17 Warm Cosy Grey Living Room Ideas

warm cosy grey living room ideas
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Using grey in an interior is a popular choice, but due to its undertones it can make a room feel cold if it’s not styled accordingly. The good news is that there are plenty of warm cosy grey living room ideas that will help to create that relaxing, and welcoming entrance that you desire as you step through your door after a long day.

By combining warmer tones, and considered use of texture, you can ensure that your grey living room is never thought of as cold.

Looking to add a bit of cosiness to your grey living room? Let’s dive on in to 17 warm cosy grey living room ideas that you will love!

17 Warm Cosy Grey Living Room Ideas

1. Warm Pops of Colour Through Layered Textures

A fail safe way to create a warm cosy grey living room is by introducing warm pops of colour through layered textures and patterns.

This playful introduction of a warm roller blind pairs perfectly with the warm accents on the cushions so the colours all cohesively work together.

Texture not only helps to add depth to the room but it makes the space feel instantly cosy and warm. Think about introducing texture through rugs, cushions, throws, blinds and curtains.

warm cosy grey living room
Image credit: English Blinds

2. Black Accents For Depth

Black and grey in a living room doesn’t mean moody and oppressive. In fact, quite the opposite when you introduce wooden tones and cream shades into the mix.

The black accents help to ground and define the room, making the grey feel like a much more muted and warm shade against the black. I’m a real fan of a black accent, no matter the space. A few well placed black accents is all you need, as demonstrated below.

neutral black living room
Image Credit: Make My Blinds

3. Use Grey As An Accent Colour on Furniture

All grey walls can feel cold, but you can still enjoy grey when using as an accent colour. Keep the room light, bright, airy and cosy by opting for an off-white or bright white on the walls.

Add a statement grey sofa and dress with warm colours through cushions and throws to really set the colour off in the space.

grey living room
Image credit: Bridgman

4. Sage Green Feature Wall

Sage green in interiors is one of the most on-trend colour combinations with grey right now, and we can see why! Sage green brings the most beautifully relaxing and restorative balance to grey and it makes a great choice for a feature wall in a grey living room.

Introduce other neutral shades and plenty of texture into the affair to make it feel warm and cosy.

sage green and grey living room
Image credit: Danetti

5. Grey Wallpaper

Choosing a grey wallpaper for a living room which features one or two other colours can help to bring some much needed warmth and cosiness to the space.

I’m not a fan of a half wall panelling, half wall wallpaper in a living room, but opting for a feature wall is a great way to introduce some additional pattern and texture.

grey wallpaper living room

6. Visually Endearing Ceiling

Hear me out… A black ceiling has the ability to absolutely lift a living room, whilst making it feel like the cosiest, warm space.

It elevates your eyes as you enter the room and the contrast against a lighter colour on the walls makes the room feel smaller, and cosier. This trick is best for larger living rooms that have space to flaunt.

black ceiling living room
Image credit: Bridgman

7. Warm Pops of Blush Pink

For a feminine, soft and cosy living room, combining blush or dusty pink with grey is such a classic, and timeless colour combination that looks perfect together.

The pink helps to lift and add warmth to the grey, introduce it through texture to create those cosy layers, however you choose to style your grey living room, layering and adding texture is the best way to achieve that warm and cosy grey living room.

blush pink and grey living room
Image credit: Norsu Interiors

8. Elevate With Grey Lighting

Grey doesn’t need to be used as the sole colour in a living room, a few well placed accents can add softer definition than a black and it looks great with neutrals and more statement colour schemes.

Elevate your living room with a beautiful grey pendant light, don’t forget to choose a warm lightbulb to help achieve that desired ambience when the evening falls.

neutral living room
Image credit: Interiorr

9. Bright White Contrast

A timeless colour pairing for grey is white, and it shows. This crisp, clean and perfectly pristine combination in a living room keeps things airy, bright and social.

To avoid ‘showroom style’, introduce a couple of warm pops of colour with cushions, and opt for different textures, tassels and styles.

white and grey living room
Image credit: King Living

10. Grey Wall Panelling – Feature Wall

Create a panelled feature wall for a living room in grey to create a well defined section that adds character and depth.

