50 + Instagram Caption Ideas

instagram caption ideas

Following on from the success of my post on 21 Instagram Story Content Ideas, thank you Pinterest. I want to start sharing more content based around Instagram growth (Instagram caption ideas), blogging strategy and SEO. I’ve always loved sharing my expertise, and with my blogging history and 5 years working in e-commerce, why would I not want to share that?!

I can definitely vouch for the fact that during lockdown it’s not just been me that has been struggling to string more than 2 words together to compose some kind of cute Instagram caption to match that summer holiday photo from 12 months ago. Scraping the barrel doesn’t even cut it.

It reminds me of a tweet I saw during lockdown that was like, stop asking me what I’m up to, I’m at home fighting demons. lol. Like, lockdown in terms of content creation has been a struggle, but with life beginning to return to normal I thought I’d share some cute Instagram caption ideas that will give you more time to choose between 156 shots that all look the same. Joke, they all look different, right?

Save down your faves and pin them for later!

instagram caption ideas for birthdays

Birthday Instagram Captions

15 cute birthday caption ideas to help you nail that birthday queen selfie shot. You only get to shout about it once a year, or for weeks if your birthday is a month long affair…

instagram caption ideas for lockdown quarantine

Lockdown/Quarantine Instagram Captions

2020 has been a shit show for sure. But lockdown, quarantine or whatever you wanna call it has provided so many hilarious memes and quotes that have literally given me life during lockdown.

If you want to add a bit of humour to your next post, then choose from the lockdown captions above. Don’t worry if you can’t use them this time round… *crying emoji*

instagram caption ideas for selfies

Instagram Caption Ideas For Selfies

Aren’t selfies the hardest photos to caption, like EVER? You can’t go wrong with a cute caption or reflective quote to enhance how smokin’ hot your selfie is.

Still not sure? Use your favourite quote from a song or string together a selection of emojis!

caption ideas for summer

Summer Instagram Captions

I’m a summer baby through and through, and whilst I kinda love the prospect of cosy Autumns and winter, I also loathe it. Summer is just the greatest, the photo opportunities are endless, the days are longer and the travel is endless, unless corona has anything to do with it.

Hopefully you’re able to get out and about to snap some cute summer shots, here are 16 cute summer captions and quotes that will keep you going until Autumn.

Generic Instagram Captions For Product Based Businesses

I know as a small business owner (check out Bjarni Baby for beautiful organic cotton baby clothing) that coming up with captions on a regular basis can become increasingly difficult. You will know your business better than anyone, but for those days you can’t escape the chaos, draw upon these simple Instagram caption ideas that will help make that difference when you’re pushing out that post.

instagram captions for Christmas

Instagram Captions For Christmas

‘Tis the season for posting those smoking hot selfies during the festivities and getting that Instagram game on point.

instagram captions for new year

Instagram Captions For New Year

There’s no other way to see in the new year than with an Instagram post with a killer caption to go with it. Spend more time working on your new year, new me than working out a caption.

I hope these Instagram caption ideas take away some of that pressure next time you press post, don’t forget to share the post or bookmark it for the next time you post! Follow me over on TikTok for more social media marketing tips.

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