13 Hallway Cupboard Ideas You Need In Your Life

hallway cupboard ideas
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If you’re looking for hallway cupboard ideas that will serve more than just storage in your hallway, you’re in the right place.

Sourcing size appropriate storage for a hallway can be a real issue if you have a narrow hallway, plus, without it looking ugly and sticking out like a sore thumb, of course.

Hallways should perfectly form both function and aesthetics – storage is a must have in a hallway to make that morning process even easier leaving the house, easy to reach shoes, coats and dog leads. Yet, it needs to work with your existing hallway colour scheme, whilst making every inch of space a useful area that can be utilised.

You’ll definitely need at least 1 of these hallway cupboard ideas in your life after reading this…

13 Hallway Cupboard Ideas You Need In Your Life

1.Country Style Bench & Cupboard

If you have a modern rustic or country style interior, a beautiful country style bench come cupboard combines functionality and aesthetics perfectly.

A perfect perch to use before leaving the house, and an area to store away everything out of sight. Top with a cushion and throw for added texture in the space.

My biggest rule of thumb when planning furniture for a hallway is just to ensure that it still allows a good traffic flow around the item, if it blocks or makes the space feel narrow, you need to look for something else that will better fit the space.

hallway cupboard ideas
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2. Beautiful Built In For A Seamless Look

If you have a large hallway space, opting for a beautiful built in is a smart choice. It offers a seamless look and provides ample storage for coats, shoes, towels and everything in between.

Paint it in the same colour as your woodwork to add some interest in the hallway. Think about the hardware choices too, it’s the finishing touches that matter!

hallway cupboard ideas
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3. Add Colour & Storage With An Ombre Cupboard

The perfect hallway cupboard doesn’t exist….

Okay, now this ombre cupboard is pretty cute! If your hallway embraces colour and you’re leaning towards a pink colour scheme, this little beauty will add colour and ample storage space. Position under the stairs or in a direct entryway if you have the space.

Style the top of it like you would with a console table for added colour and style in the hallway.

hallway cupboard ideas

4. Utilise That Under Stairs Storage Space

If you have a hallway where space is a premium, utilising the under stairs space is one of the smartest, space saving moves to make.

Opt to have bespoke built ins that really maximise your space. It’s such a great way to bring hidden storage to a small hallway without it hindering flow or aesthetics.

hallway cupboard ideas
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5. Exposed Under The Stairs Storage

If your under the stairs is exposed, it offers a perfect place for storage opportunities.

Blend the opportunity with aesthetics by opting for a gorgeous unit which can be styled too. I love the addition of the rattan boxes, it brings such a beautiful natural and rustic edge to this unit.

hallway cupboard ideas
Image credit: @home_by_the_sea_22

6. Entryway Storage Come Console Table

If you add a hallway cupboard to your immediate entryway you need to ensure it suits the space and doesn’t affect the flow to the stairs, or the rest of the hallway.

Look for specific narrow units, it’s always best to go smaller than larger is you have a small hallway. A unit too large will make the space feel even more inferior.

Black and rattan panel cupboards are hugely on-trend right now. Don’t forget to use the top as a perfect opportunity to style to perfection.

hallway cupboard ideas
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7. A Purpose Built Bespoke Built In

If you decide to have a built in storage option in your hallway, don’t think of it in the conventional sense that it all needs to be boxed in like a wardrobe.

Add an open section like this that can double up as pegs storage and a bench with additional storage underneath. It will add greater visual interest and provides further function to the hallway.

hallway cupboard ideas
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8. Wall Mounted Storage Where Space Is A Premium

For small hallways, wall mounted, narrow cupboards are almost the best choice for maximising space, whilst delivering some much needed storage solutions too.

Add some LED strip lighting underneath to provide some depth to the unit.

hallway cupboard ideas
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9. Long Length Cupboard Storage

If you have a long hallway, think about maximising the entire length of the space. It will make the space feel more interesting and will avoid having dead, white space that will just become unused.

This large built in provides the perfect space for coats, shoes, dog leads and everything else that needs to be out of sight!

hallway cupboard ideas
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10. Clever Space Saving Storage

When I was sourcing some of the best hallway cupboard ideas, I came across a space saving solution I’ve never seen before…

Under the stairs storage is quite common, but literally storage that is within the stairs is a new one. But I can see how this would be super useful for those where under the stairs storage isn’t possible.

Some hallway spaces literally greet the stairs as the door opens, and others are central to the hallway so under the stairs storage isn’t possible.

What do you think?!

hallway cupboard ideas
Image credit: @smart_space_stairs

11. Narrow Black Cupboard For A Touch of Modernity

If you’re creating a modern interior, one of the defining characteristics is a black accent.

Introducing a black accent with a cupboard is a great way to introduce definition and a touch of modernity. Pair with a few other well placed black accents in the space to tie the room together.

hallway cupboard ideas
Image credit: @our_self_build_ni

12. Neat, Narrow Hallway Cupboard

Even if you do have a small hallway, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some kind of hallway cupboard, you’ve just got to be smart with the size you choose.

This neat, narrow hallway cupboard is the perfect size for this small alcove next to the door. It might mean that you have to look at unconventional console tables and instead look for chest of drawers that could accommodate the space better.

hallway cupboard ideas
Image credit: @organisedbycharlotte

13. Defining Black Rattan Hallway Cupboard

One of my favourite hallway cupboard ideas, the perfect modern piece that is on-trend and stylish.

You may only need a little bit of storage space in a hallway, and a hallway cupboard like this can easily double up as a console table too.

Which of these hallway cupboard ideas is your favourite?

hallway cupboard ideas
Image credit: Furniture and Choice

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