A plain painted grey wall can instantly be lifted with panelling, this feature wall creates a cosy backdrop, so lift it with a different lighter shade on the other walls in the living room.

grey panelling living room
Image credit: English Blinds

11. Earthy Touches of Greenery

Adding a touch of greenery to a grey living room gives a nod to the natural world, whilst those earthy hues add depth and texture to the space.

Don’t stop at cushions, throws and blinds, add some real greenery in trailing pots on shelves or floor standing planters for added texture in the space.

green and grey living room
Image credit: English Blinds

12. Statement Sofa

Offset your grey living room with a really statement piece of furniture or sofa for a warm and cosy feel. The introduction of this teal sofa brings a divine and luxurious feel to the room, you could just imagine cosying down here for the evening with some good food and a candle flickering.

grey living room
Image Credit: English Blinds

13. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow brings a touch of masculinity to a room, but it pairs naturally well with grey, and it’s hard not to smile at this sunshine bright shade.

Less is definitely more with this colour, so introduce it with layers of texture with pouffes, rugs, cushions and throws. A couple of well placed items is all you need to benefit from this touch of warmth.

grey and mustard yellow living room

14. Grey and Spicy Terracotta

A grey and terracotta living room is one of my favourite colour combinations. Introducing this spicy shade to a grey room instantly lifts the space, whilst it crafts such a warm and cosy feel from winter through to summer.

Add terracotta and burnt orange shades that differ for added texture and visual interest.

grey and terracotta living room

15. Simple Styling

Simple, Scandic styling wins, and it doesn’t mean it can’t be cosy either, the Scandinavians have been nailing that super cosy yet relaxed look for decades.

Think less clutter, simple pieces of artwork and considered styling. Colour isn’t a huge part of Scandic style, but a few warm pops of pink and caramel don’t go amiss in this warm and cosy grey living room.

grey and pink living room

16. Open Shelving

One of the best ways to create warmth and cosiness is with texture and areas that feel lived in. Open shelving is a great way to demonstrate this, it keeps things visually interesting and gives you an opportunity to display your favourite items personal to you, and a way to layer with texture.

Add natural rattan boxes for warmth, and pattern on decor accessories for extra texture and colour.

grey texture living room

17. Introduce Geometric Pattern

A simple and effective way to lift a grey living room is to add a gorgeous rug underfoot. Adding an area rug is a MUST for any living room. If you buy anything, buy this.

An area rug sets a boundary in the space, stops furniture from floating and it delivers warmth and cosiness. A geometric patterned rug is a longstanding classic, perfect for modern and Scandic style interiors.

grey and geometric pattern rug living room

Key Things To Help Achieve A Warm & Cosy Grey Living Room

Hopefully these warm cosy grey living room ideas have inspired you to start styling your own living room. You may like a mix and match of some of these ideas to create your own unique room, here are some key things that will help you achieve a warm and cosy grey living room no matter what style you want to achieve;

  • LAYER – I can’t stress this enough that this is one of the most important ways to bring warmth, and cosiness to any living room, no matter the colour. This includes layering with things such as, cushions, rugs, throws, rugs, baskets, curtains and blinds.
  • Area Rug ALWAYS – even if you have a carpet, every living room will benefit from an area rug. It sets a boundary in the room and stops furniture from floating. If you pick the right style of rug, it will immediately up the style stakes in your living room, and plus, it’s super soft for those tootsies after a long day!
  • Warm colours – introducing one or two other warm colours to your living room will help to make the space cosy, you only need it on a few well placed accents to benefit from this. Such as with cushions, throws, artwork and vases.
  • Materials – different materials will help to layer, add depth and create that cosy feeling. I’m a lover of natural materials in a space like rattan baskets, they bring instant warmth and are stylish, yet ultra relaxed additions to a living room. Experiment with different materials such as wood, linens and velvets as you see fit.

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What Colour of Curtains Go With Grey Walls?

Grey is a cool and versatile neutral so it pairs really well with both neutral, and bolder colours of curtains. If you want to create a neutral look, go for white voiles, a paler grey shade, sage green, cream or blush pink. For something more defining opt for back, mustard or navy blue.

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