13 of The Most On-Trend Farrow and Ball Nursery Colours

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Decorating a nursery for your impending arrival is up there without being one of the most exciting types of home decorating there will be.

Whether you’re prepped for the gender or are looking to create a gender neutral space, we’re sharing some of the most on-trend Farrow and Ball nursery paint colours that will give you all the inspiration you need to confidently choose the perfect colour for your space.

13 of The Most On-Trend Farrow and Ball Nursery Colours

1.A Calm Combination

I personally think that decorating a nursery or child’s bedroom in calming, soothing colours is the best way to add longevity and create a restful space.

This nursery uses Slipper Satin on the ceilings and walls for a really neutral, yet warm base. Introduce a complementary colour such as Vert De Terre as shown here on the dresser for a calm combination.

farrow and ball nursery
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2. A Pop of Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is making a comeback in interiors, and it’s a refreshing and optimistic shade for a nursery.

Shown here with Farrow and Ball Day Room Yellow, they’ve introduced bolder tones on soft furnishings whilst opting for a paint colour that lifts the space.

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3. Colour Drench With Sage Green

Colour drenching in a soothing colour is the best way to create a cohesive and cocooning space. This style of decorating with paint is incredibly stylish and on-trend.

Recreate the look with Eddy, a gentle green which is perfect for a neutral, rustic inspired nursery.

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4. Use Neutral Tones For Longevity

Whether you’re creating a gender neutral space or want more longevity with the nursery paint colour, opt for neutral shades and soft tones that will stand the test of time as your little one gets older.

Setting Plaster is a hugely popular shade by F&B, it’s not overly feminine but brings a soft, gentle warmth with it.

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5. Introduce An Earthy Colour Scheme

Pigeon is definitely up there with being one of the most reached for greens, it has a beautiful depth to it that makes it work well in an earthy colour scheme.

Introduce natural materials such as wood and rattan and pair with whites, creams and browns for a soothing colour palette.

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6. Introduce A Mural Feature Wall

A great way to create impact in a nursery is by introducing a mural feature wall as shown below, it’s fun and will engage your little one from an early age.

Pair with like colours featured in the wallpaper for a cohesive feel. This nursery features both Green Smoke and Shadow White.

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Instagram Image Credit: @mely.homedeco

7. Introduce A Warm, Modern Neutral

Skimming Stone – it’s a popular for a reason! If you’re looking for something fail safe which isn’t a white and doesn’t require too much thought, Skimming Stone is a perfect choice that’s warm, modern and neutral.

However, if you want a more affordable option, Dulux Egyptian Cotton is an almost perfect near match for this F&B shade.

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8. Pink & Green Is The Perfect Pairing

Sulking Room Pink is an enduringly popular paint shade, and it looks perfect in this gorgeous nursery. Add a bright white to the ceiling to draw the eye up and do opt for a bold complementary shade on furniture for a fun pop of colour.

Pink and green is one of my favourite pairings, and it looks perfect in both boys and girls nurseries.

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9. The Perfect Blank Canvas

If you’re looking for something less clinical than a bright white, Au Lait acts as the perfect soft, blank canvas.

Do introduce warmer pops of colour and layer for a unique and colourful space.

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Instagram Image Credit: @mothsintherattan

10. Soften With Sage Green

Sage green became ever popular in 2023 and it’s not set to slow down on the interior front. It’s soothing, restorative and it makes for a perfect base in a nursery.

Get the look with Mizzle by F&B, a beautifully soft shade. Keep things neutral, but don’t be afraid to introduce other touches of colour into the space for interest.

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Instagram Image Credit: @lifeatlaurens_

11. Consider The Fifth Wall

The ceiling, or the fifth wall is often reserved for a bog standard bright white, but you can have so much more fun with it!

Perfectly demonstrated here with Setting Plaster on the walls, Olive on the ceiling and Fruit Fool on the door. What a beautifully colourful combination for a nursery.

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Instagram Image Credit: @house_on_the_way

12. Lift The Space With A Bold Feature Wall

If you’re looking for a more mature, heritage yellow, India Yellow is a beautiful choice that looks great as a feature wall or used across all walls in a nursery.

Introduce some small black accents to the space for added definition. The beauty of this colour is that it surprisingly works really well with most colours.

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13. Two Tone Painted Walls

From colours to styling, this nursery has been executed to perfection!

Two tone painted walls are a great way to introduce colour in a subtle wall. Oval Room Blue has been used here with an off-white on the upper half and ceiling. Oval Room Blue acts as a great backdrop for other bold colours, and it’s perfect for unisex spaces too.

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Instagram Image Credit: @prettyinprintart
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