13 Best Kitchen Radiator Ideas You’ll Love

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Looking for some of the best kitchen radiator ideas? These smart, nimble and modern offerings will bring style and much needed warmth to your kitchen without becoming an eyesore.

Unless you have underfloor heating, it’s likely that you will need a radiator of some sort to keep your kitchen warm and free from dampness associated with cold rooms.

Whether you’re doing a complete kitchen renovation where the radiators haven’t been updated in 30 years, or you’re just looking for a more slim line, modern radiator, here are 13 of the best kitchen radiator ideas that you, and your home will love!

Should You Put A Radiator In A Kitchen?

Unless you have underfloor heating, a radiator in the kitchen can help you maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. This is especially important during colder months when you may spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining in the kitchen.

Kitchens tend to attract a lot of moisture and humidity too which can lead to mould and mildew growth. A radiator can help to prevent this by keeping the space warm, dry and an ambient temperature level.

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13 of The Best Kitchen Radiator Ideas You’ll Love

1.ELEGANT Anthracite Double Oval Column Radiator

A vertical column radiator is one of the best kitchen radiator ideas that is perfect for even the smallest of kitchens where space is a premium.

This style of double oval column radiator is an ultra contemporary design, whilst the anthracite finish delivers a defining accent in the room.

If you have a modern or contemporary interior, an oval column radiator, both vertical and horizontal is a fitting choice.

vertical kitchen radiator

2. Slimline Curve Horizontal Radiator

For the sleek and modern radiator that blends into its kitchen surroundings, the slimline curve horizontal radiator is perhaps one of the niftiest.

With an elegant curved body, this neat radiator can be fitted into the most discrete spaces, be it under a kitchen island or in an alcove.

It’s not the largest radiator, so do check its heat output and BTU rating to ensure that it will effectively heat your kitchen.

slimline white kitchen radiator

3. Make It A Design Feature With A Pop of Colour

Radiators are sleek and ultra stylish these days that you can pivot and use them as a design feature within a kitchen rather than just viewing them as a functional must have in a kitchen.

Not only do these panel radiators offer one of the slimmest profiles for a streamlined, sleek look but they’re available in a huge range of colours.

You can choose a colour to create a defining accent in the room or introduce a colour that pairs with other accessories or cabinetry in the kitchen for a cohesive feel.

Featuring one with a brass finish, it brings such a warm and inviting look to this grey kitchen decor.

brass panel kitchen radiator
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4. Traditional Cast Iron Column Radiator

If you have the right type of property and decor scheme, a traditional cast iron column radiator is a true timeless classic.

A period property or an interior decor scheme such as modern Victorian is the perfect place for a cast iron style radiator like this. It brings a quality, defining accent to the room and will be appreciated for years to come.

Pair with other black accents in a few well placed areas around the kitchen to draw the space together.

kitchen radiator ideas

5. White Horizontal Double Panel Radiator

White radiators still remain a popular choice in interior schemes. It’s an unobtrusive colour and lends itself in minimalist or contemporary interior design.

Double panel radiators are much more contemporary and streamlined than their traditional counterparts and a wall mounted option is a great choice for keeping the floor clean and streamlined.

white kitchen radiator ideas

6. Cast Iron Style White Horizontal Radiator

A chunky cast iron style horizontal radiator is such a substantial yet stylish choice for a property. Again, this style is most suited to traditional, classic or country style properties. I just love how it looks against block panelling like this!

Horizontal radiators are great for heating larger rooms and they don’t take up a lot of upper wall space so it doesn’t distract your eyes as you step into the room.

cast iron kitchen radiator ideas

7. Black Vertical Designer Radiator

Vertical radiators are the best for contemporary spaces, and those where space is a premium. Opting for a vertical radiator in a black finish is an ultra stylish way to bring some definition to a neutral space.

It will help to ground the room, will tie in with other similar colour accents in the room and it will stylishly heat your home through the winter too.

Always remember to check what heat output the size of your kitchen requires, as this will help with heat efficiency and keep energy costs as low as possible.

vertical black kitchen radiator ideas

8. White Flat Panel Double Radiator

This style of kitchen radiator is modern, no-nonsense, yet functional. Not everyone is a fan of the very mainstream panel radiators, and a flat slab panel like this delivers a sleek yet streamlined finish in a kitchen.

This style of radiator is more about function than aesthetics, but they’re typically more affordable than column and cast iron radiators. Perfect for modern and some traditional properties.

white kitchen radiator ideas

9. Electric Towel Radiator

A towel radiator in a kitchen? Yes, it’s really a thing (more on that later!). A vertical electric towel radiator like this is perfect for freeing up floor space and elevating things in the room.

A vertical towel radiator will draw the eye up as you enter the room and it’s perfect for doubling up as a tea towel drier, and even a spot of your washing during the winter months. Multi functional, and so versatile!

black towel radiator kitchen

10. The Radiator Company Mini Ledbury 4 Column Radiator

This mini, what I’d consider chunky cast iron column radiator is one of my favourite kitchen radiator ideas. In the right interior setting it will come into its own as a design asset.

It’s black profile looks amazing against tall skirting boards and is just a perfect choice for Georgian and Victorian properties.

cast iron black kitchen radiator ideas

11. Black Venus Designer Radiator

Looking for something a little bit different? This beautifully crafted designer radiator is a true showstopper, if you want to use your radiator to create a true centre piece in a room, this is the perfect choice.

With exquisite curves, this ultra modern radiator is well suited to modern and contemporary homes.

black designer radiator

12. Lazzarini Way Anthracite Designer Radiator

Up the style stakes with this anthracite designer radiator. Blending form with function, the powder coated design will bring the ultimate definition to a kitchen space, whilst it looks incredible too.

The wall mounted design offers a superb heat output, don’t let the intricate design fool you! A perfect addition for a modern or contemporary kitchen space.

black designer radiator

13. Terma Angus Vertical Designer Radiator

A perfect example of fusing form and function, this radiator is not only an efficient source of warmth but a stunning addition to any kitchen design.

Crafted from low carbon mild steel, this beauty boasts sleek lines and a contemporary design. Available in four eye-catching colours and two different sizes, this radiator can be customised to suit any style preference and space requirement.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly delivers a lasting impression. What do you think? Or are you team traditional?

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Can You Put A Towel Radiator In Kitchen?

A towel radiator can of course be used in a kitchen as an alternative to a traditional radiator to keep tea towels and towels warm. However, a towel radiator isn’t a typical choice in a kitchen because its aesthetics are linked, and well known for use in a bathroom.

If you do choose a towel radiator for a kitchen you’ll need to ensure that the BTU output and size is adequate enough to heat the space.

How Do You Heat A Cold Kitchen?

There are a number of solutions that will help to heat a cold kitchen. Firstly you should check for any window and door drafts and if they have adequate insulation as this is the first place that your kitchen will start to lose heat.

One solution is to add a portable space heater, which can provide immediate warmth. But a longer term option that’s aesthetically pleasing could be underfloor heating, or a stylish floor or wall mounted radiator. It is imperative to check what heat output the size of your room requires to heat it adequately as too small a radiator will continue to cause issues.

kitchen radiator ideas

Having a radiator on display in a kitchen is no longer seen as something you need to hide, a stylish, designer radiator combines both form and function, providing a decorative accent in the room that can work with your interior and keep your kitchen warm and inviting through the winter.

Which kitchen radiator ideas are your favourite from the list?

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