way to keep engaged with this trend.

Wood is timeless for a kitchen, and these darker tones bring definition and a touch of modernity.

brown kitchen cabinets 4
Instagram Image Credit: @pineappleinteriorsldn

11. Go For A Two Tone Look With Marble

Another example of just how exquisite brown tones and marble look together.

Opt for a two tone look by introducing a kitchen island in marble (or a physical colour). A light grey Calcutta marble like this pairs beautifully with the richness of the dark wooden cabinetry.

brown kitchen cabinets 5
Instagram Image Credit: @madebystorey

12. Blue & Brown, An Unsuspecting Colour Combination

I’ve explored this unsuspecting yet beautiful colour combination of blue and brown on a hallway trends post before, and this combination is one you can’t appreciate until you see it.

There’s something highly luxurious and expensive looking about how these two colours blend together. Plus, if you have the space, we love an open ended kitchen island like shown for additional vignette moments.

brown kitchen cabinets 4

13. Green & Brown Offers A Timeless Design

We’re all over the green and brown trend, and it feels particularly fitting for 2024.

Whether it’s sage green or olive green, using a secondary colour as part of your kitchen design will pay dividends and lift the darkness of wooden tones like these.

brown kitchen cabinets 6
Instagram Image Credit: @dropofhoneyy

14. Combine White & Brown Gloss Cabinets

Gloss cabinets are traditionally of very contemporary design, they’re no-nonsense and engage with you visually whatever light you look at them in.

Opt for a two tone cabinet look like this for visual interest and definition against the white.

brown kitchen cabinets 7
Instagram Image Credit: @_tree_story

15. Lean Into Soft, Chocolately Tones

Muted, baby brown tones are always a winner in our eyes.

This kitchen nails the brief, the softness combines perfectly with the white worktop and brass wall lights. You can get away with a darker wooden flooring too to help ground the space.

brown kitchen cabinets 8
Instagram Image Credit: @bothmindsdesign

16. Wrap The Kitchen In Dark Wooden Units

Switch things up in your two tone design and add darker wooden units to the top run in the kitchen. The way they wrap around the kitchen here helps for an inclusive design.

We love the addition of the fluted wood panelling on the kitchen island which albeit is in the same wooden tone, it just adds an extra something to this unique design.

brown kitchen cabinets 9
Instagram Image Credit: @qanvast

17. Make A Grounding Feature Out of A Kitchen Island

If you have the space, go all out with a large kitchen island, you won’t regret it.

Use it as an opportunity to play around with brown. With a central feature like this, dark wooden tones will ground the entire kitchen, setting the framework for building out a beautiful colour scheme.

brown kitchen cabinets 10
Instagram Image Credit: @puresaltinteriors

18. Pair With Black For A Defined & Sumptuous Kitchen Scheme

There it is again. Black and brown really do make a wonderful pairing.

Tile to the ceiling with black tiles. Semi gloss, imperfect tiles work best in a look like this as they add a little something visually no matter what light or area you stand in the kitchen to look at them in.

brown kitchen cabinets 11
Instagram Image Credit: @with_tandem, design by @lindyegalloway

19. Contrast Cabinetry In Differing Shades of Brown

Layer those differing tones of brown on your upper and lower cabinetry for a standout look.

This contemporary kitchen design has a masculine, yet earthy feel to it. There is a level of perfect cohesion throughout with the same upper cabinet colour being used as the track on the lower set of cabinets.

brown kitchen cabinets 5
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