15 Stylish Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas For A Secluded Space

outdoor privacy screen
Image credit: Natural Wicker Garden screen by B&Q

Being overlooked in your garden is a common conundrum, and one that massively affects how you appreciate and use your garden during the warmer seasons.

Outdoor privacy screens are the miracle item of the garden world, achieving privacy, allowing you to zone spaces and to let you enjoy your space even more.

There are lots of affordable and DIY options that you can try, here are some of the best ideas to help you transform your garden into a secluded space this summer.

27 Stylish Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas For A Secluded Space

1.Fence Wall Panels

One of the most common solutions to adding privacy is to erect fence wall panels, as shown below.

They can be used from the ground up or above brickwork, and they immediately add substantial privacy that’s durable and works. Pre-made fence panels can be expensive and they do still require regular maintenance to maintain their colour.

outdoor privacy screen 2
Image credit: Outdoor Cedar Wall Panel by Naturewall

2. Space Divider

Privacy screens can be used to zone a space too, shown perfectly with the image below. These slat panels have marginal space between each panel to still allow light to gently pass through.

This style of divider is perfect for adding to pergolas or seating areas. If you have a large garden space, zoning will make it easier to tackle, and enjoy.

outdoor privacy screen 1
Instagram image credit: @planarchitecture

3. Outdoor Planter With Trellis

A great alternative for an outdoor privacy screen is outdoor planters with a trellis. It gives you a natural privacy screen, and even better if they’re on wheels as they can easily be repositioned when needed.

Train your favourite plants to grow up the trellis for a pop of greenery and colour all year round.

outdoor privacy screen 2 1
Instagram image credit: @hpottermarketplace

4. DIY Wooden Slat Panels

DIYers have proven how easy and so much affordable it is to create your own privacy screen with wooden posts and wood slat panels that are added to the posts horizontally.

If you leave them in their natural finish it keeps maintenance super low year after year. Add some solar fairy lights or festoon lights for a magical feel in the evening.

outdoor privacy screen 3
Instagram image credit: @cityfarmhouse1

5. Laser Cut Trellis Screen

If you want to add some privacy to a seating area but not necessarily to block a nosey neighbour, laser cut trellis screens are a beautiful option that will zone a space, add privacy, yet will still allow beautiful swathes of light to wash through the area.

It’s always best to work in odds when it comes to design elements like this, a trio creates perfect symmetry between the panels and looks in proportion to a space like this.

outdoor privacy screen 4
Instagram image credit: @hpottermarketplace

6. Geometric Screen

This geometric privacy screen is the perfect house divider, providing almost perfect privacy without inhibiting light. The dark finish creates a really modern look and will ground any garden space.

outdoor privacy screen 5
Instagram image credit: @michelleberwickdesign_

7. White Fence Panels To Zone & Add Privacy

A continuation from those slat wall panels that are ever popular for providing privacy. Instead of leaving them in their natural wood finish, paint them with a lick of white to ignite Mediterranean vibes in your garden space.

We love how they are being used here to divide a garden space, yet also add privacy to the seating area.

outdoor privacy screen 6
Instagram image credit: @studiodiy

8. Metal Plant Trellis

Training plants to trail up a trellis is one of the best ways to create a natural divide and privacy screen, but be warned it can take some time to get them to the height that you desire.

This type of trellis is much more durable than wood and they will last for years to come with little to no maintenance required. Use a run of them like this so you can create a bordered hedge of flowers.

outdoor privacy screen 7
Instagram image credit: @takasho_india

9. Create An Enclosed Pergola

A pergola makes such a functional addition to a garden, a great way to enhance your living space in the warmer months.

Add slat wood panels to the side of your pergola, it instantly encloses the pergola, adding privacy and a sense of cosiness as it wraps around the outside of the pergola. Take note from the below and paint it in black for instant drama.

outdoor privacy screen 8
Instagram image credit: @Claire.moran.designs

10. Wooden Divider With Planters

Alternatively, create a wooden structure that wraps around a seating area and also provides privacy. We love how the spacing of the fence panels gives room to add a series of planters.

A great way to add further visual interest and introduce some colour against the fence panels.

outdoor privacy screen 9
Instagram image credit: @revealmydiy

11.Vertical Wooden Slat Panels

Horizontal wooden slat panels are what we see everywhere, but why not try them vertically instead?

The verticality instantly draws the eye up and creates a really boho feel when left in its natural wooden colour. A great way to divide houses or areas within your garden.

outdoor privacy screen 10
Instagram image credit: @fredricksonlandscapeinc

12. Create Hedging With Evergreen Espaliers

Hedging is one of the best ways to fake a privacy screen, but it’s also one of the most expensive to achieve.

This is a great middle ground, using fencing and then evergreen espaliers to elongate the privacy that the garden has.

outdoor privacy screen 11
Instagram image credit: @landartdublin

13. Combine Fencing & Greenery

Fencing does remain one of the most practical and cheapest ways to add privacy, but a fence alone can be pretty ugly if it’s not painted in a nice shade.

Combine the best of both worlds, and plant a series of trees or shrubs in front of the fence. It will take time for them to grow and reach their full potential, but it will pay dividends in years to come.

outdoor privacy screen 12
Instagram image credit: @bonniestaceylandscapes

14. Bamboo Screen Divider

We couldn’t do this assortment of screen dividers justice without mentioning bamboo. It’s notoriously one of the cheapest and best ways to add an instant privacy screen (as well as being fast growing if you plant it yourself), whether you’re erecting one on a balcony or creating a boundary between yourself and your neighbour’s property.

They add a lovely sense of verticality and bring a gorgeous natural warmth to any garden.

outdoor privacy screen
Image credit: B&Q

15. Vintage Screen Divider

If you want to add a touch of vintage charm to your garden whilst keeping costs low, consider adding a charming vintage screen divider to your space. They’re not normally that large, but great for adding instant privacy or zoning a specific space.

Look on Facebook marketplace and reclamation yards to pick up similar pieces, no DIY necessary!

outdoor privacy screen 13
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