15 Tiled Hallway Ideas With Serious WOW Factor

tiled hallway ideas
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Looking to add some instant wow factor to your hallway and reinvigorate the space with depth and character? These 15 tiled hallway ideas are just the gentle persuasion you need to take the plunge.

I’m a huge advocate for tiles as a hallway flooring solution – they’re durable, look amazing and super easy to clean, so they’re great for busy households and those with pets.

From bold and traditional to wonderfully rustic, get ready to feel inspired after scrolling through these 15 tiles hallway ideas.

15 Tiled Hallway Ideas With Serious WOW Factor

1. Airy Wood Aesthetic Floor Tiles

When it comes to floor tiles, it’s not just about the mosaic, Victorian style tiles that you see all over Instagram.

Traditional, modern wooden aesthetic floor tiles are one of the most versatile and durable options that can work with a myriad of design schemes.

Vinyl floor tiles are great for busy households, they don’t easily dent or show scuffs and they’re one of the most affordable types of flooring options for a hallway.

tiled hallway ideas
Image credit: Tile Mountain

2. Star Design Traditional Floor Tiles

If you want to create serious wow factor in a hallway, I mean, first impressions count here! These star design traditional floor tiles bring serious gravitas to the space, the border around the tiles brings that touch of definition and uniformity which makes them an excellent choice for use in a period property like this.

The floor really does the talking in this space so you can afford to have more minimal, pared back accessories on display.

tiled hallway ideas
Image credit: The London Tile Co.

3. Dark Slate Tiles

Keep your hallway space grounded with these dark slate tiles. Their large proportion makes them perfect for smaller hallway spaces too and a great choice for busy households as they’re super forgiving and don’t show dirt easily.

The dark tiles will lead the way in either a minimalist or modern design, bring in some other black accents to help draw the room together and create a good flow throughout the hallway.

black tiled hallway
Image credit: Tile Mountain

4. Go Bold With Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are perhaps one of the most popular tiled hallway ideas. They work from modern to traditional design, in both new build and period properties.

Of course, they provide instant presence as you walk through the door, the white accent on the tiles makes the design pop, and only minimal styling is required to complete the hallway.

tiled hallway ideas
Image credit: Walls and Floors

5. Geometric Victorian Floor Tiles

A classic style from the Victorian era, if you have a period property and are looking for some tiled hallway ideas with period authenticity, look no further.

This black and white chequerboard style with border is a timeless design that has been used in properties since the Victorian era. It makes the hallway pop and can pair with pretty much any colour scheme, wallpaper choice of panelling that graces the walls.

black and white tiled hallway
Image credit: Original Style

6. Classic, Timeless Cream & Black

I adore this style of floor tile from Mandarin Stone, the octagon limestone tiles bring such a classic appeal to a property, simple linen coloured with that defining and balanced mix of black throughout.

This style of floor tile is best for larger scale hallways and period properties.

tiled hallway ideas
Image credit: @dhowelldesigns

7. Monochrome Tiles

Classic monochrome tiles are one of the most versatile tiled hallway ideas, lending themselves to use in most home decor schemes.

Adding a border to tiles in a hallway is a great way to add uniformity and a finished look to the hallway space. If you have a really dark narrow hallway, I would suggest an alternative as the border can make the hallway feel even smaller.

black and white tiled hallway
Image credit: @myperiodhomestyle

8. Green Patterned Tiles

Green with envy? Dare to be different with something other than monochrome in your hallway. You’ll often find that standard designs are available in different colours too.

If you do opt for something like green tiles, just make sure that you use that colour as an accent somewhere else in the hallway, such as a decor accessory or in wall art. This will make the space flow better and feel more cohesive.

green tiled hallway
Image credit: @imperfectinteriors

9. Go Bold With Multicolour

This style of multicolour floor tiles is another design synonymous with the Victorian era. This bold look brings gravitas to a stunning hallway.

The design can be distracting to the eye, so it’s a type of tiled hallway which is better for larger scale hallways that can carry the design.

tiled hallway ideas
Image credit: @victorianemporium

10. White & Blue Black Marble Victorian Tiles

These iconic tiles were once used in Victorian era train stations, this collection draws on this heritage with rich traditional tones, whilst updating the look with modern shapes and sizes.

This white and blue black marble look is one of my favourites, such a classic design that has stood the test of time.

black and white tiled hallway
Image credit: Artisans of Devizes

11. Soft Grey Geometric Tiles For A Rustic Feel

I just love the versatility of these soft grey geometric floor tiles, they’re perfect for almost all home decor design styles.

They bring a touch of boldness, whilst their soft grey colour doesn’t overpower the space. It provides the perfect foundation in a hallway to introduce further colour and design accents.

grey hallway tiles

12. Red Chequered Tiles

But, perhaps you fancy something a little bolder for serious wow factor? For the most daring, these red chequered tiles bring quite a style statement with them.

In the wrong type of house and it could quickly feel like a pizza establishment, but in the right house, and it will totally transform and lift the hallway.

red and white hallway tiles
Image credit: Annie Sloan

13. A Pop of Pink – Patterned Tiles

I couldn’t pass this tiled hallway ideas round up without including a pop of pink. Whilst this less popular colour for a hallway isn’t to everyone’s taste, in the right dose it can provide a light, feminine and pretty aesthetic in a hallway.

Pair with other like pastel colours and brass finishes for a luxurious and warm feel.

pink hallway tiles
Image credit: @pinkhouseliving

14. Spicy Terracotta That Packs A Punch

Terracotta is the colour of the hour, and it just looks incredible in a hallway. It bring a rustic quality, yet warm definition that doesn’t include a single touch of black.

If you’re looking to create an ultra relaxed yet stylish and rustic interior, terracotta is a great choice. It’s definitely a colour that’s on-trend currently, so just make sure it’s one you love rather than following the trend, as replacing floor tiles each year isn’t a cost effective, or fun task!

terracotta hallway tiles
Image credit: @timesproperty

15. Pastel Zig Zag Tiles

Lots of floor tiles share the same patterns, borders and type of design, but floor tiles can be different, and don’t be afraid to not follow the pack when it comes to tiling your hallway.

These pastel zigzag tiles instantly draw the eye as you step into the room and they bring a ton of colour and warmth with them.

Make like this hallway, and just ensure you pick out at least one of the colours and also feature it throughout the hallway for style cohesion as you can see from their skirting, dado rail and radiator choices.

Which of these tiled hallway ideas is your favourite?

pastel hallway tiles
Image credit: @oliviaemeryinteriors

Is It A Good Idea To Tile A Hallway?

Yes, tiling a hallway is a great idea. Not only does it provide durability and easy maintenance, but it also adds an element of style and sophistication to your home’s entrance. With endless options in tile design, you can create a unique look that complements your personal taste and complements the rest of your interior design. If you do have a very small narrow hallway, avoid bold, distracting patterns and opt for more timeless designs in colour such as beige, grey or monochrome.

What Colour Tiles Are Best For The Hall?

Neutral tile colours such as beige, cream, and grey are timeless and versatile options that can complement a wide range of interior styles. For a more dramatic look, bold and dark colours such as black, navy blue, or deep green can make a statement and create a sophisticated ambience in a hallway. However, it’s important to balance these bold colours with lighter accents to prevent the space from feeling too dark or overwhelming.

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