9 of The Best Hallway Colours 2024: According To The Experts

hallway colours 2024
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Arguably the hallway is the most important transitional space of the house. It’s the first touch point for your guests, and your family, and it should set the tone for what is to come in the rest of the house.

Now, the easiest way to update a hallway to be on-trend, stylish and welcoming is with colour. A lick of paint in a hallway can completely change the ambience, tone and feeling of the space.

If you’re looking to update your hallway for 2024 and beyond and wondering where to start, we’ve spoken to some of the experts in home design to give their predictions on the best hallway colours 2024, there’s something for everyone from warm modern neutrals to bold statement making shades!

9 of The Best Hallway Colours 2024: Predicted By The Experts

1. Warm, Modern Neutrals – Say Hello To Soft Shades of Pink

Dulux announced their colour of the year 2024 Sweet Embrace, and it’s a solid predictor of what is to come in our interiors in 2024.

Their global colour of the year is a culmination of an 18 month gestation period where Dulux form the colour based on assessing how we are living today and what things influence the way our homes work.

During the Instagram live reveal, Dulux creative director Marianne Shillingford said “Sweet embrace captures a sense of calmness in our fast paced world making everything okay. It works like a neutral so supports stronger colours, a progression of pink, and a sophisticated colour that works in any room of the house”.

This beautifully versatile shade really is a perfect colour for a hallway in 2024. It’s soft, calming and a cosy embrace as you step through the door after a long day.

best hallway colours 2024
Image credit: Dulux

2. Leaning Into Earthy Neutrals – Soft, Olive Green

It’s no secret that we have been leaning heavily onto softer tones of green in the last year, and those earthy neutrals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Nicole Sage, interior designer at Sleek-chic Interiors said “whilst sage green is still as popular for interiors, a strong olive green delivers a greater sense of depth and character in a hallway. It’s defining yet calming, and is a perfect colour to pair with a black accent on a bannister for real design impact. Use the same shade on the skirting boards up to the wall, it will make the room feel bigger, and create a more cohesive space”.

We love Overtly Olive by Dulux and Calke Green by Farrow & Ball.

hallway colours 2024
Instagram Image Credit: @indie.and.co

3. Baby Blue Tones That Aren’t Just For Coastal Inspired Interiors

Blue has ofter been considered as a cold colour, often reserved for coastal interiors, but baby blue is rising in the ranks.

This cool, soothing colour looks incredible in pretty much every room from the kitchen to the hallway, but it’s all about what colours you pair it with.

Baby blue on its own can feel cold and lifeless, so perhaps pair it with a half wall panelling look with wallpaper that introduces a warmer tone.

Not convinced? Wait until you see this colour paired with brown in a hallway, a surprising combo that just works. Parma Gray is one of our favourite blues by Farrow and Ball.

hallway colours 2024
Instagram Image Credit: @ottolinedevries

4. Soft Black Colour For Impact

Grey washing an interior has well and truly had its day, but a more mature progression into a soft black colour is something we will see more of in 2024.

In fact, Cracked Pepper is Behr’s colour of the year 2024, a versatile soft black that accentuates the spaces you create lifes moments in.

This defining colour can make a statement or be kept simple with the colours you pair it with.

hallway colours 2024

5. Heritage Yellow, A Mature Yellow

Yellow hallways have never been a ‘thing’, but the colour has never been just right.

Now, over the last year heritage yellow has been a colour that has been continually creeping into our interiors. It’s mature, soft, yet super welcoming in a hallway.

This warm shade offers a more on-trend alternative to a magnolia or yellow based off-white. Pair with black accents or dark wooden accents to ground the hallway. Take a look at India Yellow by Farrow and Ball to create a similar look.

hallway colours 2024
Image credit: Benjamin Moore

6. Warm, Earthy Terracotta Shade

Terracotta brings a rustic, Mediterranean quality to an interior, and this rich, earthy shade is a beautiful choice for a hallway.

These rusty tones will continue to rise in our interiors through 2024, it pairs well with soft tones like sage green, a neutral colour palette and bolder shades like mustard yellow.

If you want to make an intentional impact in your hallway that will leave a lasting impression, this is the colour you should be leaning into.

Take a look at our pick of the best terracotta paints to find your favourite shade.

hallway colours 2024
Instagram Image Credit: @michelleogundehin

7. Sage Green Is Still Reigning Supreme

Whilst olive green is on the rise, it doesn’t look like sage green is going anywhere, just yet.

Sage green has becoming hugely popular in interiors as our lives have undoubtedly changed in the post pandemic world. We spend more time at home and we need that safe, calm sanctuary, something that colour can help us with.

This soft hue of green brings a restorative balance to a hallway and pairs beautifully with neutral and earthy hues, as well as natural elements such as rattan light fixtures and wooden furniture.

hallway colours 2024
Image credit: @wearechurchills

8. Beige Is Still In, But We’re Looking At Warmer Shades With More Depth

Greys have taken a backseat, and warmer neutrals like taupe, cream and pink are the new aspirational colour palette.

Beige is becoming somewhat overused in interiors, but warmer shades with more depth will offer more to your hallway space, creating a warming and inviting feel that doesn’t feel bland or boring.

Always pair with black accents as they’ll add definition to the neutral hues and bring a touch of modernity too. Layer other earthy colours in the hallway for visual interest and depth.

Get the look shown below with Egyptian Cotton by Dulux or try Skimming Stone for a richer feel.

hallway colours 2024
Instagram Image Credit: @camillas_casa

9. Indulgently Good For The Hallway – Shades of Brown

Browns are the new modern, warm neutrals of our interiors and they will be a huge hit in 2024.

Founder and CEO of Studio Dean, Cathy Dean says: “A brown interior colour scheme is surprisingly versatile and not at all as dramatic as it sounds, as there are so many tones that you can ease into. Opting for a  neutral brown base allows you to have versatility in your home as you can easily bring in other colours and trends. Add in a green for an earthy, nature inspired feeling, opt for a pink for a soft feminine space or a navy if you want something a little more bold. These tiny switch-outs alongside a base in a solid neutral mean you are not getting tired of your room and deciding to redecorate far more often than you need to!”

“Don’t go too stark and try to contrast with brown. Take things slowly and layer up and down through the palette you have selected, it is a colour that likes to be understated and simple. Hold all of the colours together and make sure it has the same undertone”.

Remember, we mentioned using baby blue with brown, the colour combo that will completely change your opinion on brown, a versatile and soothing combo for a hallway.

hallway colours 2024
Instagram Image Credit: @folie_chambre

The hallway colours 2024, is there a colour you’re drawn to? Or perhaps you’re already one step ahead of the trend and have a shade in your hallway already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. What I would say about these mid green shades like sage and olive is that they ‘swallow’ light. My hallway is north facing so pretty dark anyway and I’ve painted one wall in a mid olive and it’s made it even darker even though the other walls are a warm white.

    • Yes, great point to make. Unless you want to lean into the darkness of it, it’s best to stick with a warm neutral in a dark hallway for a light, airy feel when you enter the home.

  2. Glad I’m on trend
    I’m currently painting my hallway and stairs.
    Mellow mocha walls ( pinkish tone)
    And a new carpet with mix beige neutrals and chocolate.
    My daughter was doubting my choice! Keeping Fingers crossed.
    Accent black or dark brown frames on walls for pictures/mirrors is the plan.


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