Small, But Mighty – 17 Ways To Maximise Style & Space On A Balcony

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Gardens and outdoor spaces come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re in an apartment or a flat then you may be lucky enough to have a balcony. 

Balconies are wonderful areas of the home as they offer a serene space that immediately connects you with nature. However big or small a balcony may be, there are different ways to make the most out of the space available, here are some of our favourites.

17 Ways To Maximise Style & Space On A Balcony

1.Add Interest With Wall & Floor Tiles

You may not have considered tiling the floor or specifically the walls of your balcony, however this can make a big impact.

Add interest to a small balcony by opting for patterned floor tiles that mirrors your interior style. Black and white is a failsafe option that won’t go out of fashion.

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2. Boho Inspired Cosy Haven

Wanting to create a calm and cosy outdoor space? Then you may want to go for a boho inspired scheme

The key elements of a boho balcony are a muted colour palette, lots of natural materials and texture. If you’ve got room, incorporate a rattan lounge set.

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3. Create An Intimate Area With A Privacy Screen

There are lots of fun and unique ways to add privacy to a balcony. If your balcony is overlooked then you may want to think of ways that you can add an extra level of privacy to the space.

A screen that covers your balcony frame is a great way of making a transparent area more opaque. You can also use the screen to hang fairy lights and other outdoor decor.

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4. Create Pallet Furniture

You don’t have to spend a fortune on outdoor furniture. Instead, get crafty and try making your own seating out of palette’s. 

More often than not, you can source these for free from local reclamation yards or Facebook Marketplace. Transform the look of them by painting them white or a colour of your choice.

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5.Green Garden Oasis

There’s no doubt that greenery can totally transform the look and feel of a balcony. Get creative and try different ways of displaying plants.

Install hooks on a balcony wall to hang miniature plants from and don’t forget to look up. Use the ceiling of your balcony (if you have one) to create a sea of greenery that will feel encapsulating.

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6. Festoon Lights & Lanterns Create An Ambient Feel

Lighting is crucial to any space and a balcony is no exception.There are lots of fun ways to introduce lighting but festoon style lights are a no brainer.

They give off little pockets of light that immediately make an area feel warm and ambient. Lanterns are another fabulous option, you can either add your own candle inside them or choose LED options that are considered safer.

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7. Go For Bold Colours

Small spaces like balconies are perfect for unleashing your creative side. Use bold colours to make the space feel vibrant and stand out.

Primary colours like red blue and yellow are always a winning combination and look great when they’re paired with modern accessories.

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8. Plant Lovers Paradise

Are you a self-confessed gardener? Then you are probably going to want to fill your balcony with as many plants as possible. 

Try not to overwhelm the space too much and still incorporate a seating area to balance out the proportions of your balcony. Terracotta pots are a timeless option.

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9. Introduce Cosy Throws and Pouffes For Seating

Use your balcony space as a place to relax and unwind and make it known by adding in lots of cushions and throws to make it feel cosy.

Be sure to choose cushions that are designed to be used outdoors as you don’t want them to get damaged.

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10. Use Bamboo To Disguise Ugly Walls

Cover unsightly balcony walls with bamboo screens. This doesn’t just hide the ugly walls behind but it adds texture and interest to a plain balcony space. 

Decorate the rest of your balcony with teak furniture and neutral soft furnishings for a serene feel.

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11. Refresh Your Balcony Floor With Artificial Grass

Tiles and outdoor patio slabs can feel quite cold and sterile. If you want to actively avoid this then consider laying artificial grass.

What’s great about artificial grass is that it gives a luscious green look and feel to an outdoor space but it doesn’t require much maintenance at all.

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12. Add A Trellis To Grow A Trailing Plant or Feature Planters

Install a trellis to a balcony wall so you can hang plants and decorations. There are lots of different ways to decorate a trellis and you can be as creative as you want to be.

Personalise your outdoor space even more by hanging photographs and artwork to your trellis (as long as it’s sheltered from the rain of course)!

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13. Introduce Bespoke Seating To Fit The Space

Awkward spaces that are small and unconventional can be tricky to decorate. The solution to your balcony space might be to add some form of bespoke seating.

Get in touch with your local carpenter to see what they can come up with. The ideal thing about bench seating is that it often has storage space underneath – bonus!

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14. Layer The Floor With A Stunning Area Rug

Outdoor rugs are a stylish way of dressing up hard floors. There are lots of fun colours and patterns to choose from that will immediately brighten up the space.

Rugs are also a great temporary solution for renters as there is no hassle when you need to move out.

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15. Make It A Cheerful, Colourful Spot!

If your balcony is your happy place then you are going to want to reflect this in your choice of decor.

Vibrant and quirky plant pots immediately put a smile on your face and can be the starting point for a really fun and playful space.

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16. Add A Wall Mounted Table

Save on space by opting for a wall mounted table. This cute and compact balcony has made the most out of every inch, which includes the addition of a space-saving table.

This is the perfect outdoor spot to enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple on a summer’s evening.

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17. Introduce Colour With Floor Tiles & Plenty of Blooms

Houseplants and greenery are great but there’s nothing quite like the unique shapes and colours of fresh flowers. 

Cover your balcony in various different pots and vessels to house some of your favourite spring and summer flowers.

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