11 Indulgent Brown Hallway Ideas For An On-trend Look

brown hallway ideas
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These brown hallway ideas show how easy it can be to get on-board with this growing colour trend that can feel rich, sumptuous and luxurious in an interior.

Brown is set to become the new ‘grey and beige’ in an interior, even more so as we move into 2024.

This is one hue that will stand out above the rest, this earthy shade gives a nod to the natural world outside, but it’s a defining shade that can deliver warmth and cosiness too.

Here’s 11 ways that you can start using this on-trend and surprisingly delicious colour in your hallway.

11 Indulgent Brown Hallway Ideas For An On-trend Look

1.Embrace Differing Shades of Brown For A Cosy, Warm Ambience

Studio McGee is already leading the way with her love for brown in an interior.

One of my favourite ways to utilise brown in a hallway and beyond is to layer with differing shades of brown. The contrast of colour and texture will deliver a sumptuous, rich feeling which will leave a warm lasting impression on your guests.

Mix panelling for depth, introduce warm brown pouffes and brown decor accessories to cement the look.

brown hallway ideas 1
Image credit: studiomcgee

2. Create A Warm, Neutral Hallway With Light-Mid Brown Tones

Sometimes it’s as simple as a new lick of paint.

If you’re not quite brave enough to embrace the overly dark shades of brown, a light-mid brown like this can be great, and it’s a warm neutral that brings more character than a beige or white.

You might also want to look into ‘colour drenching’ with a brown. This involves using the same paint colour to paint all the way up and over the ceiling.

A one colour look can create a really cosy and inviting space. However, avoid this if you have very low ceilings, or a narrow hallway as it will make it feel even smaller.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @mrcbpaintsandpaper

3. Showcase Original Hallway Floor Tiles

If you have a period property you might be lucky enough to uncover some original hallway floor tiles. Absolutely embrace them rather than covering them up.

Hallway tiles like this will ground the space, but they’re also going to be the instigator of what other colours you use in the space because of their defining pattern and colours.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @love_this_old_house

4. Use Brown As An Accent Colour For Definition

You don’t need to paint your walls in chocolate to appreciate using brown in your hallway.

Choose to use brown as simply an accent colour in your hallway for definition. It can be a refreshing swap for black, and brings a slightly richer, more sumptuous feel with it.

Use brown as an accent colour on furniture, mirrors, lighting and other decorative accessories.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @umacantikhome

5. Go All In With A Rich, Chocolate Shade

Up the ante and really lean into brown with a rich chocolate paint shade like this.

It’s one of those colours that you have to see in situ to really appreciate how it can make an interior feel.

If you have a small hallway, I would paint the skirtings in the same brown shade as it’s going to make the space feel bigger, and your eyes aren’t going to dart around all the different colours as you step into a hallway.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @a.p__home

6. Add A Brown Built In

If you already have a beautiful built in for a bench and storage purposes, you might just want to give it a fresh lick of paint to appreciate this new colour trend in your hallway.

Paint it in a rich brown paint, it will define the built in, and bring a grounding aspect to an otherwise neutral hallway.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @farmhousevintageuk

7. Half Painted Walls For Character

Half painted walls are just a great way to add perfect separation to a hallway without using a dado rail. Simply choose where you want to paint up to and use a deep brown on the lower half.

Teamed with a light neutral on the upper half and it helps to draw the eye up, giving the illusion of much higher ceilings.

The chocolate looks amazing against the black and white floor tiles too, a hugely defining aspect which delivers a definite style statement in this hallway.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @half_a_hall

8. Combine Pink & Brown Tones For A Rustic, Feminine Touch

You might be surprised to learn than pink and brown make a fabulous colour combination.

This unsurprising partnership of colours really works, these pink and brown based colours work in harmony.

Light, dusty pink balances well with the intensity of the brown and it can deliver a neutral, yet feminine contrast in a hallway where brown lines the other side of the hallway.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @aninteriorlife

9. Use A Dado Rail For Colour Separation

If you don’t fancy trying half painted walls, a dado rail is an effortless way to separate colour in an interior.

Follow the dado rail up the stairs for ascending colour. Choose the brown shade for the bottom half as it will ground the hallway, and top with a warm or light neutral above to draw the eye up as you enter the hallway.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @mylands_london

10. Let Wooden Flooring Ground A Hallway

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to decorating with brown, and if you already have dark brown wooden flooring you don’t need to do much else apart from let it breathe in its true glory.

Wooden flooring like this will beautifully ground a hallway with its deep richness, of course you can choose to still introduce other brown accents if you like, or introduce black for a touch of modernity.

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: @lucys_hillside_house

11. Combine Baby Blue Tones With Brown For A Striking Look

But, perhaps my favourite of all the brown hallway ideas, it’s such a classic yet unsurprising combination of brown and baby blue.

It’s the look that shouldn’t work but it does, and quite effortlessly.

Using a light brown for the foundation in the hallway, baby blue is used as a small but notable accent on the front door and architraves. The balance between these two shades is beautiful, yet offers timelessness and a cosy aesthetic that’s cool, and warm in equal measures.

Which of these brown hallway ideas is your favourite? Will you be leaning in to this on-trend colour over the coming year?

brown hallway ideas
Image credit: ashleymontgomerydesign

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