The Best Purbeck Stone Hallway Ideas For An Inviting Feel

These Purbeck Stone hallway ideas demonstrate how a neutral greyish-brown can bring so much more warmth and depth to a hallway than a bog standard bright white.

The colour of Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone is reminiscent of the natural stone found in the limestone hills of Dorset, which has a mix of grey and brown tones. So, of course, the paint colour is often described as a greyish-brown – and a perfect neutral that is subtle and delivers a refined finish in an interior.

Looking for some inspiration of it in situ? These Purbeck Stone hallway ideas are the perfect example of how it can create an inviting, and warming feel in your entryway.

What Colours Go With Purbeck Stone?

This refined shade of greyish-brown is highly versatile for an interior as it pairs beautifully with crisp whites, and earthy neutrals such as sage green and lavender hues.

For a bigger impact, it’s highly complementary with defining accents such as black, navy blue and mustard yellow.

Here are some of the best colours to pair with Purbeck Stone;

  • White
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Sage Green
  • Olive Green
  • Other grey tones
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Lavender hues
  • Terracotta
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The Best Purbeck Stone Hallway Ideas

A Neutral, Yet Warm & Inviting Envelope of Purbeck Stone

Purbeck Stone has a beautiful neutral quality to it, it brings a touch more warmth and depth than a bright white and naturally makes for a perfect paint colour that can be painted through a hallway to envelope the space.

If you’re looking to keep the colour scheme quite neutral, do introduce white accents and wooden tones, perhaps on a console table or bannister to bring some warmth into the equation.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit: @thefelicitoushome

Purbeck Stone With A Monochromatic Colour Scheme

If you have a black and white hallway, introducing Purbeck Stone as an accent colour within the hallway will add a further touch of modernity, and the black provides a gorgeous definition against the greyish-brown tones.

Black and white floor tiles provides a dramatic contrast, whilst painting a bannister black is a quick and affordable update to a hallway.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit: @my_midcenturymakeover

Create Bespoke Built In Storage & A Place To Perch

If you have a large hallway, you may have extra space to play around with. Creating a bespoke built in to house storage and add a bench to perch with hooks combines function and aesthetics perfectly.

Paint in Purbeck Stone to create a zoned area within a hallway, contrast with an off-white or bright white to keep the hallway feeling light and airy.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit: @holly_oak_house

Add Warmth To Your Woodwork With Purbeck Stone

Larger hallways can be slightly more adventurous with colour.

In a small hallway I would always recommend painting skirting in the same colour as the walls as it will elevate the walls, whilst different colours can be distracting and make the space feel chaotic.

However, in a grand hallway like this, opting for a slightly warmer colour to wrap across the woodwork and doors is a beautiful way to introduce an accent of colour, it makes the space feel warmer and cohesive.

Purbeck Stone looks beautiful here on the skirtings, architraves and doors.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit: @kate_hollingsworth_home

Create A Built In Area For Hanging Coats, Dog Leads & Decorative Items

Creating verticality in a small hallway is key to maximising the space you do have, and keeping the floor free so traffic flow isn’t inhibited in any way.

I love this built in area for hanging coats in the entryway, it’s simple to create with some wooden panelling and your choice of pegs.

Painted in Purbeck Stone for a touch of warmth, it’s carried through the rest of the hallway on half wall panelling for a cohesive pull through the space.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit:

Add Character With Half Wall Panelling

Colour blocking with half painted walls on panelling is an intentional way to introduce colour and provide a high contrast in a hallway. 

Use Purbeck Stone on the lower half to ground the space, add a bright white or off white that envelopes across the ceiling. This will draw the eye up as you enter, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit:

Elevate With Purbeck Stone

It can be quite a traditional and classic move to paint the upper half in white in a situation like this, but flipping things up has a charming effect. 

The upper half wall in Purbeck Stone instantly draws the eye in with visual interest, and it adds a delicious warmth, whilst the lower half delivers a perfect crisp contrast.

If you have the space, add a beautiful console table for practicality and styling, and top with a round mirror for overall softness.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit: @rachelsorbyhome

Carry It Through The Bannister & Skirtings For A Subtle Look

Painting the skirting and bannister in a different colour to the walls is a subtle and simplistic way to introduce another colour into your colour scheme.

Positioning it as an accent colour in this way adds a touch of warmth and definition to the space without it being overpowering.

Add some black accents in the space to complement the Purbeck Stone as it will bring added definition and modernity with it.

purbeck stone hallway
Image credit:

Purbeck With Defining Railings On The Bannister

Perhaps one of my favourite examples of a Purbeck Stone Hallway…

This period hallway embraces Purbeck Stone and Wevet with Farrow & Ball Railings on the bannister for delicious definition.

The trio of these colours works beautifully together for a stylish and timeless colour scheme in a hallway.

Which of these Purbeck Stone hallway ideas is your favourite? If you have any questions about pairing colours or advice for your own hallway, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

purbeck stone hallway

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  1. Love this article – we have a large wide hallway and will now, bit by bit, start to paint the woodwork in purbeck stone. Any suggestions for a feature end wall colour – other walls are ammonite?

    • Thank you Sally! Love Purbeck stone and ammonite, it depends how bold you want to go but I’d definitely introduce a warmer colour. I love an olive green with these colours as it’s warm and endearing, sage green, blush pink or a bold navy blue look, something like Railings or Stiffkey blue creates a striking accent – if you have a lot of natural light coming into the space you can get away with a bolder colour. Hope that helps!


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