21 Boho Inspired Garden Ideas To Elevate Your Outdoor Space

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Bohemian-style interiors are characterised by the use of natural materials, an abundance of texture and an earthy colour palette. When all of these elements are combined there is an undeniable sense of calm and cosiness that is created.

This is an ideal feeling to create for outdoor spaces, especially if you want your garden to be versatile and be designed for lots of different activities such as entertaining, dining alfresco and ultimate relaxation.

Keep reading to discover some of the best boho inspired garden ideas to inspire you. 

21 Boho Inspired Garden Ideas To Elevate Your Outdoor Space

1.Create A Warm Colour Scheme Using Different Textures

A boho inspired garden works best with a warmer colour scheme. Vibrant colours are less popular with boho spaces so try and keep to an earthy colour palette. Sage greens, rusty reds and terracotta oranges are a great way to go.

Layer different tones of these particular colours using soft furnishings and outdoor decor.

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2. Add Plenty of Real Greenery

Faux plants are definitely easier to maintain as they don’t require any upkeep, however they can run the risk of looking tacky. 

Try to add plenty of real greenery to your outdoor space to reflect a boho-inspired scheme.

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3. Use Natural Materials Such As Wicker, Rattan & Bamboo

Natural materials are a no brainer when it comes to creating a boho-inspired garden, they are one of the fundamental elements of the trend.

You can pick up lots of fabulous rattan furniture that is suitable for outdoors and that is also affordable. Decorate rattan or bamboo furniture with black and white soft furnishings for a contemporary twist.

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4. Add Ambience With Festoon Lights

Boho gardens are all about encouraging the feeling of cosiness. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get your lighting right.

Hang festoon style fairy lights on a wall or weave them through a pergola for added ambience and style.

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5. Stencilled Patio In Terracotta

Get creative with your choice of flooring in your garden to nod to a more tropical location. 

Be inspired by places like Morocco and create your own patterned floor by using a stencil and some outdoor paint.

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6. Ugly bricks? Use Decorative Screens

Replacing garden walls and structures can be costly and time consuming. If it’s not in your budget then you can always cover up ugly walls or fencing with decorative screens such as the ones pictured below.

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7. Use White & Green As The Dominant Colours

Keep things natural by adopting a green and white colour palette that’s directly influenced by nature. 

It keeps your boho garden feeling light and bright and doesn’t run the risk of feeling drab or dreary.

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8.Combine Hanging Lanterns & Ceiling Pendants

We believe that everyone should take outdoor lighting seriously. It’s one of the key elements of interior design and a garden should be a natural extension of your home.

Incorporate different light sources into your garden scheme such as lanterns and ceiling lamps.

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9.Hang An Egg Chair!

An egg chair is effortlessly bohemian. It’s the perfect pod in which to relax and it feels like a real statement piece.

Hang it from a pergola, but if you don’t have a structure to hang it from then you can always choose a design that has a built in base.

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10. Add Visual Interest With A Rattan Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic tool for making any space feel bigger than it is. Reason being is that they reflect light around the area and cleverly tricks the eye.

Choose a rattan design, which will suit a bohemian inspired garden perfectly.

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11. Use A Geometric Outdoor Area Rug

Outdoor rugs are ideal for covering unsightly patio slabs or for bringing colour and pattern into a space. 

Don’t assume using an indoor rug will be okay, as they can easily get damaged by the weather. Outdoor rugs will be made out of specialist material that is suited to the great outdoors.

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12.Trail Plants Through A Pergola For A Rustic Feel

A pergola is so versatile and can add personality to a garden immediately. If you’re after a more rustic boho style then use trailing plants to weave through a pergola or any other garden structure. 

Wisteria is a trailing plant that is undeniably beautiful. If you’re planning to stay in your property for years to come, plant a wisteria and expect to see flowers in 3-4 years time.

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13. Bold Colours Only!

Just because a boho space is traditionally quite neutral, doesn’t mean you can’t add your own colourful twist to it.

Be inspired by the garden pictured below and introduce lots of different colours and shades that will make you feel joyous and uplifted.

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14. Create The Cosiest Seating Area

Everyone has a different preference for their garden and what they want to use it for. If your main priority is having somewhere cosy to sit then it’s vital that you create a welcoming seating area.

Decorate an outdoor sofa with bundles of cushions and throws and zone the space with a circular jute rug.

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15. Take It To The Floor With A Teepee

A boho garden lends itself to being informal. Create a cosy seating area and somewhere to have a picnic with the addition of a teepee.

You can really go to town with this and layer lots of different throws and cushions to create a den-like atmosphere.

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16. Use A Pergola As The Central Area In Your Garden

A pergola makes a statement in any garden, especially if you decide to place it in the centre. Like the kitchen is the heart of the home, a pergola would be the heart of a garden.

Decorate it in a boho fashion by adding lots of plants, dried flowers, baskets and rugs.

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17. Add Instant Cosiness With A Fire Pit

Summer evenings in the UK can still get chilly so it’s a good idea to think about a heating source.

A firepit feels ultra cosy and can be used to toast marshmallows on.

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18. Interweave Festoon Lights & Paper Lantern Lights

Paper lanterns are a gorgeous lighting option for a boho garden. You can then drape them over a seating area to make it feel extra special.

You can pick up paper lanterns from your local craft store or online.

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19. Pick A Boho Inspired Parasol For Stylish Shade

It’s important to think about creating shaded areas in your garden to get some relief from the midday sun. 

A fringed parasol is a stylish and practical solution. We recommend placing it next to a pair of sun loungers or an outdoor sofa where people are likely to be relaxing.

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20. Ground The Garden With Black

Incorporating black into a boho space brings it up to date and stops it from feeling too gimmicky.

Paint your garden fences and decking black to act as a dramatic backdrop to allow your boho furniture and accessories to pop.

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21. Style A Boho Corner

Try not to feel the pressure to style your entire garden as a boho-inspired haven. Add subtle touches to a particular corner that you can use as the ideal relaxation spot.

Upcycle palettes to create a cosy seat and decorate with unique wall decor.

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